A very rare Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse blesses us with wonderful success and opportunities!

It all begins on January 31…

And the effects will last at least 6 months :)

This is such a powerful eclipse, not only because it’s total and a Full Moon, but since it takes place at 11° in Leo and Aquarius (Sun) – opening the 11:11 portal AGAIN.

We also began the year with a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn at 11°… at the onset of 2018 – an 11 Universal Year!

The Universe wants to make absolutely SURE we are getting the 11:11 message!

Walk through the portal by full embracing each and ever moment.

Some themes you’ll be engaging with:

  • LEO governs the HEART – Love, Passion, Creativity, Play
  • Shine your light!
  • Step onto the Stage of Life! (The world’s a stage with Leo.)
  • Proclaim Your Message and Mission with Fearless Confidence!


(The SUN rules Leo!)

For the next 6 months take FULL advantage of the success opportunities delivered with this Leo Total Eclipse by focusing on…

  • Follow your Bliss – what are you Enthusiastic about?
  • Create! Express your imagination.
  • Be center-stage and proclaim your heart’s desires
  • Bring Romance into ALL parts of your life
  • Do something just for the FUN of it
  • Unleash your self-confidence
  • Activate your inner fire and magnificent radiance
  • Take authorship of your life – with total fearlessness
  • Dress up and go out
  • Be generous and grateful
  • Bring PLAY into all you do!

Enjoy all of the spectacular Success Shifts happening now moving forward! Some may surprise you… remember the Sun is in Aquarius, so unexpected fun shifts are yours to leverage!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle