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What IS a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are souls who have chosen to incarnate on planet Earth at this time, to work for the greater good of humankind. Each lightworker will have his or her own specific mission here, but the general life purpose of all lightworkers is to embody and maintain high vibrational frequencies of energy, in order to raise up the vibration of the collective. But this doesn’t mean lightworkers are always happy-go-lucky and have perpetual smiles on their faces, no! The reality for many lightworkers is actually very different, as – especially in their early lives – they’re called to face immense challenges, in order to work through their own healing so that they can truly and authentically carry the light for others and live out their purpose

There are many, many sub-groups of lightworkers, and these are known by different names earth angels, energy workers, starseeds, indigos, empaths, grid-workers, way-showers, are just a few. But it’s not always easy to spot one of these sensitive, spiritual souls. Some will wear their hearts on their sleeves as professional energy workers in the realms of mediumship, healing, reiki, or Angel therapy, for example. But many more are just ordinary people, living ordinary lives, doing their precious lightwork through living positive, heart-centered lives. And in fact, these hidden healers are often the ones touching the lives of the people who need it most – those who are still asleep, yet to ‘wake up’ and enter into their spiritual awakening.

Are you one of these people?

Here are 11 signs that you are a lightworker, plus some tips to help you grow into your light, let your energy shine and make your impact on the world even greater!


1. You’re Naturally Intuitive

Perhaps you were born with a sixth sense, or perhaps you grew into your intuition later on in life. But you seem to have a strong psychic awareness of what’s coming next, of whether a decision is wise or not, and whether people around you have good intentions or otherwise. Although this sensitivity isn’t something you can easily explain or justify, you must trust it. Find out more about how to do this HERE.

2. You’re Wise Beyond Your Years

Do other people call you an “Old Soul?” Are they constantly surprised by the wisdom you share, and the higher perspective you seem to hold? This doesn’t come from just anywhere! Many lightworkers have come to planet Earth to hold these powerful, consciousness-raising roles, precisely because of the many, many lives they have lived before. You’re able to be here and embody this bright light because of the healing you’ve already done and the fear you’ve already transmuted.

3. You Are Highly Empathic

Most lightworkers have auras which are wide open, which you need to have, to stream out the frequency of love, light, and healing energy that you hold. But this also makes you highly sensitive and able to pick up on the thoughts and feelings of people around you. All of them. Unfortunately, without a proper understanding of this, and firm energetic boundaries, symptoms of emotional exhaustion and depletion, as well as confusion about how YOU are actually feeling can occur. This is why it’s the responsibility of lightworkers not just to care for the collective, but to care for themselves first. You can read more about the importance of self-care HERE.

4. You Have Struggled With Mental Illness in the Past

A lot of lightworkers find it genuinely, incredibly difficult to adjust to life on Earth. It’s a tough training ground! Because of this, and the extra challenges that many of these spiritual seekers face – depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness – can take over at times. But delving into the core of these issues is what shadow work is all about, and it’s what many lightworkers need to go through.

If this sounds like something you recognize, it’s vital to realize that these experiences don’t define you, yet serve as launchpads for change. In fact, the loss of emotional well-being can serve as a strong sign that you’ve actually come here to change the world you’ve found. And re-discover your personal power in the process.


5. You Have a Relentless Interest in Spirituality (But Steer Away From Organized Religion)

Have you always been fascinated by spiritual studies, pouring over books containing ancient texts, and striving to find the underlying meaning behind your existence? Lightworkers know there’s more to life. They know that there’s a whole world of energy and Spirit sitting just below the surface of ordinary reality. But crucially, it’s one you – or anybody- can access, without the need for a traditional religion to show you the way.

6. People regard you as a Spiritual Teacher

The path of the lightworker is often that of the spiritual way-shower (which is why it can be SO hard – no one has smoothed the way before you). So, whilst you probably don’t aspire to be anyone’s guru, you are a bright light in many people’s lives. And they follow you. And they want to know how you do it. So, you tell them. Helping others through their own awakening is something you came here to do – it’s your purpose.

7. You maintain healthy detachment from drama

You can clearly see the games playing out between people in their relationships, and you’re conscious of the underlying karmic patterns they keep on repeating. Because of this, you feel no desire to join in (unless, of course, they are asking for your intervention).

You may, at times, be triggered by situations and people, but you understand that these are opportunities to break away from unhealthy patterns, so instead of letting the fear-based emotions overcome you, you work on healing, self-love and finding balance.

8. You Have a Deep, Internal Drive to Improve Life For All Humankind

You know that we’re all in this together and you understand that humanity needs to ascend together. Because of this, it’s not enough just to work to heal yourself, you need to help manifest the healing of the collective.

9. You Don’t Fully Belong

Whilst you’re deeply, fondly attached to the Earth and its people, you sometimes feel like you don’t belong here, and that your true home is a long way off.

With soul family from all around the galaxy, many starseeds miss these connections and experience strong waves of homesickness, that nothing can satisfy because they have a deep, unexplainable knowing that home is actually somewhere else.


10. You Have a Heightened Sensitivity to Injustice

When you hear of injustices being carried out in the world – to indigenous communities, children, animals and to the Earth herself – you feel the pain as though it were your own (which it is…).

This can be truly destabilizing because it’s so incredibly hard to understand the motivations of perpetrators. But it’s during times like these that a lightworker is needed most – when fear, hate, anger and despair are the dominant emotions, lightworkers are being called to transmute these emotions, not perpetuate them. Sending healing prayers and forgiveness, whilst maintaining a loving vibration is necessary. But so is action. Being able to channel strong emotions into positive actions is also the duty of the lightworker – not keeping a safe distance away from the trouble.

11. You Feel, Sense and Know That You’re Divinely Guided

We all have Spirit guides and angels of protection. But often lightworkers recognize this early on in life and learn ways to connect with these energetic beings. Of all the different ways that lightworkers can fulfill their missions in life, probably the most effective is to understand that they act as channels for divine light. This means pushing the ego out of the way, listening in deeply to what the world needs. For most, this means listening to divine guidance – through meditation, shamanic work or other spiritually-led practices.

The answers to all of humanities problems already exist. Your job is to make yourself able to hear them.

Are you a lightworker? DO these signs resonate with you? Share your experiences below!