Card 1: Conflict from the Past

If you chose card number 1 some conflict over the past, over heartbreak, infidelity, affairs, cheating. All that intense stuff makes you think it’s time to move on from a real toxic relationship. I am not giving you the answer as to what you should do. All I am saying is the energy you will be working with going into the Scorpio season. This is what is affecting you. 

Card 2:  Soulmate Change and Judgement 

The soulmate card creates a change that brings in a lot of judgment. So thinking that this soulmate relationship twin flame union is the lucky change but still getting a lot of judgment, go with your feelings, go with your gut. The Wheel of Fortune and Lovers card like the common who cares about the judgment. At the end of the day the judgment is just a mirror that is reflecting how people are talking about you behind your back, and that fear of judgment is just enforcing the fears you have. Release your fears this is a beautiful union that will bring you a lot of changeable energy and a lot of luck. Who cares how badly you’re judged. We have this fear of just living our lives openly and fully and 100% committing because of that fear and I blame this on social media. Get rid of the judgment, be real and free, who cares about the judgment. You don’t want to look back 20 years and regret. Everyone just wants you to be happy and follow your heart. 

Card 3: 5 of Swords  

This card is all about the fear coming back when it comes to deception. I have a feeling you said or did something from the past even in childhood that ended up being a lie or deceptive and it caused a lot of chaos and drama, now in your adult life the same energy the same pattern is coming back up so you can forgive yourself once and for all and clear it. A Lot of times we do something as a kid and it will be ingrained in us and we will see it happen in our lives again. The Universe is testing us to see if you are making the same decision, have you learned, have you grown. That energy is coming back up to be cleared. Just forgive yourself move on, we are not perfect we are human, so forgive yourself move one stop killing yourself by bringing in more opportunity for gossip, deception and fear and not be able to communicate and recreate the same drama you did when you are younger.