How well do you know your Expression Number?

Also known as the Destiny Number, this is one of the core numbers in your personal numerology chart and it holds the key to reaching your highest expression in the world.

The Expression Number is unique.

It reveals how you can actually channel the talents and gifts you were born with, and therefore reach your potential (yes, we know – it’s a totally underrated number, right?!) In fact the Expression Number offers you a personal formula to follow, which will lead you right into becoming your highest possible version! So why has it taken you so long?!

One of the biggest lessons of this number, is this:

“It’s not always what you do that matters, but how you do it”.

…And so it is with New Year Resolutions!

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According to research, less than 25% of Americans stick to their resolutions in the first 30 days after the New Year. And less than 8% succeed in sticking to them after that. Aren’t those pretty bad odds?!

Do YOU fall into the category above?

In which case, don’t feel bad. It could be that you’re actually not setting the right resolutions in the first place at New Year. Because if they’re not aligned with your Numerology, well, you’re simply not giving yourself a chance of success!

So before you set any resolutions this New Year, first find out your Expression Number. Click here for instructions on how to calculate it. Or click the button below and we’ll do it for you. Then read on to discover HOW you can actually keep them this year, using the secrets of your Numerology!

Destiny / Expression Number 1

You express yourself best through pioneering, independent and original acts.

You need to make things happen and see direct results, so for you, it’s imperative to make your resolutions measurable. If you can measure it, you can change it, but if you have no way to assess the change, you will quickly lose interest.

So, instead of resolving to “lose weight” set specific, measurable goals for yourself. This could be “eat a home-made salad for lunch three times a week” or “go down one dress size by spring Equinox” or “swim twice a week before work”. Whatever your plan, making it measurable will motivate you to continue, and that’s what will form the (healthy) and long-lasting habit.

Destiny / Expression Number 2

You express yourself best by relating to others.

Your Numerology means you often take on the role of diplomat and peacemaker, working best in a team or as an assistant – acting on behalf of the greater good is where you thrive! For you, setting resolutions with a friend will really boost your chances of success. Team up with a buddy who has similar goals to you, and promise to be each others accomplice and cheerleader, for the next 12 months.

Then whether it’s healthy eating, exercise, or breaking that evening biscuit habit, anytime you’re struggling, vow to connect and support. And anytime you make a breakthrough or hit a target, share the celebration!

Destiny / Expression Number 3

You express yourself best in the arts, and through any kind of creative and spontaneous act.

The talents of this Numerology will come to the fore when they are free from limitations, so it’s vital for you to make your resolutions fun! Reframe whatever your goal is as a creative act. So, the new weight-loss diet you’re embarking upon isn’t a restriction on your favorite sweet treats, it’s a journey to discover new flavors and new recipes to excite your senses and turn the kitchen into a playground!

Destiny / Expression Number 4

You express yourself best through structured, systematic acts.

When life is organized, this Numerology can thrive so it’s vital for you to make your resolutions with a plan! If this is the year you’ll find the love of your life, you need to figure out every step that will take you to him/her! So get out your pens, paper, and calendar and get that plan of action created right now!

  • What will you do in the first week of January?
  • What will you in the second week?
  • What action steps will you have completed by the time you get to March…?!

Knowing you have a clear structure in place will help you to fly through every challenge you face with ease.

Destiny / Expression Number 5

You express yourself best through movement and variety.

You need a few different ways to express your gifts – too much of the same thing and this Numerology gets easily bored and has the urge to escape! Because of this, your resolutions need to keep you interested. Instead of setting a whole range of different goals for the year (as you may be tempted to) try setting one, and breaking it down into bite-sized chunks. So if your goal is to get fit and lose weight, give yourself 5 different ways to do this. Instead of just joining the gym, become part of a running team, get a yoga DVD, start walking to work, take a spinning class AND download an app for daily motivation!

This isn’t to give you more to do, it’s to give you more variety.

Destiny / Expression Number 6

You express yourself best holding space for others.

Your Numerology makes you incredibly caring but you don’t always offer this same level of love and appreciation to yourself, so for you, you must plan for resolution relapse! It’s impossible not to get derailed and slip up – It happens to us all, but it will hit you the hardest unless you realize that setbacks are a natural part of self-improvement. In fact, they are a vital part of the process, and every time you get back up and carry on, you’re developing resilience.

It may serve you to weave into your New Year resolution a kind of “get out clause”. Permission to have one day off a week, or a fortnight, as an act of self-love and compassion.

Destiny / Expression Number 7

You express yourself best through searching for understanding.

You Numerology means you need to be figuring out the answers and making sense of the world around you, so you need more than words on a page to motivate you to keep those resolutions! It’s vital for you to know what it’s all for, and to see the end goal, so visualization is key. What will it look like when your resolution comes true? What will it feel like? Who will you have become?

You could enter into meditation, pondering on these questions to see what comes up, or try making a vision board to represent your realized resolution ideas!

Destiny / Expression Number 8

You express yourself best when you’re achieving something.

This Numerology means you can easily sense and express the innate power you possess and succeed at whatever you set your mind to. So it isn’t hard for you to keep your resolutions. What is hard, is keeping them for the right reasons. Before you set your New Year resolutions, dig deep, and find your core reasons for making them.

  • Do you want that new job because it will make you happier, and suit your skillset?
  • Is it because you want more money?
  • Is it because it’s what your family expects of you?

There are no wrong reasons, but pinpointing them will give you a clearer insight into your motives and help you to gauge when you’ve achieved them. And if you can’t find a proper reason, then perhaps it’s not a resolution you should be making and you’d be much better served putting your energy into something else.

Destiny / Expression Number 9

You express yourself best by serving humanity.

This Numerology gives you an innate understanding of human nature, which means you thrive when offering your insight to others, helping to uplift and upgrade their experiences of life. You have an expansive perspective, which means that it will really help you to be very specific when setting resolutions for yourself.
If you know you need more rest, don’t aim to “go to bed earlier”, set a resolution to be in bed at 9:30 pm every night. If you want to improve your relationship, set out practical ways to you can do it, every single day!

Destiny / Expression Number 11

You express yourself best through your spirituality.

This Master Number gives you a strong, clear connection to the spiritual realms. So whatever you do creates a powerful ripple effect through the energetic planes of reality, affecting the people around you. Because of this, you can often be quite ungrounded. So for you to keep to your resolutions, it’s vital that you reward yourself!

Create benchmarks for yourself (these could be a set number of days you’ve kept your resolutions for or a set number of things achieved) and when you reach them, resolve to give yourself a proper treat, like concert tickets, high tea, a new pair of shoes…

Expression / Destiny Number 22

You express yourself best when you’re creating new worlds.

You thrive when your visions are being realized, so it’s important for you to see change happening around you. Because of this, you can use your environment to seriously support your Ney Year resolutions! When you have set your intention for what you want to achieve, consider the changes you need to make to your external world – the trick is to make it MORE comfortable for yourself to keep the resolution, than to stick to your old ways!

So, if you have a new healthy eating plan, throw out anything that will tempt you away from it and stock up with new supplies instead. If you’re planning to spend less time on social media, delete those apps from your phone!

Destiny / Expression Number 33

You express yourself best when you’re expressing yourself creatively, in ways that serve the greater good.
This powerful Master Number gives you incredible creative talents, so if you can be using these skills to keep those resolutions, you’re SO much more likely to keep them long-term! So for that healthy-eating plan to succeed, make daily food prep an expressive art!

If you can involve some form of caring, generous service, then changing habits will feel good too. So if you plan for better self-care, why not get your family involved and create a mini spa day together, so that everyone’s well-being gets a boost?

Now it’s your turn!

What is your Expression Number? And what resolutions are you setting for 2018?

Share below, and sow the first seeds for a brand new you!