Do You Have Free Will?

Most of us try to tread carefully over this fragile Earth.

We’re starting to understand the effects of our choices, the fallout caused by the money we spend and the products that we allow into our homes and bodies – both the waste that’s inevitably created through consuming almost anything today and the pollution left in the wake of its making.

About your choices – are you making them because you’re truly tuning into what your soul is singing out for? Are you selecting what will serve you and the collective beyond the (often) ego-driven moment?

Or are you simply, senselessly, unconsciously moving through a pre-programmed pathway, one so ingrained in the DNA of humanity, that it’s become untraceable? Have you actually been designed to follow a certain flow; to fulfill a certain role; and to keep this matrix-wheel turning with just the right pace to keep this patriarchal paradigm afloat?

Well, before you read on…

It’s a good idea to find out what tools you were given from the Universe that have shaped who you are this far (and will shape who you become). In doing so, you’ll have a better chance of understanding the unique path the Universe set for you (and the rest of this article will help you understand how to take charge of the actual direction you want to take)…

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Are You Waking Up from the Matrix – or Are You Being Fooled?

Chances are, you’re waking up.

Because you’re here. And you’re already opening up your energy field to the possibilities of there being another way, a way above and beyond the dead-end 9-5 existence that most humans grind away at for their whole, injured lives.

But there’s waking up and there’s waking up. And it’s easy to confuse the genuine ascension of personal consciousness, with simply straying onto another pre-programmed pathway of consumerism of a slightly different name, but an essentially identical nature.

Unless you actually work to de-program yourself, you will not escape the matrix.

You’ll simply perpetuate the patriarchy, keep the wheels of commercialism turning and fuel the buoyancy of our fear-based society. Whatever personal growth and spiritual development you do, you will not shift the paradigm that’s keeping you – and us all – entrapped, small and diminished in our personal power. But, by doing the work you will affect change not only in your life but in the lives of all humanity. That is the beautiful irony of your power – and it’s also what makes you so dangerous to the holders of the puppet strings.

How to Deprogram Yourself (And How It Will Feel)

At face value, it reads like an easy task to deprogram yourself. The tools you need and the methods to follow aren’t complicated or elitist (we’ll go through them in a moment). But don’t be fooled.

And don’t simply sit and read.

Take action.

It’s in the practice that changes will stir, progress will come and so will your resistance. Because deprogramming yourself requires you to make the paradigm shift within before it can take root outside, and this is the hardest place for change to come. It will feel edgy, destabilizing, and angsty. But this is proof of its power. Because through this gentle unwinding of the grip of silent oppression, your personal energetic imprint will expand. And it grazes and scrapes and scuffs up against the life you’ve grown used to, evidencing just how much you’re evolving beyond it.

Keep this in mind.

Get your sacred personality code before you read on so you can utilize these methods to your best advantage (and understand the challenges you may have with each one).

The 5 methods described below are designed to catalyze a significant internal paradigm shift for you.

1. Question Authority

From birth, we’re taught to give away our power to people with more authority, age, experience, money… anything, in fact, that is more than. The effect of this is to very gradually, over time, erase the sense of sovereignty we each have, and to cause you to grow up doubting yourself. If there’s always somebody who knows better, what good is your opinion, perspective or intuitive hunch?

So as adults, we ease seamlessly into trusting our governments to make decisions regarding our health, education, policy, and the shape of our societies. But do you believe they really have your best interests at heart? And if not, why do you still give them your power?

Instead, reclaim your own sovereignty. Take responsibility for the direction of your life and get together with a group of like-minded folk to start designing better social systems of your choosing.

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2. Reject Materialism

Advertising has learned to associate your most primal human needs with products. Sex, beauty, power, popularity, laughter and true friendship are all promised when you spend your money on that essential new (branded) commodity.


But how long does it take before you just want some more?

You must learn to see through the deception. Don’t give in to the urges of desire and the cravings for things. This is hard work, but you must win out. Focus instead on the end goal. Spend your time on sex, beauty, power, acclaim, laughter and true friendship…for real!

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3. Be Discerning About What You Put Inside Your Body

Your body is a finely tuned machine, your interface between your inner and the outer worlds. Is what you choose to eat enhancing your vitality, vigor, and zest? Or is it hurting you?

Too many refined foods – especially the meat, dairy, sugar, and grains so prevalent in the SAD (Standard American Diet) are literally toxic to the body and sadly detrimental to the deprogramming process. These foods clog the body’s natural energetic pathways, they lower your vibrational essence and make it MUCH harder to resist the grip of the matrix.

You will be free when your body is free.

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4. Escape Herd Mentality

It is immensely hard to stand out in your uniqueness in the world today. But it’s easy to think you are. One of the most slippery tricks of the overarching patriarchal paradigm is to make you think you’re in touch with your truth when you’re simply emulating one you’ve been spoon-fed.

Forget comparing yourself to others.

Forget trying to keep up to speed with the ‘shoulds’ you enslave yourself with.

Forget FOMO

Tune into your heart and lead where IT takes you. Your inner compass is the only one you can trust, and YOU are the only one who can hear it.

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5. Be Authentically Creative – And Be Careful

Creativity isn’t just about escapism. Or coming up with new ideas, new solutions or innovative breakthroughs. When you are being creative, your vibrational frequency elevates.

And whenever your personal vibrational frequency rises up, it feeds into the collective consciousness, and the veil of deception that sits just over the surface of humanity is weakened.

Creativity opens up possibilities. It widens the horizons of perspective. It brings the New Earth into being.

Your effort matters. Your piece of the puzzle is essential. Your work to deprogram yourself is part of your role in the world… why else would you be reading this now, if you didn’t know it was the truth?

Now it’s time to get your sacred personality code so you can utilize these methods to your best advantage (and understand the challenges you may have with each one).

Do you have any words of encouragement, experience or insight to offer the other lightworkers here today?

Share them below…