This Week’s Big Themes:

The big astrological news this week comes when Jupiter moves into Scorpio, after over a year in Libra. Jupiter’s open-minded joie-de-vivre is a little at odds with the emotional depths of Scorpio, so this could bring some challenging energy. Meanwhile, Venus squares up to Saturn, putting the emphasis firmly on duty rather than pleasure.

aries bigARIES

Jupiter’s move turns up the heat in your closest relationship, making for a steamy and passionate week! However, issues over joint finances are also likely to surface, so be sure to work out a compromise when it comes to spending money.



Jupiter is now in your love zone, bringing good luck and good fortune into your love life. If you’re single and hoping to meet the right person, this week and the coming weeks should do the trick. Things are looking up!



You’re normally a “good enough is good enough” kind of person, but Jupiter now sends your hidden perfectionist streak into overdrive. Don’t give yourself a hard time over minor issues. Try to focus on what’s most important.



Creatively, you’re on fire! Jupiter’s move sparks your imagination and it’s a fantastic time for art, crafts, music, theater, literature or whatever else floats your boat. Feed your mind with wonderful things and let your thoughts take flight.



Hoping to move house? With a helpful push from Jupiter, things start to move in the right direction. If you’re staying put, you’ll want to re-decorate, build an extension or re-vamp your home in some other way. Make it truly your own.


virgo VIRGO

Your communication skills go into overdrive thanks to fresh input from Jupiter. You can make the most difficult of conversations easy and tactful, so don’t put these things off any longer. Say what needs to be said and trust your abilities to say it right.



Jupiter brings you excellent financial news – if not a windfall, then at least the promise of a better income, or a fresh business idea which really can work. The seeds are all there, now it’s up to you to turn this into a reality.



Jupiter’s gift to you is an abundance of positivity and confidence. Problems which seemed insurmountable last week now look very do-able and you’re not allowing anything to get you down. Go for it – you can do this!



Vivid dreams and a colorful imagination combine to bring you messages from your subconscious. If you’re not sure about a decision, sleep on it and ask for guidance to come to you overnight – it will. Trust your instincts and trust what you experience.



Jupiter provides a fresh impetus to your social life now, so no more hiding away! You’ll enjoy meeting new people, and it’s the ideal time to join a new club, group or society. Step outside your social comfort zone and mix with a wider crowd.



This week and for the coming year, Jupiter blesses your career prospects. Now is the time to expect – or demand – recognition for your efforts and skills. Push yourself forwards instead of hiding in the shadows. People take notice, for all the right reasons.



The travel bug bites now, courtesy of Jupiter’s influence. You’ll want to expand your horizons, and that could literally mean seeing and visiting new places, the more exotic the better. Plan a dream vacation, a road trip or an adventure of some kind.