Have you ever wondered what your nighttime dreams have to do with the conscious dreams you have for your life?

When I was six years old I told my parents that when I grew up I was going to travel to lots of different countries, meet all kinds of people and have lots of adventures. When they asked how I thought I was going to be able to do that I simply said that I was going to work for a company that would pay me to go all over the world.

Thirty years later I was working for a major pharma company, traveling all over the world, meeting all different kinds of people and fast becoming a true global citizen.

How did my six-year old self know that was what I was going to do?

She dreamt it.



I have always had a deep connection with my dreaming mind. My earliest dreams (when I was three or four years old) were great mosaics of costumed dramas, large in scope and scale.  Like many children my first dreams were past life dreams but by age five I was actively traveling in my dreams, visiting places I was curious about. By the time I got to an amusement park, for example, I would startle my parents by knowing where everything was and what the inside of some of the buildings looked like even though I had never been there or seen any pictures of the park.

While I didn’t know what the Law of Attraction was when I was a child, I intuitively understood the power of belief, feeling and energy. As an adult, I work with the Law of Attraction and my nighttime dreams to manifest my dearest career goals.

Know that you are working with the Law of Attraction all the time.

You are manifesting your vibrational truth every moment but you may not consciously realize why you are manifesting what you are.

And working with the Law of Attraction doesn’t mean sitting and focusing on something for hours at a time.  In fact Esther Hicks, speaking as Abraham is quoted as saying that “when you focus for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within you, (the) Law of Attraction begins responding to that vibration, and you’re off and running–whether it’s something wanted or unwanted — (1)

And that is where your nighttime dreams can help. If what you are manifesting is unwanted, then you can harness the power of your dreaming mind to gently and even powerfully move you along towards your deeply desired career goals.

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One of my long-term career goals has always been to write. I write poetry, non-fiction, fiction – you name it – I’ll write it! But my more specific goal was to write a book that a publisher would pick up. So I started working with my conscious intentions, picturing a book with a dark blue cover and myself signing a contract with a publisher. I felt the happiness of that moment, kept my thoughts affirming that reality and then added in working with my dreams at night to bring my desire to ground.

After about four months of consistent daily practice, I was contacted by a small publisher and asked to write a book about the Law of Attraction and Dreams. I hadn’t specified what type of book or even what it was about when I worked with my conscious and dreaming mind on my intentions so I guess the universe took what I was doing and gave me a topic for my book that I was living on a daily basis.

I ended up writing my book, The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary (Adams Media, 2010) and when I saw the first draft of the cover that my editor sent there was my dark blue color on the cover. Today I still work with the steps I outlined in that book to harness the power of my dreaming mind for my newest career goals.

Your dreams can bring you into alignment with your waking desires.


All that exists begins in the desire of creation. Think of a beautiful painting. For that painting to come into being the artist had to first have the desire to paint, then have the idea (the thoughts) for the subject and visualize and feel the creation he wants to bring into being.  Through those steps he generates the vibration that pulls in the manifestation of his vision.

Artist Paul Gaugin worked with his dreams and often came up with the subjects for his paintings in his dreams.

1. So the first step is to acknowledge yourself as the artisan of your most important creation – YOU.

2. The second step is to be CLEAR about what it is you desire.

Learning to manifest is a process of trial and error – it is a skill like any other skill – and to master it you have to be willing to continue to refine the process.

Here’s a career example from a client of mine that I shared in the book:

Tom wanted a job in advertising that would allow him to use his creative writing skills on projects that would benefit the green-consciousness of the planet. He did the steps to visualize himself working on advertising copy for green businesses and saw himself being congratulated for his innovative and successful ideas.

Almost immediately Tom got an interview with a company that worked with green businesses. After the interview he realized he didn’t feel comfortable about the working environment so added clearer details about the physical working environment he wanted.

His next interview was much better but he realized that the company didn’t have a belief in open collaboration and that was very important to him. So he again refined his vision.

By his fifth interview he was really clear about everything he wanted to manifest and found his match.

Realize mastering the Law of Attraction is an iterative process.



You have within you an enormous power to co-create your most deeply desired career with the Divine Mind. But in order to do that you need to become aware of any subconscious blocks or beliefs. And that is where the power of your dreaming mind comes in.

Nowhere do you have greater access to your subconscious than within your dreaming mind. And do not underestimate the importance of becoming aware of subconscious thoughts (or beliefs) that run counter to what it is you want for your life.

In the book, The “Unknown” Reality, Jane Roberts and Robert Butts talk about how dreams literally shift the chemical balances in the physical body and that the same thing happens with thoughts. Every thought is a vibration of energy and has an effect that flows into your unique resonance in the world.

Your vibrational signature – your field of energy – contains your thoughts and emotions, even the ones hidden to your conscious mind.

So here is how to work with your nighttime dreams to aid in the manifestation of a career goal:

1. Get yourself a dream journal and keep it by your bed with a pen so it is ready to record your dreams as you awaken. Just this simple practice lets your subconscious know that remembering your dreams is important to you.

2. Before you go to bed and as you are getting ready to fall asleep, take a moment to visualize your desired career goal.

3. While you are visualizing your goal (and remember to feel the excitement of the result), ask to be given dreams about your goal. You are asking your soul-self, Divine Mind or the universe – however you perceive that part of you that is connected to the All That Is.

4. Mentally ask to be shown any unconscious blocks that might be preventing you from realizing the manifestation of your goal. Ask to have any interfering beliefs or feelings revealed.

5. Give yourself a suggestion that you will easily recall your dreams. You can say an affirmation like: “I easily remember my dreams.” Or, if you usually don’t remember your dreams, just say “I am open to the possibility of remembering my dreams.”

6. Express gratitude for the help you are about to receive.

When you wake up with a dream in your consciousness jot down any images, words, colors or actions that you can remember.



The language of spirit is symbolic and the language of the subconscious and the Dreaming Mind is symbolic so realize that your dreams are speaking to you through symbolism. Consider anyone in the dream an aspect of you. Note the emotions. In the dream state you are most likely to find out if you have fears that are blocking what it is you want.

It is not possible in a blog post to go into interpreting dreams. Just know that if you stay with the steps above and make it a daily practice you will definitely receive the information you want.

If you are consistent in traveling the spiritual bridge forged with the subconscious through your dreams, you can unlock the mysteries of your deepest soul-self and see your life unfold before you.

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So, what do you think your dreams are trying to tell you? Let us know in the comments below!