How to Transform your life in 30 days using Master Number 44

Master Vibration 44: Inspiring Success Through Committed Action

Knowing something only makes a difference when it’s paired with consistent action.

Implementing actions based on what we have learned creates an unstoppable, inspiring force for global change. The 44 vibration grounds and motivates people to awaken, to manifest their hearts desires and to be influential in their lives and in the world.

One way to extend this positive and on purpose influence is applying what we have learned in the master teacher phase (33) and stepping into our greatness (44). When we own our greatness we become inspiring illustrations of commitment and transformation in real time. For some this may mean they inspire one close person in their lives to live with more love, positivity and bliss. For someone else this may mean inspiring a global movement and for some it may mean inspiring consciousness shifts somewhere in-between those two extremes. You have it within you to transform your life into a blissful life!

We have a Challenge for you! Up for it?

This week we invite you to own your awesomeness and really take your transformation to a new level by participating in a monthly challenge. This exercise has been designed to support you in your quest of creating the life of your dreams and inspiring others to do the same. There are two agreements to be made in order to get the most out of this experience:

Two Committments

1. Commit 100%:

Commitment is the first step to accessing more aligned relationships with integrity and being the magnetic force to attract your dreams. Without this none of these steps will make any difference. You have to want this fully and completely.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

So if you start and quit 5 days in, chances are your relationship to yourself is in some need of healing and repair. If this is the case, closely consider how this pattern of behaviour shows up in all areas of your life when things get ‘challenging’ or ‘hard’. When there is a lack of personal commitment, excuses, reasons and justifications are abundant as they deflect personal responsibility for your life.

The only reason I speak so candidly about this is because this is how I used to live my life. I ran away, I quit when things challenged me and I often blamed the world or others for my lack of results. Only when I finally understood it was my lack of commitment to myself and on a deeper level, a lack of confidence and harbouring feelings of being unworthy and unlovable, was I able to take small steps to build up my muscle of commitment.

This exact monthly challenge detailed below is how I started. I designed it based on recommendations of my teachers and friends who had achieved the results I was looking for. In this new inspired space I made sure when I said I was going to do something I followed through no matter what. This skill of commitment has taken some work and ultimately my success in all areas of my life is a result of building up my muscle of integrity, self love and commitment.

2. Do the challenge as its designed.

There is a method to all of this and if you think you know better you would be getting the results you are wishing you had. So follow the guidance as its mapped out. If you read through and it seems like you aren’t able to do it, consider for a moment you are stronger than you know and reflect on what’s more important your favourite tv show or living the life of your dreams? The choice seems pretty obvious, however if after this pondering you still are majorly resistant, honour it and consider now might not be the perfect time for you. Only do this when you are willing and open to rocking it full out. Anything else is not honouring yourself and your path.

So if you can honestly make those two agreements here we go! Below are the four components and actions to be integrated in each day for the next 30 days!

Master Number 44: 30 Day Challenge

For the next 30 days you will begin to transform your life and making some pretty awesome shifts and possibly big changes to the way you operate day to day. I promise they are all attainable and for your greatest good! There are four components to this challenge. For 30 days of you will implement each of the four components to the best of your capabilities. During a challenge like this it is highly advisable to rock it with a friend or partner and hold each other capable of success and doing the challenge as its designed. 

Each night you are required to journal your experience of the day. There is no set amount of time or set amount of words. The point is to document your experience. Take note of how your feeling (however that is), any breakdowns you had, any breakthroughs you had and your overall emotional state on a scale of 1-10 (1= is super low vibes and 10= being super sonic happy).

Remember wherever you are is perfect and whatever you are experiencing is exactly what you are required to experience for your highest good! And have fun!!!!

1. Media detox:

Turn off the tv, stop reading the paper, be highly selective with radio, movies and music. Basically cut out anything where you are subject to advertising. Advertising is loaded with subconscious programming designed to keep people at a certain frequency where they believe on a deep unconscious level they need to consume to be worthy, lovable and deserving. Cut mainstream media out for a month and keep track of how you feel and notice what you fill this time with. Most likely it will open a lot of ‘extra’ time you can spend doing things you love, hanging out with people who you enjoy or learning more about what you love. This includes being mindful of the music you listen to, as all the lyrics are programming you and unconsciously driving your behaviour. Seriously. Choose music to empower and support your 30 day re-programming phase.

2. Language Patterns:

Continue to remove these words out of your vocabulary during this month detox:

  • Should
  • Not
  • Don’t
  • But
  • No (within reason)
  • Can’t
  • Never
  • Bad
  • Wrong

3. Fill up your body with harmonious energies:

Choose activities aligned with positivity and self care and commit to introducing one of these healthy habits for your 30 days (you can always integrate more if you find you are easily achieving and maintaining consistency with the first one you choose).

  • drinking more clean water
  • meditation
  • eating more clean organic green veggies and fruit
  • sleep more soundly and on a regular schedule
  • exercise
  • yoga
  • deep breathing

4. Practice an attitude of gratitude:

In your nightly journalling include minimum 10 things you are grateful for each day. You are welcome to list more, 10 is just a starting point ;)

You are an inspiring beacon of light and love in the world and we truly honour you and acknowledge you for the difference you are committed to making in the world through your personal growth and evolution! You ROCK!! Keep us posted on your progress by commenting below or sharing your monthly progress on our Facebook or Twitter pages! We are in this together! Transform your life starting today and forever let it be.

Much Love in Numbers,
The Numerologist Team

About The Numerologist Team

Numerology nerds passionate about personal growth and spirituality! We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers, and tech wizards who have come together to bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound wisdom available in the world.

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