Happy October, everyone!

Here is a Tarot & Oracle reading to offer us some insights on the energies ahead, and how to navigate them…

From the Tarot:

The Star
King of Wands
Page of Cups

The key phrases that have come up for this month are:

Confidence, Step Up, Focus, Listen to Inner Guidance, Divine Blessings and Support, Renewal, Personal Rhythms

The Star card signifies a beautiful blessing for us collectively, this month. Some of us have been through a difficult time, and experienced feelings like defeat, betrayal, despair, worry and/or anxiety. But now the Star card appears, indicating renewal and change, hope and healing. It is also letting us know that we are supported by the Divine, and we are encouraged to open and trust in it! Be gentle with yourself, and keep your thoughts primarily positive and hopeful to support this influence. And ask for help from others if you need support.

The King of Wands appears with the message to embody his energy at this time. Like the King, trust in yourself and be confident. Step into your sovereignty. Step up. Take action if there is a need or opportunity for it.

And the Page of Cups tells us to listen to the soft whisperings we hear inside, that gently and lovingly guide us… and follow the guidance with pointed focus. Prioritize these aims that you are directed to, and do not allow yourself to sway from the path. For some of us this is a time for growing something new, and this focus will help with the process.

PinFrom “The Goddess Oracle” by Amy Sophia Marashinsky:

Morgan Le Fay/Rhythms

Morgan Le Fay is our goddess guide for the month, and her message for us is to find and follow our own rhythms.

Drumming and dancing, she says…

When I dance with Life
I dance my own rhythm
I keep my own time
My soul’s tides are aligned
And flow
With my beat: my own unique expression
By honoring myself
I honor all

What are your personal rhythms?

When is it best for you to eat, sleep, work, etc? Do you know, yet?

If your schedule has been dominated by work or others’ schedules, you are asked to claim your personal timing more, and nurture yourself by flowing harmoniously with it.

For most of the month the Sun is in Libra, and we are asked to balance meeting our own needs in this way, while being in relationship with others in the world.

This is also simply about tuning into what we need, and attaining more balance through finding our natural flow.

Thank you for reading and may you move into what you need this month!