Happy July, everyone! Pin

Here is a Tarot and goddess oracle card reading to offer us insights on the energies in the air this month, and how we can best navigate them…

Keywords for July:

  • Shaking Up
  • Rebirth
  • Heeding the Call
  • Self-Nurturance
  • Soothing
  • Harmony
  • Manifestation

Tarot Reading for July 2018:

  • The Tower
  • Queen of Pentacles
  • King of Pentacles
  • The Devil
  • 6 of Pentacles
  • Judgement
  • The Fool

The cards indicate that this will indeed be a big month for us, and that is not so surprising to see, since July is when we will have some powerful eclipses.

The Tower

Time For A Shake Up

The Tower symbolizes a “shaking up” that will occur, so that things can be stirred up, come up, move and shift. This influence will play out for each of us differently, but overall it will have a cleansing effect and help us to move forward. It will help us to get unstuck in ways we may have been stuck for a long time. Many of us will find ourselves facing our demons this month and old, deep wounds. They may be ancestral, family and childhood wounds. As they come up they may feel like hauntings, but we can realize that they are actually opportunities and blessings (even if in disguise).


The Queen of Pentacles

Make Space For Self-Care

The Queen of Pentacles advises us to navigate these energies by making sure that we nurture ourselves this month, in whatever way is nurturing for us personally. This is not advising any “self-medicating” activities of avoidance and numbing such as watching too much television or drinking alcohol. Instead, this is about engaging in whatever will help us to feel nourished.

The Queen of Pentacles is a motherly card, and her appearance tells us to “mother” ourselves. She can also be paralleled to Venus, so we are advised to pamper ourselves (Venus loves pampering!)  and to “allow ourselves the caress of soothing”.


Six of Pentacles

Embrace Harmony and Balance

The 6 of Pentacles shares a similar message. Since 6 is a Venus number representing harmony, it emphasizes engaging in whatever will bring you more of a sense harmony and balance.

There are a lot of Pentacles cards that have come up for this month, which is a suit that corresponds to the Earth. As I’d mentioned in earlier posts, this year 2018 carries a lot of Earth energy. This month, it would be beneficial to spend time in nature for healing, uplifting and renewing.

Also, we are advised to focus on manifestation and “bringing heaven down to Earth”. We may be receiving divine guidance, inspiration and ideas at this time to bring to materialization.


Queen and King of Pentacles

Work with the masculine and feminine.

The Queen and the King of Pentacles have appeared together, telling us to work equally with feminine as well as masculine themes. Specifically, our message is to bring in the feminine quality of nurturance as well as the masculine quality of taking action steps and tending to practical necessities for bringing our inspirations to fruition.


The Judgment and The Fool

The Journey Begins

The Judgment and The Fool show that many of us are being “called” to a new beginning, a new journey. Rebirth is implied through these cards, as well as endings preceding beginnings. Sudden change may occur to facilitate this process. If you are receiving inspirational “hits” or signs on moves to make, act on them. Take those first steps.


From The Goddess Oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky


Blodeuwedd is our goddess guide for the month, and she asks us to look at the theme of betrayal. Blodeuwedd-BetrayalPin

Are there any ways you betray yourself, by not being in full honoring of and integrity with yourself?

Do you ignore your inner voice, the voice of your intuition?

Are there people around you that are not truly trustworthy?

Have you seen the little signs and red flags, but not given attention to them?

Have you been listening to your intuition? Or have you been betraying yourself by ignoring it?

Are there ways you have been untrustworthy in your relationships?

Are you turning to manipulation to get what you desire? If so, why do you feel you need to veil your intentions, rather than directly going for and asking for what you want?

These are some questions to ask ourselves at this time. 

Also, Blodeuwedd is a goddess that has undergone several phases and changes in form. Her final form is that of the owl – a bird linked with transformation and being able to see in the dark. This month, use discernment and tap into your intuition, your third eye to be able to see around you what truly is. For tips on how you can enhance your intuition, follow the advice found in this blog.

Thank you for reading, Wishing you all the best!