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Welcome to our podcast, the Cosmic Current. This is your go-to podcast for weekly and monthly numerology and astrology forecasts. Featuring our most respected and loved columnists, you’ll always be on top of all the major cosmic events.

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#51: 3 Essential Steps To Make Your Dreams A Reality This Month

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11:11 ILLUMINATES NOVEMBER! The astrology and numerology for this month is all about building your dreams! In Numerology, 2018 is an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8 = 11). This is the…

#50: November 2018’s Paradigm Shifting Numerology

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This month is going to be CRAZY powerful! It is a DOUBLE 11, adding down to the Master Number 22! Holy cannoli! In this video you are going to learn:…

#49: Libra New Moon Forecast

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A fabulous LIBRA New Moon on October 8 (Oct 9 Universal Time) enhances romance and financial well-being. Venus, ruler of Libra, is currently retrograde, encouraging you to bring your life energetically into…

#48: October 2018 Numerology Forecast: It’s Time to Reveal Your TRUE Self!

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Welcome to October, a 3 Universal Month of heightened creativity, self-expression and POWERFUL communication! In this video forecast learn: What makes this month PROFOUNDLY powerful The two things that the…


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Welcome the amazing Aries Full Moon on September 24 (Americas) / 25 (Universal Time)! This powerful lunation forms two conjunctions, one each with the Sun and Moon! The Moon in…


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Welcome the VIRGO New Moon on Sunday, September 9 -  9.9! This spectacular lunation opens the 11:11 Portal and a triple 2:2:2 code… attracting peace, prosperity and powerful new beginnings.…