How Can You Use Numerology To Find Balance In Your Life?

I often hear people, myself included talk about balance and bringing our lives into greater states of alignments.

So what does this really mean?

In my experience I have found the concept of balance to be completely subjective. We are all born into unique experiences and no two experiences or people will ever be the same therefor our individual perceptions of balance will be different based on the life journey we are on.

There for it becomes a quest to suss out what balance means to you. In the general sense it means a general harmony between all aspects and components of life. We all have different ways we are comfortable bringing in balance. Each of the numbers in numerology hold their unique qualities and can all be used to incorporate more harmony into your individual experience. To know your chart will support you in deciphering which numerical energies will support you the most. Today I will share three universal numbers we all can benifit from.

The first vibration is number 2 – Two is the compassionate listener, its the peaceful harmonizor of the numerology world. Twos strengths are in mediating, listening and understanding various points of experience. The two vibration will lend its support to objectively look at different peoples options or opinions of balance and compassionatly decipher which new ideas are best suited for your experience.

The second number is 6 – Six is the number of family, the home, nurturing, healing and connection. Family, whether it is the family you are born into or the family you create this is an important energy when exploring balance. Family’s can provide the space to nurture and be nurtured. The number six reminds us self healing is an important piece of balance and to take the time to nurture our physical bodies, our minds and our spirit.

The third number is 7 –  There are many tools we can access to bring an experience of peace and serenity into our experience. One of these tools is meditation and personal reflection. Meditation is a beautful practice to quiet the mind, relax the body and to see all aspects of our lives with clarity. Anytime we spend time in reflection or meditation we are accessing the energies of the seven vibration.

So whether today you literally stop to smell the roses, take time to listen to your heart, enjoy a relaxing bubble bath or spend time in peaceful reflection give yourself permission to explore each day, what balance means to you and incorporate it into your experience. You are a gift to this world and we are happy you are here. So lets take care of ourselves so we can take care of eachother in years to come.  In your complete numerology readout, you will find out which numbers are best suited to your experience of balance, just visit our main page for those details. To obtain your free numerology report, go here.

The more we know the easier this quest of balance becomes.

Love in Numbers,


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