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Be At Your Best

We’ve all heard the expression treat people how you would like to be treated. While great in theory, day to day experience has illustrated it is often easier said than done. This seems to be the case for most practices designed to illuminate our true essence and have us living our greatest life ever. So what is one way we can keep ourselves reminded of this practice to treat others as we wish to be treated?

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the most impactful and effective ways to implement this concept is to actively practice moment to moment being your best version. Being our best versions allows us to maintain the highest level of connection, integrity and flow in life. It is in this flow where all creation resides and all possibilities exist. It is in this space of being our best versions where we embrace the frequency of all the numbers 1-9. Each number provides us with a key to connection, possibility and growth. While going through each step of personal transformation your higher self will call you to embrace the energies of

(1) Individuality and leadership
(2) Companionship and diplomacy
(3) Joy and creativity
(4) Logic and organization
(5) Freedom and exploration
(6) Responsibility and nurturing
(7) Reflection and self knowledge
(8) Innovation and forward thinking
(9) Compassion and universal love

This week we explore three steps to being your best version.

Here we go!

1. Acknowledge you have areas of healing to do. 

In life we must acknowledge what is truly so for us, meaning coming clean about what the entire reality we are dealing with, looks like. In order to make great progress in our personal transformations we have to start on the level of authenticity and vulnerability.

In order to get to a destination you must know where you are in order to chart a course forward. I like to compare this to this example of sailing: There is a lost ship in the middle of the foggy ocean and it wants to get to England. The most efficient and effect first step is figuring out where the ship actually is. Once the current location is determined, and the crew know where they are in relation to England, a very clear path can be charted and the journey towards the destination can begin.

There is everything empowering with the process of authentically and honestly coming to terms with where you are at. Everyone has healing to do. The more open and real we are about the healing we have to do, the smoother and more enjoyable the experience can be. Plus it gives others people in our lives the opportunity to be of service and provide their loving support.

2. Take action on healing these wounded aspects. 

The greatest gift you can ever give someone is your own personal development and growth. There are so many options and resources available for healing and addressing the emotional wounds our egos want to hang on to.

Any time we experience contrast we are indeed reacting to life, which is a function of our ego and lower selves. When contrast appears on our paths it’s mirroring past unacknowledged wounds and your higher self is providing you an opportunity to deal with these aspects. When you uncover such mirrors honour them and go within.

Playing the victim disempowers your spirit and pushes people away. One avenue to consider embracing when healing wounded aspects of our beings is asking for help and support. While this seems very simple and obvious its a step a lot of people avoid for a multitude of reasons. The reasons you tell yourself not to ask for help, belong to the same camp as your ego. When those reasons or justifications surface take a moment, acknowledge they are there, thank them for sharing and then release them. Every time you make this conscious distinction in the mind you empower yourself to be more present, illustrate healing self love and exemplify a building block to being your best version.

3. Engage with life. 

Actively engage with the limitlessness of your being by practicing day to day, sometimes moment to moment, being your best version. The more you practice the more it becomes a natural part of your human experience.

Remember each day your best version will vary.

The basic understanding to keep in mind, is to set the intention to come from a space of love and commit to YOURSELF to always doing the best you can, where ever you are at and inside of whatever circumstances you face. The little things we do on a moment to moment basis indicate our spiritual progression and personal growth.

These are some key questions to keep in your mind and ongoingly ponder to support you in maintaing your best version:

– How do you respond in your mind to something someone says?

– What is the theme of your internal dialogue? The voice in your mind?

– How flexible are you with change?

– How do you treat the people around you?

– Do your language patterns reflect positivity, empowerment and love?

– Are you mindful of the tone of your voice?

– How do you respond in all types of communication? (text, phone, face to face, email)

– Which areas of life do you react to?

– Which areas of life do you respond to?

– How do you extend kindness, appreciation and love to those who have extended it to you?

– How do you extend kindness, appreciation and love to those who have not extended it to you?

– How often do you smile?

– Do you see the generosity in the actions of those around you?

– In what ways do you communicate your needs?

– What ways do you you receive love?

– What ways do you give love?

– Are you open and straightforward to everyone in your life about how you like to give and receive love. If no why not?

– What would need to be in place in order for you to share your love needs?

In any given situation these two quick questions will quickly help you access the answers you hold within yourself:

– What would it take to be my best version right now?

– What would I need to shift, change or adjust in order to have that experience or what do I need to do to maintain this positive flow and remain in the energy of my best version for the next moments ahead?

The Great Payoff

Being your best version is not always the simplest thing to do. However, when we discover our own unique ways of practicing being our best versions, we can be assured there is an rewarding and magical experience awaiting us. There is always gentleness, kindness and loving respect we can embody in our response to life, situations and circumstances. The quest dear friends is about illustrating this kindness, love and best versions more regularly.

Here’s to being at your best version!

Much Love in Numbers



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