The Cosmic Current

Welcome to our podcast, the Cosmic Current. This is your go-to podcast for weekly and monthly numerology and astrology forecasts. Featuring our most respected and loved columnists, you’ll always be on top of all the major cosmic events.

Our Most Recent Episodes

#43: Leo New Moon Wealth Forecast

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A stunning 11:11 Solar ECLIPSE in Leo on August 11, 2018 triggers a powerful Finger of God pointing directly at the Sun and Moon! During any solar eclipse you’re letting go. Something…

#42: August 2018 Numerology Forecast: A New Reality Is Here

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What I’m about to share with you is going to help make August a month of thrilling, life-changing new beginnings. Now… I know you thought you were ready for this new beginning…

#41: August 2018 Astrology and Numerology Forecast

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THANK HEAVENS FOR AUGUST! Last month’s energy was INTENSE! Was it not? We’re still steeped in eclipse season, so there’s some intensity in the air. Yet, you’ll be happy to…

#40: Sagittarius New Moon Wealth Forecast

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A positively infused FULL MOON in Sagittarius on May 29 brings opportunities for fortunate expansion into your life. Sagittarius full moons are always welcome, since Jupiter, the planet of joy,…

#39: Taurus New Moon Wealth Forecast

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A wonderful Taurus NEW Moon blesses us with magic and alchemy on May 15. This New Moon is especially powerful, since Uranus moves into Taurus the SAME day, which hasn't…

#38: May 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast

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Love is in the air – and so is change. New possibilities abound. In numerology, May 2018 is a 16/7 Universal Month (5 + 2+ 0+1+8 = 16). This vibration…