Ancestral clearing is a combination of the learning and healing from inherited emotional issues, unresolved trauma and unhealthy patterns from your ancestral lineage.

By completing this process, you are setting yourself free from the energetic patterns that are tied to your ancestors.

These patterns can have a detrimental effect on your current life experience so it is in your own best interest to release them.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are greatly influenced by emotional and energetic patterns, contracts/agreements or belief systems from previous generations with our family. These can create many challenges in our lives, stopping us aligning to our authentic power, living our purpose and feeling our own self worth or experiencing true vitality and inner peace. It can also manifest as depression, guilt, anger, injustices, illnesses and phobias.

What is Ancestral Clearing?

Ancestral clearing is based on the belief that what occurred in your family history is ultimately still very present and living in your nervous system and cellular memory. As a direct consequence, any ancestral conflict yet to be resolved, including emotional wounds, traumatic events, negative thought patterns or belief systems can still occupy your energetic grid.

This grid, because of your DNA, connects you to a larger energy pattern of your entire family generations back.

Aborigines and Native Americans believe that their ancestors still play an active part in their lives. When making an important decision, indigenous cultures may take into consideration their impact on the seven generations before moving forward. However, an even more powerful healing will occur if we are cleared across all time, space, reality and dimension, assuming the soul has encountered previous existences before this incarnation.

Remember that energy is never lost. It merely changes form. It is not limited by time or space and so it is possible to connect to the essence of your deceased ancestors, even if they have reincarnated.

Many types of healing and personal development allow us to progress to a certain level temporarily but after a while, we feel like we return to our old patterns and behaviors almost as if you are being drawn back by a large magnet.

The force of the magnet is like the inherited ancestral traumas which are still programmed within the cellular memory. The healing may have resolved our part of the issue but these programs are still within us and that is what does not allow us to achieve permanent healing.

Ancestral healing is, therefore, the ideal solution for us to set ourselves free so that we can enjoy life on purpose, inspiring others in our wake.

Here are 10 things you need to know about ancestral clearing and how to do it…

1. Intention Is Everything

We do not need to know what trauma, events or patterns we are clearing. We just have to want to clear them.

2. Reconnect To Divine

Ancestral Clearing reconnects us to the innate divine intelligence that guides and directs us in every area of our lives.

3. Reawaken To Purpose

The purpose of existence is to experience that which we are not so that we can clearly see that which we are. We are here to experience waking up, but first, we must fall asleep. Ancestral healing promotes this reawakening.

4. Ask & Release

You ask humbly and gratefully to the creator (in whatever form this appears to you) using humility, gratitude and the truest form of forgiveness to help you let go the thing you are trying to release. By simply inferring that you want to release whatever it was that contributed to this situation, condition or block that has been causing you pain, discomfort or dis-ease. Then within seconds, the infinite gives us what we ask for.

5. Let Go

The more we let go of external power and let God, paradoxically the more true power we discover within us.

6. Stop Analyzing

To actualize spirituality we must drop deep into our heart and stop mentalizing.

7. Ask For Permission

We must ask permission from all that is/ the Divine/ infinite to allow ancestral clearing to take place for the highest good of everyone affected.

8. The Creator Is Healing

The creator is performing the healing, not the therapist. That way the practitioner does not take stuff on by aligning with their true power by releasing the ties, tethers or unhealthy cords.

9. The Telepathic Internet

As the infinite can transcend all time, space reality, ancestral healing can be equally as effective online as face to face because it is everywhere, everywhen. This is also true during pre-recorded sessions.

10. Be Free

Just know that by completing this process, you are freeing yourself from the energetic patterns that are tied to your ancestors. You will align to your authentic power and wisdom, live a purposeful life and experience true vitality, inner peace and fulfillment.

Do you have deep-rooted programs you’ve found impossible to shift?

Are you repeating the same old patterns again and again? Then you may want to consider this incredible technique. Remember your life is a blessing and meant to be enjoyed as you led a life on purpose and do the work you truly came here to do…

Please leave a few comments below to identify what feel is currently holding you back…


About Hayden Crawford

Hayden is the Founder of Dreemtime Academy, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Coach and Colour Therapist. He gives overwhelmed women permission to explore and rediscover their inner wisdom so they can live life with more joy and purpose. Hayden works closely with the Colour Mirrors system to help you achieve the best results in the quickest time. This exceptionally powerful, colour therapy system was created to promote both personal and spiritual transformation. Want to know more? Get your FREE Colour Mirrors Insights HERE to discover your biggest blockage to living a life full of love, abundance and happiness.

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