The 3 Foundations of Success: Master Number 22

Master Vibration 22: Building Your Success as a Habit

The vibration of 22 is the practical implementation of 11’s divine inspiration energy. Last week we left you with an exercise to support you in creating clarity around all you want for yourself and for your life.

The next stage of the journey is creating and building daily habits congruent with the vision you now hold. One of the simplest things to shift to align with your vision is language patterns. The way you speak and communicate throughout your day is key to bringing in your dream life.

What we think we become~ Buddah

Our feelings create our thoughts, our thoughts become our words and our words create our world. What we speak into creation and what we think about we bring about.

At we believe in supporting people to become the ultimate on purpose manifestors and help people live in pure happiness and bliss. In our experience the most common manifestation desires (abundance, love, peace, happiness) can only be achieved when resonating in the compatible frequency. Meaning we must be happy, grateful, loving and positive in our mindset, language patterns and behaviour.

One cannot have a positive mindset with negative thought patterns and language patterns. Most people think they are positive then start complaining, worrying, or come up with all the reasons why something wont work. This type of energy zaps creativity and inspiration, two of the key ingredients required to bringing forth your manifestation.

The 3 Foundations of Success

The following 3 steps are essential in creating a foundation of success. First step start by listening to yourself when you speak and take note of the words you use to describe your experience (are they mainly positive or negative). While doing this it’s important to release self judgement and embrace being gentle and compassionate with yourself.

The second step is observing the voice in your mind (thoughts) and the inner dialogue you keep with yourself all day long. Expand your awareness to the areas you are super positive and which areas could use improvement.

The third step is practicing switching your thoughts to ones of positivity, possibility and optimism no matter the situation. Re-train your mind to see the good in everything and everyone. This begins by taking inventory and being completely vulnerable and honest with yourself. During this process of getting to know yourself more intimately, you will naturally begin eliminating inner and outer negative language one word at a time.

Perspective is Everything

Some people have expressed the process of re-training patterns of speech to be somewhat challenging. To be completely honest, yes it can be. Good news it can also be simple and easy. It’s all in your perspective and your committment.

The only reason it may initially occur as challenging is because for our entire lives, we as a collective community have been conditioned and taught through observation how to speak in a certain way. The majority of us have grown up in an experience where there is a dominant focus on what is not working and this becomes the topic of our conversations with each other and with ourselves. All you have to do is turn on the news for 5 mins and you ‘ll see what we are talking about. Have you ever noticed when most groups of people get together they bond and build rapport over all the things that aren’t working and complain about their lives/jobs/relationships? This is a sign our world isn’t working the way it is right now, and within it also holds a very promising future.

The Beauty in Contrast

The beauty in all of this is when we see people bonding via negative language and sharing focused attentions it illustrates the human need for connection. This human need can be achieved one of two ways, either through negative co-creation or positive co-creation.

Currently this connection is dominantly achieved through unconscious negative patterns and people will do whatever they need to do to feel connected. Negative co-creating feeds the need to feel accepted and part of a community (not being alone in your experience). What there is to understand is we can fulfill these same needs and desires in a far more constructive manor if we make a personal commitment to focusing our individual energy on what is working and what we want to see happen in our lives and in the world.

The seriously awesome impact if we each make a conscious effort to shift this:

1. The Law of Attraction.

What we focus on we get more of. There for if we begin with ourselves and inspire people to switch from focusing on what’s not working to what is working we’ll get more of what’s working. This can mean big global shifts in healing, harmony and love energy exchanges.

2. The Power of the Collective Consciousness.

This is a very powerful energy and one of the main reasons behind why the world is in the stage its in. We can unite our power as a positive collective consciousness and direct energy towards solutions and healing the present global circumstances. The more energy focused on the same thing, ideas, situations and circumstances, brings it all into manifested form faster. So we may as well focus on positivity, possibility and optimism, it just feels better ;)

How to implement this positive creative energy in your experience this week:

1.For this week do your best to eliminate/remove these words from your speech patterns:

– not
– can’t
– don’t
– never
– should
– bad
– wrong
– need to

2. Bring your awareness to re-framing negative situations and conversations when you are in a group dynamic. People will flow with it as long as they have a wonderful leader to guide them, and that leader is YOU!

3. Remember when you make a choice to do something different and shift your desires and focus to a more positive energy the universe conspires with you to make it happen (meaning this will be an easy, simple and smooth transition if that’s how you believe it will go;)

For further insight into how the Master Number 22 is active in your chart check out our free numerology reading!

Much Love in Numbers

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