How To Let Go –  Sometimes in life things don’t go as planned. This is just a fact of life and something I have spent a lot of time and energy resisting until recently. It has only been in the last few years that I have begun to fully understand that when things appear to be falling apart… they are actually falling into place. 

Here’s the thing, there is only a small fraction of information available to our conscious minds compared to the epic intelligence of the universe. We all have the opportunity to transcend the limited perspective of our human consciousness by releasing and surrendering to a larger understanding of universal energies. The universe is always conspiring in our favour and pulling together circumstances and sychronicities wider in scope than our conscious minds can construct. The key to opening to these synchronicities is allowing what no longer serves us to fall away.  This may mean people, relationships, jobs or more personal aspects of our behaviour which are not serving our highest good.

For example imagine the perspective of standing at the ground level of a building. From this vantage point there are only certain things you will be able to see. Now imagine standing on the roof of the same building and looking out. From this perspective you see streets and avenues previously unavailable to your sight only moments before. Human consciousness is the ground level and the universe is the roof level. 

In numerology our life paths offer us insight and descriptive templates for the direction our lives are intended to go. We of course have free will to make choices and go in which ever direction we choose. However, when we resist our life path lessons we experience contrast and we will attract the same lesson over and over until we learn it and surrender to the path ahead. Thus you must learn how to let go of whatever attachment you are experiencing. Regardless of whether we resist our life path or flow with it, our lives will be characterized by themes, lessons and concepts identified within our life paths.

Recently I experienced a personal relationship ‘falling apart and ending‘. What helped me maintain my head above water during this time was remembering, when it’s falling apart it’s actually falling into place. Everyone we encounter in any capacity serves a purpose within our journeys. They stay in our lives for as long as they are meant to, usually until we learn a fundamental lesson congruent with our life path. When things fall apart it’s an indication a phase of new direction is upon us.

In these times of rebirth and new direction we can feel sad, alone, and grieve the loss of a familiar time in our lives. We can only trust this is happening for the greatest good, if we desire to experience life as the beauty it is. Otherwise we create suffering and darkness within our experience. Often a few months down the line when we look back on a breakup, career change or any situation which influenced big change, it all makes sense why it happened the way it did and we are able to see the hidden influence for our personal growth fully at play.

When we are guided out of situations no longer serving us we can begin to notice our familiar programming and cycles. We all have patterns of behaviour we have been running since childhood. Not all of these patterns serve our highest good and must be released in order for the new, evolution and light of our being to shine through. When the inner light shines, we can with grace and ease, follow and flow with the direction of our life path. For example my life path is 9 the humanitarian, all about compassion and unconditional love. My higher self creates scenarios for my evolution and integration where I am called to practice the concept of unconditional love and compassion through the endings of relationships. See? When we learn how to let go we realize there is a silver lining in the clouds.

Love in Numbers