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Love magic is one of the oldest forms of energy work known to man.

Love creates life and without it, nothing makes sense, our days are dull and grey no new things can grow. Which is why love has such a strong hold over us, and for as long as people have been alive, magic has been used to attract it.

Let’s face it, there are very few things in life that can’t be improved by casting a circle under the Moon and holding a ritual involving candles, incense and a few whispered incantations of wise, mystical of words! But seriously, love spells work. Whatever you’re looking for in love, whether it’s a brand new lover and the romance of a new relationship; more passion and fire in an existing one, or even a truer experience of self-love with your own incredible self, there is a love spell to help you bring it forth! Love magic has been used for centuries to invoke Gods and Goddesses of love like Aphrodite, Eros, Venus, and Hathor, to heal broken hearts and even to manifest marriage!

Magic Spells and Free Will – Do the Right Thing!

love potion for love spellPinIf you’re seriously considering casting a love spell, there are some responsibilities that come with it. The big no-no is targeting a particular person with your magic. Don’t do it. Always leave the intention for your love spell open-ended, so for example, instead of setting an intention to get together with Ted from Marketing, invite in ‘the love experience which is in the highest good of all involved’. Which may or may not involve the person of your choice! Chances are, the Universe will bring you what you most desire… even if you don’t even know it yet! Remember, there are so many forces at work, weaving through our lives in every moment and you can actually do more harm than good by interfering with them if you’re not careful, especially if you’re letting your ego lead. All people have free will, and however much you may want something or someone, you don’t have the right to break this Universal Law.

If in doubt, try a little divination before casting your spell. Asking for more clarity in a relationship – potential or existing – using oracle cards, runes or any other method is a great idea. And you can always include the words “..let all that comes from this be in the highest good of all involved” in your spells (which is good practice for pretty much anything you do!)

Sowing Seeds with New Moon Love Spells

PinLove spells are often associated with the Moon and in particular the Full Moon. But the New Moon is one of the most powerful times to practice romantic rituals and cast circles for love. Full Moons have an incredibly alluring and magnetizing quality but for a love that grows, the New Moon phase is an ideal time to sow some seeds of magic intention. Add the zodiac sign of Libra into the astrological equation and love, harmony and partnership are definitely on the cosmic cards. Libra offers an energy of unbridled intimacy, beauty, and attraction. Libra needs togetherness like the rest of us need air to breathe. So any magical incantations, new moon rituals or spells of the heart will be amplified within the energy of this incredibly unifying sign. Now is the time!

Here’s a really simple love spell for you to try. But don’t be deceived. Sometimes simple is exactly what you need! Because not having a clear intention about what you actually want in love can be the very first stumbling block for a lot of people, and why some love magic doesn’t even get off the ground!  You can use this ritual as a basic template for any love spell you may want to cast in the future. It will be most effective as a New Moon ritual, but whatever the Moon phase, remember: performing a ritual will always be a hundred times more effective than not performing a ritual!

A Love Spell For Getting Clear on the Love You Desire and Removing Blocks and Fear Around Getting it!

woman holding love heartPinWhat kind of love do you actually want to manifest?

We’re not talking about what you should want, or what your friends and family expect you to want. What is your heart singing out for?

Domestic bliss, marriage, and kids?

Wild, passionate sex?

Deep conversations with your lover, long into the night?

Exotic travel around the world with your soulmate?

All of the above?

This ritual will help you get clear on your what you most want when it comes to love and relationships, identify your blocks and then release them. This part is vital if you’re going to attract the kind of love (and lover) you truly want to experience!

You will need:

  • A candle and something to light it with
  • Incense, sage or smudge of any kind
  • A heatproof bowl
  • A pen and paper

What to do:

  • Gather together everything you need for the spell, find somewhere comfortable to sit and light the candle and the incense, sage or smudge to cleanse the energy and create a spiritual, sacred space in which to work.
  • If you want to, call in the directions, elements, and any other Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings to support and inspire you.
  • Take the piece of paper and pen and draw a line down the center to make two columns. At the top of the first column, write “The Love I choose”
  • Now ask yourself the question above: “What kind of love do you actually want?” and in that first column write down what you truly want to experience in love. This could relate to one specific issue you are experiencing in love, or it could be an epic list of your heart’s most intimate desires. It could also take some time so be patient with yourself. Feel deeply into what you need, what nourishes and feeds you, and also what and how you give love best.
  • Now at the top of the second column, write “Blocks I Have to Love” and next to each statement on the left, write down what is stopping you from experiencing that love right now. Again, this could take some time so as you dig through your mind, be patient with yourself. Think and feel deeply into what is holding you back, what you fear and what you are afraid of.
  • When you are complete, tear your piece of paper in half along the central line and take hold of the second list, the one you have just written. Hold this list and feel all of the fear, sadness, and disappointment that it contains. Feel it surrounding you, filling your aura with this heavy, negative energy.
  • Now push all of that energy into the paper and hold it into the flame of the candle. Let it burn! And as you do, feel the fear-based energy and emotions held in your aura lift and vanish as your blocks and barriers disappear into smoke.
  • Throw any remains into the heatproof bowl.
  • Now take the other half of your paper, the one containing the list of your desires and read this out loud, inviting them all into your life. Feel the loving joy, excitement as you allow these deep, heartfelt desires to be free and for their energy to now enter into your auric field. Smile!
  • Now set this list into the flames too.

**This may feel counterintuitive – to destroy the list of the love that you’re looking to manifest! But in fact, by burning this list, you are offering it up to the Universe as a symbolic act and a new beginning, with a request to offer the energy of this love back to you, in whatever form serves you the greatest. And you are also symbolically releasing your control, which means you’ll be more able to embrace the love that enters into your life, rather than being set on it having to look a certain way.

  • When your spell is complete, thank any Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings who were here with you for their blessings, and safely blow out the candle. Know that your love spell has been cast and heard, so remain open-hearted for it to manifest around you!

Try this spell and then let us know in the comments below how you got on. Or if you already like to play with magic at the New Moon, what are you planning to do to celebrate the next New Moon?

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And New Moon blessings to you!