I encourage you all to read the April General Reading. There are a lot of connections here, so strongly suggest you take a look at that reading first. 

Card 1

The Emperor card, The Queen of Pentacles, The page of Swords and The Magician card

You have a lot more authority at home than you think you do and give yourself credit for. You can create the opportunities that you want once you recognize you are in charge. Once this happens you can create everything you want using that energy to get the opportunities you want to get. 

Card 2

The Knight of Wands & The 3 of Cups

Have fun with these two signs. This could be your kids, your family members, do something fun and them that love and attention.

Card 3

The 9 of Swords

Some weeks will be down and some will be up. This week allows you to be sad, depressed or however low you want to feel. Use that energy to bring yourself higher than ever when you get out of it. The lower the fall, the higher you will go. Let yourself break down, it’s okay not to be okay. Once you get out of it, you will feel like a new person.