VALENTINE'S DAYPinFebruary is a month of Love… and this year on Valentine’s Day the ultimate Love numerology code is activated!

A weeklong celebration of love kicks off on February 9 – triggering New Beginnings in Love.

In numerology, 6 and 9 are the “love numbers”.

No coincidence they make up the number 69 ;)

69 has many layers of meaning. One is that 6+9 adds up to the exquisite number 15, symbolizing spiritual alchemy through Love.

What’s really beautiful about the Love Code is that we see it throughout 2015, along with 8 and 15 (wealth and spiritual alchemy) ensuring that love and wealth creation walk hand in hand.

Valentine’s Day this year is more special than ever! Here’s why:

heart1 Valentine’s Day occurs on 2.14.2015, a Universal Date that adds up to 15 (2+1+4+2+0+1+5 = 15)

⤞ 2015 is the 15th year of our century.

How beautiful that in 2015, on the one day the whole world celebrates Love and Lovers, we will be immersed in the ACTUAL numerology code of Love!

When you can play and love and laugh all at once – be playful and loving with another – nothing is more sacred, more eternal.

When you are IN LOVE, you are fearless. You are drunk with joy and blissfully merged with another.

This journey of Love begins within you.

heart 2Love that springs from inside of you is the source of all of Creation – the source of Life.

Love is cosmic – love is micro-cosmic.

Both a smile and a galaxy of light can emit the SAME pulse of ecstatic joy.

Love is always available to you. With another, you enter love slowly at first, then you go deeper and swim in the beautiful depths of you partner’s heart.

In whatever way love presents itself to you, don’t miss out!

EVERY relationship is a step up into higher conscious awareness – it can be a step towards another person or another experience – whichever it is does not matter.

Every time you LOVE, you effortlessly create cosmic streams of light, you attract joy, you manifest wealth, bliss… ecstasy. During that moment in your life when you fall deeply in love, you take ALL of your big and small, gentle and powerful experiences of love and merge them into an ocean of bliss.

Watercolor beautiful hearts illustrationPinCommit to love, always. Commit 100%.

If you do not commit to love when it is available to you, it is dangerous.

Available love is like a pregnant mother – the energy of love is already borne within you, it has been seeded, and to ignore it, to not use the energy means it will get stuck and inevitably disappear and die.

In 2015, our 8 Universal Year of Eternal Energy – Infinite, Abundant and Ecstatic Energy – we must allow love to flow into everything we do and not allow love to stagnate. We must enable love while maintaining our true essence.

Take love as far as possible. Break all barriers. Take ANY opportunity to love!

You never know how your love may help you go deeper, may help another go deeper, or how your love can help each one of you grow.

TOGETHER you have a possibility of going deeper than you could ever do alone.

So be grateful to all who share the love journey with you.

Remember, the only commitment is towards generating LOVE within you, and doing so grandly, ecstatically, completely, never for a moment holding anything back.

That is how you merge with Eternity.

That is how you see beyond the veil – into all realities and dimensions.

That is how you fire up your infinite resources and come into your true source of Power.

A weeklong celebration of the 8, 15 and 6 code is melting your heart, warming it up and culminating on Valentine’s Day.

Most importantly, Love every day into Joy – so you know you have loved at least once today!

In Love and Abundance,


Drop me a note below and share how this Love Code has inspired you. And if you know someone who needs this message, share your love with them and pass on this message.