The Big Picture:

A bold and creative Leo New Moon this week brings inspiration and glamor. However, there’s a temptation to play to the gallery, or to not take enough account of details. Fortunately, Mercury moves into diligent Virgo to help counteract this. Meanwhile, a tough Venus-Saturn opposition brings some signs difficult lessons in love.

aries bigARIES

A pioneering spirit will take you far this week. Instead of finding reasons to say no, find ways to say yes – to whatever is on offer. Be bold, be the first, be the one who takes the chance and comes up smiling.



Financial tensions within a relationship may result in fights and tempers. A heart to heart discussion is needed, to clarify where you both stand. You can fix this, but it’s important to be open and honest with one another.



Face up to unspoken worries in your relationship. Something is keeping you apart, emotionally, and you would benefit from talking it through. This week’s Venus-Saturn opposition encourages you to aim for compromise. Make it work.



Stretch your intellect this week. You’d enjoy puzzles, brainteasers and mental challenges, but you can also use this energy to handle difficult, stressful or highly detailed projects. Meticulous work now will pay dividends in future.



The Leo New Moon promises optimism and courage, but in order to make the most of this energy, you must be prepared to take a chance. It’s all about taking the first step even if you don’t know where the path will lead. Bravery will be rewarded.


virgo VIRGO

With Mercury moving into your sign, your communication skills get a huge boost. Now is a great time to seek promotion at work, or to have essential but difficult conversations with loved ones. You know just what to say, and how to say it.



Friendships are worth their weight in gold right now. As the New Moon heralds news in your social life, make a real effort to meet new people and to find new kindred spirits. Reach out to others, and spend much less time alone.



If either you or your partner has something to hide, this week’s Venus-Saturn opposition could bring it all out into the open. Although stressful, this is likely to be for the best. Once a lie is uncovered, healing can finally begin.



It seems that you and your partner are at loggerheads over your differing commitments. Figure out a way to manage your time better so that you can both do what you need to do. With some juggling and creative thinking, nobody need miss out.



You’re in big picture mode right now, and it’s a wonderful time for planning ahead. Details, however, may elude you. Double and triple check anything complicated, especially when it comes to travel arrangements.



The New Moon falls in your love zone, so a new relationship could be on the cards if you’re single. If you’re already in love, do what you can to revive the spark of your romance. Don’t get bored of one another – get creative!



A lack of work-life balance is stressing you out – and it’s stressful for your partner and your family too. Something has to give. Use this week’s energies to re-assess your priorities. Take steps to spend more time with those you love.

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