COVID-19 has granted us the time out to rest, relax and recuperate. So why fight it? Science supports the claim about the power of a day of rest.

Here are 8 scientific reasons why regular rest time every day can make a massive difference to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

1. Rest Reduces Stress

There is so much evidence available to support the fact that avoiding breaks can lead to stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. By forcing ourselves to slow down and go with the flow instead of fighting against the current we release the resistance which is causing us all of the anxiety.

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2. Rest Boosts Immunity

As previously mentioned, overworking increasing stress and also depresses your immune system. If we get adequate sleep it will naturally increase your immune system which will help to warn off viruses. Try and avoid checking your cell phone before bedtime as this may disrupt your sleep patterns.

3. Rest Restores Mental Equilibrium

Do you find it difficult to detach from work? If you have been avoiding time off, it can manifest as exhaustion and over the course of one year, you become less resilient to fight off illnesses. We have now been forced into being at home and many of us have lost our jobs so we have no other option than to take a good long look at ourselves and do the work to restore inner harmony.

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4. Rest Increases Movement

Many of us have desk jobs these days which involves a lot of sitting down. We forget to get up for breaks and keep pushing through in our own internal battle against time. We’ve all seen the studies on the impact of a lot of sitting time on many aspects of health.

Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome. Why not use the time off to reset and look for new ways of being? A simple walk for 15 minutes a day will help you to rebalance and give a much-needed boost to your immune system.


5. Rest Inspires Creativity

Having quality time off fuels energetic resources and reflective time is critical to producing solutions, creative breakthroughs and aha moments. When you are able to express your creativity your emotional health is restored.

6. Rest Improves Memory

Have you been noticing your short-term memory hasn’t been as good recently? When we are under a mountain of pressure at work trying to hit targets and deadlines, our present moment awareness is badly affected as it is mainly focussed on future goals. Now you have the perfect opportunity to re-enter the now which will help instantly improve your memory.

7. Rest Increases Productivity

Ironically, the more rest you get, the more things you get done. When we push, push, push without taking a break, it actually has the counter-effect and we become far less productive. Watch over the coming weeks as you wind down into the changes and observe your levels of achievement. When we exist in action enjoy, our ability to manifest increases tenfold.

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8. Rest Influences Weight Management

Do you struggle with weight issues? The next few months are likely to offer you the opportunity to follow a more restrictive diet as certain products may not be as accessible. However, achieving your ideal weight requires more than just that. Aside from eating healthy and exercising you also require proper rest and sleep to attain your perfect weight as you may feel less hungry.

It is likely that it may feel a little daunting or even confrontational at first as you readjust to a brand new routine. Staying at home and self-isolating in a new concept for many of us who have been running away from ourselves for many years. However, over time, this will normalize and the way of the new earth will unfold organically before you. Simply trust the process, continue to rest, relax and go with the flow and you will be surprised at how good you start feeling.

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Please leave a few comments to let me know how you are feeling during this transformational time on our planet and what you intended to do with all this time on your hands…