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Life is cyclical. We all experience ups, downs and everything in between. How we respond to difficult times develops our character, which is what molds us further into who we become.

But what happens if we are terrified to make decisions?

Or if we allow others to make decisions for us?

Only when we truly know who we are can we begin to express ourselves in the way we are destined to.

Destiny doesn’t happen to you, but you do need to be present and aware so you’re able to recognize when to take action. Soul-aligned gifts are inside all of us, we just need to discover what they are.

So how do we do this?

It all starts with cultivating your inner freedom so you become a conscious creator and attract powerful results.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. – William Shakespeare.

Many people are not living the life they want. They think their destiny is not in their hands. Are you one of them? If so, have you tried to find out the reason for this? Ask yourself, why am I not living the life of my dreams?

Years before I decided to rewrite my life story, I was far from living the life I wanted.

I kept blaming my situation on external factors.

But once I learned that I could become whoever I wanted, things changed, and boy did things ever get good.lady giving butterflies freedom

By trusting my inner compass, I had an Akashic Records session, which flipped my life 180 degrees, revealing to me the illusions of fear I was holding and how it was affecting all aspects of my life.

Prior to this, I was confused with the concept of destiny – I thought it was something that just happened to you. I’d go to psychics, hoping they would tell me the answer. Was I ever going to be happy? All the while not realizing that I had to make a shift within myself in order to allow the upcoming miracles to happen.  

When the lightbulb finally went off, I fully understood that I create my own destiny, it doesn’t happen to me. Through the willingness to shift my limiting beliefs and patterns and taking empowered actions, the path became clear and things started happening with joyous ease.

I want the same for you, so here are 4 tips to awaken your destiny:

1. Listen to your intuition

We always have the gut feeling of when to do or not do something. How often do you listen to you the chatter in your mind over what your heart is telling you?  

When you follow your internal compass, you’re able to bend time and energy because you are working with the flow of your internal being and where you’re destined to go versus where you ‘think’ you should go.

2. Don’t settle

Most who are living their destiny are the ones who break the mold of being inside a box and doing what everyone is doing.  

You will more than likely come across naysayers and it’s important to be tenacious with what feels right in your heart and soul. The more you compromise yourself, perhaps to make others happy or keep the peace, the more it stifles personal growth creating an often awkward and false sense of self. Be a renegade to your destiny!

3. Create space internally

Whether it’s through meditation, healing in the Akashic Records or other healing modalities, doing your internal work is crucial in creating your destiny. By creating space, you align to your truth and are able to be a conscious co-creator versus a subconscious co-creator.

4. Take action

Develop a practice that works for you when you get off track. Some of my clients work with mantras, some meditate. Do some internal searching and try a few things on for size that feel good for you and commit to revisiting that when things start to get cloudy. The more mind clutter you can clear away, the more space you have for your internal genius to shine.

When we’re able to recognize when things don’t feel right, we are able to start to shift and change so that we can get back on track and live out our destiny, allowing our gifts to truly shine.

After all, the world needs more people who are living true to themselves, going after the life they want and expressing their souls for all to witness. These brave people are the leaders of tomorrow.



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About Baljit Rayat

Baljit Rayat is an Akashic Records Consultant and the founder of Lotus Destiny™. Committed to raising the vibration of humanity, Baljit has worked with thousands of women and men worldwide to uplevel their lives by uncovering the truths of who they are to the core, creating profound results in their businesses and relationships. She believes everything is this world is energy and getting to the root of desire causes a powerful ripple that spans all areas of life. To access your personal Akashic Record and align to your Soul Blueprint visit, and download your 60 min audio visual meditation journey here.

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