What is Divination?

There is this timeless search that drives all of us… to feel vital, to feel fulfilled, to feel like we are fully living. It is the force that drives most of us. This longing feeds our passion, and our pain. It fuels our goals, and our shortcomings. This is the search for purpose and meaning in every day moments, and in the big picture of life as a whole.

There is no answer for how to fully live life, or how to find your purpose. But I can share with you a few keys of wisdom that seem to hold true. These are little morsels of insight for traveling the path of life, and feeding your spirit.

1. Be Fluid

We tend to force, and push and manipulate life into something that it just isn’t. We long for one thing, and then chase another. We declare one truth, and push another. There are all these dualities and contradictions that we hold as foundations on the path toward our potential. But when they are misguided they are nothing more than hurdles.

Let yourself be fluid. Move with life. Don’t struggle against things. Jewel said… nature has a funny way of breaking what does not bend. There is so much wisdom in that line. When you are rigid, holding tightly to all the things you think you know, you lose track of the magic of spontaneity. That’s where power comes from.

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2. Keep It Simple

When you let the seeds of the Universe bloom and grow, and you just acknowledge their beauty, whether they are dark or light… you grow as well. You become part of this beautiful tapestry… and all you have to do is be you! Life is that simple.

Subtext is what makes life seem difficult. You meet someone, you fall in love, you grow and change. You are built up and then torn down. When the time comes for this love affair to end you hang on relentlessly because you think this person is “the one”.

3. Embrace Spontaneity

In that very moment you have lost power. You have lost your ability to dance with the Universe, you have lost the beauty of spontaneity, and you have just made things harder than they have to be. When really all you need to do is dance, move, dance and be fluid!

Believe me… I know it feels much more difficult than that. I have felt the burn of love, and loss. I have been hurt, left behind, betrayed, let down, disappointed, lied to… haven’t we all? We just have to stop in that moment, getting real with ourselves for a second, and say… It doesn’t have to be this way.

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4. Feed Your Well-being, Not Your Darkness

Struggling does not have to be chronic. Life’s pains do not have to be never-ending. Yes, you will feel defeated. You will feel like hell for a day, a week, maybe even a year. Who’s to say how long? That isn’t the important part. The important part is that you stay in motion. Constantly reaching for the light. For the next thing that builds you up, and feeds your spirit.

I’ve found that so many of us (hey I am guilty too) spend so much time feeding our addictions, and darkness, rather than feeding our wellbeing. That just leaves you lonelier and more broken that before. If you are hurting, don’t reach for the object of your pain. If you are lonely, don’t sleep with loneliness. Choose your point of power, ask yourself:

Is this going to feed my wellbeing?
Is this going to get me closer to my potential?
Is this rhythmic?

I try to work from a daily affirmation, “I see and honor the light within you, and you see an honor the light within me.” This is the meaning of the word Namaste. If we affirm that we see the light, that wee see the good, and the potential in all things… then that reflect back to us because life is a mirror.

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5. Life Is Your Mirror

All people, situations and circumstances are a mirror. They reflect back to us our beliefs, ideas and thoughts about the world, and how we fit into it. I once heard the way you see God, is the way you see yourself. That was such a strange and powerful concept to me. God is the archetype of source… God is divinity. God is life. You are a child of the Universe!

What is your concept of Divinity?
How do you feel the Divine sees you?
What is your connection to the Divine?

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6. See Yourself As Someone Else

Look for your reflection in people and situations. When you are struggling with a facet of yourself find a new perspective. Think of someone whom you look up to greatly, and now imagine them in your situation, dealing with your pain and your struggle.

What is your perspective of them in this situation?
What advice would you give to this person?
Now how does this apply to you?

It is much easier to remain neutral and objective about your situation when you see it in the context of someone else. The goal of doing this is to realize you are gorgeous, vibrant, a living spirit, and you are also human… you don’t have to see your life as tragic, broken or filled with mistakes. Those are the jewels that decorate your crown of Divinity, and they are your teachers on the path toward purpose.

Gather yourself… gather all your craziness, gather all your worries, your regrets… gather your dreams… wrap your arms around them, kiss them, hug them, make love to them. Look at them with eyes of wonder and appreciate them. These are your friends, your mentors.

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7. Experiment & Explore

Living life in motion, allows you to live life on purpose. You find grace, and beauty. The things that limit you are the things you should move away from. Be fluid moving in and out of situations… good or bad. Check your motive, align with your intentions, and listen to your spirit.

Which of these 7 methods resonates with you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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