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tearAs an empathic person you have been given a gift, a type of navigation system that will help direct and guide you on your life path. Your natural state of being is harmony. Every step that you take, every person, and situation is meant to be a step toward self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment isn’t always easy to attain when you are being inundated be a million thoughts, feelings and ideas… which is what most people are experiencing in our fast pace world. Being empathic contributes yet another layer to the chaos because you are highly sensitive, susceptible to the things that are swirling through the atmosphere.

Learning to protect yourself throughout daily life will allow you to utilize your gift, rather than be handicapped by it. Many tools are at your disposal to help you not only protect yourself, but to activate the subtle energies around you for change.

yellowUsing Crystals As Tools For Change & Spiritual Healing

One of my favorite tools for change, and spiritual manifestation are crystals. Crystals are seeds of energy. They emit a very specific frequency that can be utilized for your personal good. Imagine for a second that you are a blazing corona of light. This is your aura.

Your aura is the intricate system of energy that surrounds your physical body; it is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences.  Throughout your life you are telling an energetic story, and the aura is the factory that produces that unique story.

Crystals have a powerful way of integrating with the aura, thus adding to your web of energy, charging and filling it with a specific intention. When used properly a crystal will help to create needed changes in the texture, consistency, and overall vibration of the aura. Which will actually reflect into your outer reality, your energetic story!

blueWhy Are Crystals Useful For Empaths

Because when you activate different crystal essences into your aura you fortify and charge it with whatever vibration seems to be lacking, or needed for your wellbeing. It is a simple process really, you can even think of crystal energy as a type of energetic supplement.

Thousands of crystals, gems, minerals and metals exist in the world, all of which have a specific vibration. Each one has a way of working with you individually. Not everyone vibrates with each crystal in the same way. Sometimes you will even feel a connection to one crystal, and later find that it doesn’t work for you.

Trust in your feelings when working with these seeds of energy. Your higher self knows what is best for you. Just as you can feel the thoughts and intentions of other people, you can also tune into the feeling pattern of a crystal. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and go deep into its center. Ask for its permission. Feel whatever it has to offer you.

greenGrounding & Reconnecting With The Earth

Grounding is essential for the empathic person. To ground your energy is to reconnect with the earth, the solidity of the planet, and bring yourself back into your body. When you ground yourself, you are reclaiming your space in your body, in your spirit, and in the Universe.

Overwhelming feelings will be sloughed off, and carried away when you ground yourself. Think of the intense energy around you like lightening, when you use a grounding crystal, it acts as a lightening rod.

redAchieving Emotional Balance

One common trait of the empathic person is emotional fluctuation. Constant contact with people, and unfamiliar situations will overwhelm the sense, flooding the energy bodies with too much information to process. Often this results in pain, addiction, depression, and emotional instability. Many empaths struggle with keeping their composure, and regulating their true feelings.

Stones that offer emotional balance buffer energetic baggage when caught in the storm of emotions. Feeling chaotic can seem like a natural state for the empath, but in fact it is not. Grounding will help to bring emotional equilibrium, but working with stones, and intentions for emotional balance will help to sustain this natural state of wellbeing.

Be good to yourself, empath… the world isn’t always gentle, do not add to the pain and chaos that is being inflicted on you. You are a powerful, beautiful being of light. Link into this idea, affirm it, and add it to your intention. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, your being to irradiate the negativity around you.

I spoke to a client recently who met with the Dali Lama. She said while she was in his presence for felt an extreme feeling of peace. Nothing could pull her from that moment. Worries, and fear seemed to dissipate; she was grounded in that moment. After her encounter she said she felt a new sense of peace, and in many ways she felt transformed.

This is exactly what happens when you raise your vibration. When you work with energies, crystals or otherwise, you bring your vibration up, and just as certain bacteria cannot exist in heat, negativity cannot exist in the high vibrations of love, gratitude, and spiritual good.

clearGiving Yourself Energetic Protection

Recall the image of yourself as a blazing corona of light and color. You are energy. Though not everyone can see this energy, they can sense it on some level. When someone says, you are in my bubble… they are saying, you are in my energy felid. This can feel violating to the empath. People can seem to trample on your energy, accosting you, and pushing you out of yourself.

Just like a moth is drawn to a flame, negative people, needy people, will be attracted to the light of a strong aura. The empath is naturally open to all energies. Stray and unwelcomed things will be attracted to this openness. Essentially you are bleeding out energy when you are not aware of your personal spiritual space.

Energetic protection is of the utmost importance for all people, especially the empath. In fact, I think spiritual cleansing, and protection is the most important spiritual practice. When you protect your energy, you are reclaiming it. You are asserting yourself, creating healthy boundaries, and keeping unwanted energies at bay.

Daily life will afford you many opportunities for deeply personal encounters, unfortunately when you are extremely open it can be debilitating. Many unwarranted interactions will take place, robbing you of your goodness, and leaving you feeling completely out of sorts. Protect your aura, and you will feel so vital and alive.

purpleHow To Make A Crystal Kit For Empaths

Here are a few common crystals that I have found beneficial for empaths. This is a running list. You can add to it. Experience for yourself the effects, and go from there. Sometimes one crystal is all you need, or a collection of a few crystals. Be very clear about what you are working on when using crystals. You do not want to muddle your energy by working with too many vibrations.


Amber is a honey colored stone, that is actually the fossilized resin of trees. It comes in deep shades of red, buttery yellow, and orange. It feels light to the touch, almost as if it were made of plastic. Amber is a healing stone; it soothes our emotions, mends our broken spots, and most importantly grounds us deep into our roots.


Amethyst comes in many shades of purple, deep grape, to lilac. This purple stone is easy and inviting to work with. It acts as an energetic vacuum, pulling into its center unwanted energies. When working with amethyst energy you will strengthen the aura with subtle vitality. Amethyst activates your third-eye giving your intuitive clarity. Clarity allows the empath to avoid depleting situations, and guide you to uplifting alternatives.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline typically grows as a rich black pillar, with a raw, grooved texture. Black tourmaline resembles a shinny coal. The dark color, and energetic pattern of black tourmaline acts as a filter through which all outside energies are processed. This stone will make you feel grounded, centered, and completely sustained.


Citrine is the yellow, rainbow filled stone that I call, The Path Opener. This crystal is an essential in my tool kit. Citrine does not hold negative energy. It eradicates negativity, and charges the aura with high vibrations that will attract good people, and good opportunities. I have found that citrine helps to cut through the baggage, and get to the heart of wellbeing. Working with this stone will help you befriend your highest good.


Pyrite, or commonly called fools gold. Pyrite looks like a gritty cluster of pale gold metal. It has a cool surface to the touch, and is much more brittle than gold metal. Pyrite loves to be in the sunlight, and should be left in a windowsill to charge and activate its energy. Pyrite is a stone that helps to move through the layers, pulling out and transmuting stagnant and unintentional energy. When activated, pyrite will utilize this energy to create a protective barrier. For the empath this will feel like being zipped up safely in a bubble of protection.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a soft pink color, and usually appears in rough chunks, or tumbled. Empaths who are seeking emotional balance should work with rose quartz because it soothes, and harmonizes the heart-center. Emotional healing, and security will result from working with rose quartz, and in times of trauma, and turmoil this stone will have a tranquil effect.


Selenite is a delicate mineral that appears as a soft white, or transparent tower, horn or wand. Selenite is used to balance out the aura by running it around the body, as if you are dusting yourself off. Because this is a delicate mineral you should work with selenite when you are feeling uplifted, or when working with other stones that help to balance your state of being. I always feel a profound sense of peace when I hold selenite. Do not get selenite wet because it will dissolve.

blue tearUtilizing Crystal Power

Ways to use crystals are as unique, and varied as the variety available. Again, trust your spirit when working with crystals.

What do they inspire you to do with them?

Simply holding a crystal will activate its energy in your aura. Always befriend the crystal, moving into its awareness as a humble guest. Do not tell the crystal what to do, respect it, and ask for its help.

Keeping a crystal collection in your sacred space is a wonderful way to benefit from their energy. I like to make little crystal altars around my space, clustering together crystals and stones that seem to like one another. They will call to you to touch them, or inspire you to move them around.

Keeping them near your bedside will help to integrate their energy into your awareness because as you sleep, you are open to higher vibrations. Sleeping helps to let down your walls of fear and resistance to good. I keep crystals tucked under my pillows so as I sleep I can hold them.

One of the oldest, and most practical forms of shifting, infusing and activating the aura is through water. Soaking for 15 minutes is a warm bath of sea salt will draw out impurities in the energy bodies, and release worn-out patterns from the aura. You can enhance this process by dropping in a few key crystals. This will infuse the water with the vibration of the stone, and in turn infuse the aura.

Water is a neutral vibration. It has a unique makeup that allows it to take on whatever it is infused with. This is the key principal behind Bach flower essences, and the many forms of holy water. When you concentrate on good over a glass of water, you manipulate its make up to mirror that intention. Adding to this glass of water a few clean crystals will help to enhance its vibration.

You can add crystals to your drinking water, or use it as a base for preparing foods, soups and smoothies. You can wash or mist your self with these crystal essence waters.

When working with crystals and stones in water use only stones that can handle water. A few safe options are rose quartz, citrine, and amethyst. Clear quartz is also a good option, as it infuses anything with pure energy and will reflect whatever intention is set upon it.

Carrying crystals with you, especially in intense situations will help to sustain a positive state of being. You can wear crystals in jewelry, tucked in pockets, undergarments and even worn in pouches around the neck.

Many shamanic traditions utilize the medicine bag, which is a small bag of natural fiber, or leather that holds within it power items. I like to think of a medicine bag as a movable altar, and a concentrated intention. Anything that has energetic value to you will help to define your safe space, and enhance your well-being.

Get Started

For now, I suggest working with one crystal at a time to see how you feel. Slowly add a few crystals into the mix, but never doing more than 3 or 4 different crystals at a time. Once you have begun working with crystals you will find your own relationship with them, and how to best use their power.

I want you to embrace your gift as an empath. Do not let this make you feel depleted, or victimized. The world has good in it, there is just a lot of baggage and chaos that has been created from unaware manifestation. Use these tools, and you will feel empowered, sustained and capable to move through life. These are only suggestions… find what feels right to you because after all this whole thing is about honoring your feelings.

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