This reading answers the question, “What do I need to know to move powerfully into 2020?”

Take a moment to connect deeply with yourself and your intuition, and choose message #1, #2, or #3!

  • Message #1 — 00:38
  • Message #2 — 05:38
  • Message #3 — 10:38

Spirit Guide Message #1Pin

If you chose Message #1, the card that comes up is Life Path.

You may be asking yourself some very deep questions around your purpose. “What IS my purpose? Am I on the right path?” If you’ve been worried that you’re NOT on your path because life seems difficult or even boring at times, rest assured — you ARE on your path. You may be longing for more connection and meaning, and if that’s the case, it’s time to seek that connection within. Your purpose — very simply stated — is to be YOU.

You are the only one like you in the universe. There will never be another person exactly like you, nor has there ever been someone exactly like you. You are here to experience what it’s like to be that one-and-only you. Confusion about your purpose arises when you try to be like other people. In 2020, your mission will be to stop trying to be like anyone else, and let go of anything that isn’t authentically you.

See the magic and the mystery of who you are. That might mean letting go of old ideas and beliefs. Once you do that, doors will open!

Spirit Guide Message #2Pin

If you chose Message #2, the card that comes up is Star Child.

This card is inviting you to embrace more of your human experience in 2020. Those of us who are interested in Numerology, psychic readings, spirituality and healing are usually turned off by aspects of being human. We just want to radiate light as we float through the heavens, right? In this new decade, it’s time to cultivate a new level of comfort with being human, including being in a body and being connected to a planet that’s in distress. It’s time to own your human experience, which means honoring your emotions and claiming them as part of you.

After all, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t belong here. You do belong here. This is the year that you start feeling at “home” on the earth, and within yourself.

Spirit Guide Message #3Pin

If you chose Message #3, the card that comes up is Earth Healing.

Healing is never a straight line. It’s a sacred journey. If you’ve been called to be a healer, to lift others up, and to be a guide helping to move us all forward, healing starts with yourself. The angel you see on the card is YOU, as well as the innocent children on the card. Your invitation is to “time travel” back to the moments in life when you were traumatized or hurt, and give that child you once were a love note from you now, in the present. This is the ultimate healing.

The inner child is an energy and a presence inside you that waits to be noticed and loved. Love yourself, and whole planet heals.