Card 1: Temperan

If you choose this card this is an exciting time, there will be divine intervention, so something will happen to you this week or you’ll witness something that is the Universe intervening. The Universe is putting you back on the course that you’re meant to be on. If you think that this is negative, you need to do some work. If a divine intervention automatically makes you think negatively then you are not aligned with the Universe.

You are not vibrating high enough, everything in the universe is being delivered to you, so if you’re going to think all negative, it’s time for you to go back to square one with your spirituality. Get back to the root; the Universe is on your side. It is a beautiful world, a beautiful Universe, it is here to bring us our ultimate joy. SO think of a time where it was out of your control and you thought it was a negative experience but ultimately it was positive.  Buckle and expect good things to happen. 

Card 2: 4 of Pentacles

This card is that fear of taking risks, moving forward or taking chances out of that fear of lack. That ripples out and then it’s like, what am I bringing into my life,  who am I bringing into my life? And that is just because of a fear of lack. So this lack mentality is for you to take a clear look at what your mind states when it comes to your bills, look how you’re paying your bills, show gratitude; I am blessed for being able to pay these bills for 6 years. I am blessed, just shift your perspective around. This hoarding mentality and saving is not bringing you anywhere. You telling the Universe you have something to lose and the Universe is like okay here is loss.

Card 3: The High Priestess

You are very much vibing with the Universe right now. Your intuition is totally tapped in. Do what you can to bring abundance from that, something positive from it. Maybe it’s pulling a tarot card every day this week to see how it aligns with your life. Getting a pendulum, getting crystals doing some healing. Finding your tool, finding your medium may be something as simple as getting messages from your shower curtain, and that’s your reading for the day. Your intuition is so on point so loose it use it.  


About Vannessa Williams

Vannessa’s purpose is to help people through spirituality, and she is passionate and motivated to inspire others. Vannessa is a CAAE Certified Astrologer, talented Tarot Reader and is currently on track to achieve her Doctor of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics. With a background in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Mediation, Vannessa uses a logical, positive, and uplifting approach to inspire positive relationships. Visit her website and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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