How To Use The Crystal Colorscope

The Crystal ColorScope is an interactive oracle inviting you to intuitively select a crystal with a message that is relevant for you in this moment. Use the crystal you choose to help focus on what is most needed for your success and peace of mind during this month. You can use the actual crystal or tune into its essence using a photo, or simply call on the crystal’s energy to infuse your auric field and life with its qualities.

Before You Play The Video

1. Focus on the question, “What does my soul most want me to know right now?”
2. Then using your intuition select either Number 1, 2, or 3, for a crystal-inspired message for your month ahead.
3. Watch the video, listen to the first crystal for everyone and see how that flavors your month, then when prompted move your play cursor to the right spot to watch your message.

If you missed it, here are the times for your Crystal Colorscope Message. Just move the play cursor at the bottom of the video to the right minute and second!

⇾ If you picked 1 – 4:30
⇾ If you picked 2 – 8:09
⇾ If you picked 3 – 11:53

November: A Month Colored by Scorpio

It helps to be aware of the influences a star sign and its assigned planetary bodies have on a particular month. As the saying goes, “The wise man understands the stars and the fool is ruled by them.” Knowledge is power and this pretty much sums up the Scorpio influence during November.

Scorpios are curious they devour knowledge and love to be in control of their own destinies. Their emotions run deep and are often described as passionate, serious, and moody. Rulers of the eighth house of death and rebirth, legacies, sexuality and the occult, the Scorpio vibration of transformation can impact profoundly meaningful connections and bring them to a new level of awareness now. The symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion, a creature that prefers to be in control even if that means killing itself rather than be killed.

All of these qualities flavor this time of year and can be expressed through color. It’s easy to find information on the colors most often allocated to a star sign, but let’s look at it from a different perspective, delve a little deeper and assign one color and its qualities to Scorpio.

Scorpio And The Color Purple

november scorpio 2014PinIf I had to choose just one color to represent Scorpio and this time of year it would be purple. Purple is a combination of violet and black. Black is a perfect reflection of the Scorpio essence. Most often associated with death, black has enormous and unfathomable depth and is a master of hiding and protecting the feelings – which is why so many people wear it.  The eighth house also represents rebirth and while white would be a good symbol of being born again this is so not a Scorpio color. Violet seems more in line with the Scorpio vibe and brings with it the elements of transformation, spirituality and psychic awareness. Violet is made using a combination of red, a color of passion, sexuality, and power together with blue, a color of expression, purpose and control.

Purple, whose attributes include the unknown, psychic gifts, occult knowledge, and secrets, is also recognized for its association with royalty, power and wealth.  This came about during ancient Roman times. An intense purple dye extracted from a murex mollusk could transform a drab toga into a prized piece of clothing. Unfortunately, it took tens of thousands of these shellfish just to make one purple toga. Wearing purple became a status symbol, even a child born to a reigning Emperor was said to be born in the purple. As you can imagine only the wealthy could afford such a luxury and so popular was this purple dye that the creatures were almost driven to extinction.  The fall of the Roman Empire and the resulting economical shift saved the mollusk from total destruction. This event in history utterly mirrors the Scorpio energy of death and rebirth.

November, 2014: A Time For Transformation

November augurs a time of change. I’d love to know what is ending or transforming in your life this month! And did you get the message you were expecting in the Crystal ColorScope? Did you intuit the crystals and colors used? Did any other insights and intuitions come to you? Please share in the comments below.