Card 1: 5 of Pentacles 

This card is all about trapped finances. If you’re asking “Who is going to help me?” The Universe will be answering. You must look at your belief system when it comes to finances. Think about when you were a child, what happened after Christmas when your parents had to pay bills?  Parents start being stressed after Christmas.

So, when you are struggling, give money to someone who is struggling more than you. It’s time to give back. Put it out there. This will give you more abundance in the Universe. Put money out there, give it to a complete stranger, giving it to someone who is less fortunate than you. Be that abundant person. Help others. 

Card 2: 8 of Cups and King of Swords

It’s time to emotionally put that wall up and cut the energetic cords with a toxic person. Maybe it’s a cord cutting ceremony, cut that cord, let them go. Write them a letter. You need to do those cord-cutting, energetic cords, release those people. It could have been from 20 years ago, just let it go. Then you won’t look back in anger, pain or whatever. Just fully letting go and moving on.

Card 3: The Lovers, 4 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords

There are four cards here. You will have a soulmate connection, because you’re bored at home; they will make you realize and you will think to yourself, “why did I invest into this boredom”. You will also realize how you deceived yourself, out of that boredom.

You also end up playing yourself just because you were bored. It’s about being secure, especially being at home, that is your domain, that is your environment. If you’re not feeling excited or energized, regardless of the pandemic, find something that will give you that sense of peace and that sense of security. Without bringing a soulmate connection, manifest something exciting, you will end up putting in a whole bunch of Karma. Take another risk, that will not make you feel like you deceived yourself.

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