Happy September everyone! We are in the last few months of the year, now. Here is a Tarot and Oracle reading for all of us, to help us to navigate the energies ahead…

Messages from the Tarot:

Message One:

  • 4 of Wands
  • Knight of Cups
  • 4 of Pentacles

Message Two:

  • Lovers
  • King of Swords
  • 8 of Wands

A People In Transition

The first message that came through for all of us in this reading is that we have been collectively moving from one foundation and way of being to another.

We have focused on a sense of security and stability (including material stability), and we may have even tried to have a sense of control because we feared not having these things. This way of being can make us rigid, and even stuck.

Yet we have been transitioning to another way of beingwith an emphasis on emotions and following our hearts. The hearts of the collective are ablaze, and this burst of fire brings change. Again, we are moving from one foundation to another. This influence is bringing many of us from a state of stuckness to freedom.

Our message here is to encourage this transition, especially this month. We may be seeing this influence not only in our personal lives, but in the world.

An Important Choice Ahead

The second message that came through is that some of us may be faced with a choice this month.

We may experience a lot going on; a lot of movement, communication and even change (there’s that fire again!). And some of us may receive some news.

It is important for us to maintain centeredness and clarity of thinking in making decisions, especially if any changes or opportunities come up this month.

It is also very important for us to stay in touch with our truth, when making these choices. You could ask: What is my aim, in accordance with my higher will?

From The Goddess Oracle Deck:

This particular Goddess Oracle Deck is by Amy Sophia Marashinsky.


Oshun is our goddess guide for September, and her message for us is to be sure to enjoy ourselves this month!

Enjoy Yourself, She Says:

“Oh let me delight you with beauty
so the eye may dance with joy
let me seduce you with scents
so that your nose inhales pleasure
let me tantalize your taste
till your tongue quivers
let me caress you with sound
that makes your ears sing and sing
let me touch your body
with waterfall music
and adorn your beauty with
golden bracelets and honey and perfume
and when all is experienced
when all your senses have been given play
when your spirit from the stars connects in a blissful way
with your body from the earth
then you will know sensuality.”

Enjoy the pleasures of the senses this month, and have a sense of play. As was mentioned in the Tarot reading, we are encouraged to move more towards what makes us feel good, and to where our hearts lead us.

Oshun can be paralleled to Venus, who is also all about desire, and the beautiful, sensual and feel-good things in life.

Her message for us is also to surrender and flow with the mystery. As mentioned before, we are moving away from striving for control and security, and we are encouraged to let ourselves be led, even if things are uncertain.

So these are the message that came through. Thank you so much for reading, and have a great month!


About Ellie Brucia

Ellie Brucia is a tarot & oracle card reader, sound healer and lover of plant magic. She has recently published a plant-based, magical cookbook called “Cooking Up Magic”. Also known as The Mer Priestess, she offers sound healing events in London and tarot readings for clients online and in-person that help to promote spiritual, personal development.

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