Whether you’re a meditation noob or your practice is part of your daily life, these 32 products are super-zen items that will level-up your meditations…

1. Rebalance Yourself With This Chakra Healing Crystals Set


Is your aura feeling a little off? Feeling unbalanced? Well, you’re in luck. This Chakra Therapy will equip you will all the tools to realign your energies ASAP.

You can get this Tesh Care Chakra Therapy Starter Collection on Amazon for $27.95


2. Move Into Alignment With This Essential Oils Set


Inhale, exhale! Sometimes, it can be hard to wind down and destress. But not to fear, we have a secret weapon up our sleeves. Introducing essential oils into your meditation space is a great way to release feelings of tension and will help you shift into a place of calmness and relaxation.

This particular set of essential oils are connected with each of your seven chakras, helping you to both invigorate your mind, body and spirit, as you move into a place of divine alignment.

You can get this Chakra Essential Oil Blends Roll-On Set from Aromafume  on Amazon for $19.99


3. Clear Away Those Toxic Energies With A Himalayan Salt Lamp


Bad vibes, begone! This potent Himalayan Salt Lamp will help you purify your space and rid your environment from all the bad juju that is trying to mess with your vibration.

You can get this Himalayan Salt Lamp from the Body Source Store on Amazon for $32.99


4. Focus Your Chakra Healing With These Mala Beads


In meditation, Mala Beads are traditionally used as a tool to count the number of mantras or chants recited, or breaths taken. If you’re a beginner, Mala Beads are a great tool to introduce into your meditative practice as they will help you focus your thoughts and connect deeply with your meditation.

You can get this Mala Beads Bracelet from Bivei on Amazon for $16.99


5. Stay Comfy With This Multi-Purpose Meditation Cushion


Meditation is all about relaxation, so it’s important to ensure that you feel comforted and at peace.

Create your own spiritual sanctuary with this comfy multi-purpose cushion! Items like this will help to add ‘intention’ and ‘purpose’ to your space, as you will begin to associate these items with your spiritual practice.

You can get this Meditation Cushion from Florensi on Amazon for $39.99


6. A Few Safe And Soothing LED Candle To Raise Your Vibration


It can be hard to align with your zen self, when your environment is feeling off. A great way to shift the vibration of any space is to add a few candles.

These flameless LED candles make the perfect addition to your meditation space as they mimic the soothing flicker of a candle and you won’t have to worry about burning down the house.

You can get these Flameless LED Candles from Candle Idea on Amazon for $17.99


7. Start Your Day The Right Way With A Sip From This Namaste Mug


Most mornings, we know you’d rather ‘namaste’ in your bed, but alas it’s time to rise!

Need a boost to get you up and atom? Take a moment to recenter yourself as you sip from this namaste mug. Decorated with an affirmation that will keep you motivated, this mug will help you start your day the right way.

You can get this Fringe Studio Mug on Amazon for $18.00


8. Focus Your Mind Using A Zenergy Chime Trio


Have a hard time focusing? Well, this chime set is a must for you! The resonating tones from the chimes will not only help you to focus your mind but also attune yourself to a calming rhythm.

You can get Zenergy Chime Trio from Woodstock on Amazon


9. Cleanse Your Space With Palo Santo


Feeling like you’re constantly walking through a cloud of negativity? Well, it’s time to clear the air. Purify your environment and clear away those toxic energies with these beautiful Palo Santo smoke-cleansing sticks.

You can get these Palo Santo cleansing sticks from Purple Canyon on Amazon for $9.95


10. Give Yourself A Daily Reminder with The Namaste Frame


Add a splash of style to your sacred space with this hand-painted Namaste frame. Filling your space with words and quotes that you can see will help you turn inspired thoughts into inspired actions.

You can get this Namaste Frame from Byron Hoyle on Amazon for $31.99



11. Feel Balanced From Head To Toe With This Incense Set


Breathe in and breathe out. These incense bricks were designed to help you balance each of your chakras and move back into a place of alignment.

You can get these from Aromafume on Amazon for $14.99


12. Create A Soothing Environment With This Essential Oils Diffuser


What better way to create a soothing atmosphere than with a diffuser! Diffusers are a great way to disperse the relaxing aromas of essential oils through the air and help you transition into a mindful state of being.

You can get this Essential Oil diffuser from Amazon


13. Unlock Your Happiness With Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss


According to Chris Prentiss, training oneself to think and feel in a certain manner, changes can happen in the body, which can help to improve the overall well-being of the person.

Chris’s audiobook, Zen and the Art of Happiness will equip you with the tools you need to welcome happiness and vibrancy into your life.

Are you ready to unlock the door to your happiness?

You can purchase Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss on Amazon for $6.10


14. Tune In To These Tibetan Singing Bowl


Bring a touch of sound to your meditation practice. These Tibetan Singing Bowls allow you to reach a deep level of serenity and zen with their deep, rich, soothing tones.

Get yours at Amazon


15. Manifest The Life of Dreams With Dear Universe by Sarah Prout


Have you ever wondered by so many of us struggle to achieve abundance and happiness? Well, Sarah Prout reveals the answers to this question and more in her book, Dear Universe.

Grab yourself this book to discover how you harness the power of your feelings to manifest the love and success you deserve.

You can purchase Dear Universe by Sarah Prout on Amazon for $9.99


16. Retreat To Your Own Mini Zen Garden

PinIt’s time to retreat! Everyone needs to take a moment to unwind and let go of the stress of their busy lives.  Take a brief trip to your own mini zen garden and return to a place of peace and harmony as you rake through this tiny sandpit.

You can get this Mini Zen Garden from BangBangDa on Amazon for $23.99


17. Get Your Daily Dose of Zen With This Mindfulness Card Set


When you’re in the midst of a busy day, taking some time to work on your own mindfulness is not always easy. These cards provide a quick and simple way to be mindful every day.

Get yours here.


18. Destress With This Wooden Labyrinth Game


Sometimes, getting yourself into a zen state is less about clearing your mind and more about channeling your focus into something else. These Labyrinth games are the perfect way to spend some time concentrating on something that will de-stress you and enhance your motor skills, reasoning and patience.

You can get yours at the Brio Store on Amazon


19. Relax with these Wellness Candles


Candles are a common part of many meditation practices, but why not take things one step further and use an aromatherapy candle, made for stress relief?

You can get yours from Lastia on Amazon, from $13.99


20. Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t


The path to serenity is on the horizon, but how do navigate all the things standing in your way?

When meditation and mantra aren’t enough to cut through the nonsense, this journal will help you soldier on.

Filled with affirmations and cathartic activities, Zen as F*ck by Monica Sweeney will help you align with the happy vibes on the trail to tranquility.

You can purchase Zen as F*ck by Monica Sweeney from Amazon 


21. Compartmentalize Your Meditation with This Meditation Box


Having a sacred space for your meditation practice is important but so too is having a place to keep your meditation tools, notes and thoughts. Using a meditation box allows you to physically open up and start your practice and close off your practice when you’re done.

Get your Meditation Box on Amazon


22. Learn To Let Go With This Buddha Board


Heard of the Buddha Board? This ingenious piece of zen equipment allows you to engage in a relaxing painting practice using just water. This board allows you to master the art of letting go and live in the moment.

Get yours on Amazon for $34.95


23. Color Me Calm Meditation and Relaxation Coloring Book


Coloring has long been accepted as a great way to relax so this Color Me Calm coloring book is the perfect way to start your coloring practice.

Get yours here.


24. Sit Pretty on this Lotus Flower Blanket


Having somewhere to sit during your practice is important, and this blanket will give you just that. It doubles as a picnic blanket or camping rug, so you can be zen on the go!

Get yours on Amazon. 


25. Moments of Mindfulness: Daily Inspiration


This book contains many of the best-loved inspirational quotations and passages from Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Perfect for giving you a daily pick-me-up.

Get yours on Amazon


26. Set Your Intentions With These Intention Stones


Level-up your crystal-use with these intention stones. Manifesting works better with clear intentions, and these stones will help you do just that.

Choose the style you like on Amazon.


27. Soothe Yourself With Yogi Tea Relaxation Variety Pack


Add a little tea to your meditation practice and you’ll be healing your body as well as your mind.

Take your pick at Amazon.


28. Take Meditation on The Go With Aromatherapy Necklace


Aromatherapy necklaces come in all shapes and sizes to suit your own personal style and they provide a great way for you to take your spiritual, mental and physical healing with you! Wherever you go, you can enjoy the benefits of the essential oils you need.

Choose the style you like on Amazon


29. Read The Fun Affirmations With These Affirmators!


These cards are designed to help you help yourself… without all the self-helpyness!

Get yours here.


30. Imagine Yourself At The Beach With This Executive Sandbox


Try a zen box with a difference. Perfect for visualizing yourself at the beach!

Get yours on Amazon


31. Create A Good Habit with the Habit Nest The Gratitude Sidekick Journal


Gratitude is a great way to live a happier and more abundant life. But sometimes, it’s hard to know what to be grateful for or how to show gratitude. In our busy lives, sometimes we just can’t see what’s right in front of us.

This perfect little journal not only helps you track your gratitude, it gives you prompts to enhance your practice.

Get yours on Amazon, $19.90


32. Bring Some Calm To Your Day With Little Jar of Calm


This charming little jar is filled with 30 quotes to help you bring a little calm to your day.

Get Yours On Amazon from The Little Calm and Happy Company on Amazon


33. Lamare Affirmation Cards


These beautiful affirmation cards are designed to give you more energy, inspiration and self-confidence. Plus, they look beautiful too!

Get yours here. 

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