Can you see your future? Is it possible? Seeing the future can be difficult for one specific reason. The future is flexible! Can you imagine how bored you would be if everything were set in stone and you knew exactly what was going to happen from moment to moment?

Your future is flexible because you have choice. You have the free will to choose how to express yourself. And that’s exactly why you chose to incarnate in a human body — to experience and embody different aspects of life, and to express them in your unique way. If you’re curious about what you came to experience, take a look at the themes of your life. What have you consistently experienced?

For example, if your soul wants to use this physical life to experience forgiveness or compassion, you would have many experiences giving you the opportunity to express yourself in a compassionate or forgiving way.

Tell Me My Future

When you go to a psychic and say, “Tell me my future,” he or she will probably be able to tell you what kind of experiences you’ve been having, and the future possibilities that arise from the choices you make in the present.

But they won’t be able to predict your exact choices because every day is different. The way you feel every day is different, so what you choose to create will change as you change. This is why psychics can look at someone’s energy in the present, and extrapolate what future possibilities will arise from the present.

However, there IS a way to intuit what will happen to you in the future by using an exercise called “Life Paths.”

The Technique To Predict Your Future

Close your eyes, and imagine your life path stretching out in front of you. Let your imagination put anything you want on your path. You might see trees, mountains, rivers, or long grass on your path.

It might be a windy path, or a very straight path. Let your imagination run free. Then, ask yourself, “How will my path change if I… (insert an action.)” For example, perhaps you’re wondering if your current relationship is right for you. You can ask, “How will my path change if I leave my partner?”

And see how your path changes. It might suddenly become restricted, or get very wide. You might see many new possibilities or people standing on your path. Your subconscious has the answers. Your higher self has the answers. Let your subconscious mind give you symbols that you can interpret.

This is one simple way of using your clairvoyance (ability to see pictures in your mind’s eye) guide you to the possibilities that lie ahead IF you make certain decisions.

No matter what you see (or don’t see), enjoy being on the path of your life. Recognize that you have so much creative power. You are the artist of your life and you get to decide how to express yourself, based on the themes you came here to experience.