Have you been the victim of an Energy Vampire?

As we move towards a Sirian culture on this planet, more and more of us are becoming more sensitive to the needs of the planet and other people.

However, not everyone is evolving at the same rate. Whilst we might be harnessing and raising our own frequencies by practicing greater self-love, there are others who are still battling with 3 Dimensional existence. Remember nobody can drain you unless you choose to give them power. The good news is that you have free will. It is totally your choice who you decide to spend your time with so set your boundaries well and keep your own frequency soaring…

1. Identify & Retreat

Being an empath, you may be in danger of giving too much of your own valuable energy away. It is crucial to observe how a person is influencing your mood. Do you feel irritated, stressed, or anxious in their company?

Then consciously remove yourself from the issue and consider you where you stand. Try and discover what their intentions are, then make a decision as to whether the relationship is good for you or not. If you think the relationship no longer serves you, simply cut it off. However, you may consider working with a professional counselor if it concerns close family members.

2. Take Control Of Your Time

There are many people requiring your attention throughout the day ranging from the kids, parents and work colleagues. some of them may genuinely feel that they ‘need’ you but remember that for you to thrive, you also need to practice self-care and devote time for yourself.

Don’t be lured into listening to the woes of another for hours upon hours. Learn your energy limits and honor them.

3. Stop Arguing

When you choose to enter a heated discussion with people who have different values and beliefs to you, it isn’t likely to result in a happy ending. We can never change another person until they are willing to consider a different approach so you are wasting your breath, time and valuable energy.

4. Look For Things That Make You Feel Good

Unfortunately, not everyone wants the best for us. They may get a kick out of seeing you feeling sad, anxious and depleted as it mirrors how they feel inside. They are likely to pray on compassionate people with lower vibrations because they are easy targets. If you a sensitive individual, try to remain positive about life and look only for those things that make you feel good.

5. Turn The Other Cheek

If your energy is low, you can consciously choose to avoid those energy leeches. Wait until you feel full of beans again and then you can go back in for more if you want to. There are always lessons to be learned in any dynamic, even the toxic ones. If you can overcome those challenges, sometimes you can gain a valuable union so try not to sever the ties completely, especially if it is a family member.

6. Keep Off Facebook

We live in an age where our whole lives are online. However, there can be a downside to this as it can be a perfect platform to attract vampires. Keep your secrets, plans, and news to yourself as they cannot judge you if they don’t know about the intricacies of your life.

7. Create A Group Dynamic

If you feel yourself being drained by an energy stealer, you can lessen the impact by inviting a few other people into that space to take the strain off you. This will dilute the potency of their fixed attention on you so you can keep feeling optimistic.

8. Divert Your Gaze

Do your best to avoid making direct eye contact when speaking with your vampire.

This simple tactic will indicate that you aren’t enticed by their control drama and are not overly interested in their emotionally-charged conversation.

9. Change The Subject

If you enter a conversation with an energy stealer try and keep them light-hearted. When they start judging or being critical start pointing out a more uplifting way or looking at the situation. By consciously altering the focus of the discussion if it becomes negative, depressing or stressful you will start taking control again.

10. Don’t React

It is essential to remember that energy vampires want attention. They are desperate to provoke a reaction from other people. You can choose not to get sucked in and get caught up in their dramas. By remaining calm and deflecting offensive comments you will keep your frequency soaring!!!

It is also important to note that anyone can turn into an energy vampire depending on what life challenging events happen, such as an accident or illness.

It’s always best not to avoid people through fear, but to keep being supportive while learning how to manage your time effectively and control your energy distribution.

The key is to learn what you need to do to recharge…

How do you keep your frequencies soaring? Please leave a few comments below with any tips and tricks you have to share…