Take time to connect with yourself, get quiet, and ask spirit guides (or your higher self) which message is most appropriate for you this month: Message #1, #2, or #3. I’m using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer for this month’s reading.

Feel free to fast forward to your chosen message:

Message #1 — :25
Message #2 — 4:30
Message #3 — 8:50

If you were drawn to Message #1…

…The card that comes up is Cave (Sanctuary), and the message I’m getting is that something creative is stirring inside of you. There’s something that wants to be expressed, and you are the only one in the universe with the exact vision to express it. In the history of the universe, there was never anyone quite like you, nor will there be ever again. This creative energy has always been under the surface waiting to come out. You can get in touch with it by unplugging from the outer world and going within. Retreat to your inner sanctuary. Through meditation or connection with nature, you allow yourself to feel into yourself, and the unique expression that you have to offer the world. There’s absolutely no pressure with this. Your way of expressing yourself may simply be in the way you laugh. Enjoy being who you came here to be, and when you lose sight of who that is, go to your inner sanctuary. Retreat within. Ideas will come to you, ancestors and spirit guides will speak to you.

If you were drawn to Message #2…

…The card that comes up is Tsunami (Wake Up Call). The message I’m getting is that there’s a blessing coming into your life right now, and that blessing may not appear to be a blessing at first. The challenge you are facing is there to wake you up and remember your strength. Look back at all the challenges you’ve experienced in the past. How did they help you grow? Are you stronger, more compassionate and patient as a result of those challenges? What soul qualities have you developed? When I tap into the energy of this card, I feel like you’re being called to reorganize your family relationships in some way. Give yourself permission to set clear boundaries when your buttons get pushed by family members and loved ones. Waves always pass, revealing a calm ocean underneath. Your soul IS that calm ocean.

If you were drawn to Message #3…

…The card that comes up is Fire (Passion). You are being opened up to the energy and power of Passion! It takes courage to express your passion — about anything in your life. Many times, we are discouraged from expressing enthusiasm or excitement for or about anything. You are being invited to explore, express, and become the energy of Passion in your life. Passion has less to do with what you do, and more to do with how you feel. It is a feeling, after all, rather than a career. Follow the feeling of passion in your life, and then create from that inspired place.