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I was born into a family of sensitive people. Caretakers, creatives, psychics, healers, people who love and honor the earth, and moonlight. Thankfully I grew up in an environment that understood my sensitive nature. I was raised in a family that cultivated, nurtured and honored these gifts of empathy, and psychic awareness. Which was a blessing as it allowed me to honor myself, rather than pushing me deeper into a place of self-ridicule and numbing.

We live in a culture that seems to have no place for sensitives. In older times there was a respect for the shamans, healers, spiritualist, and those that walked between worlds. But somewhere along the way logic become king, and anything that deviated from the logical became taboo.

A Universal Shift Is Underway

how to be an empathThankfully there has been a shift in this mindset. Empathy can manifest in a million different ways. With this cosmic shift people have begun to open up again, heralding in a new age of young, and older people who are learning to honor and use this sensitivity.

These people are trailblazing a path. They are helping to reclaim this intrinsic connection to the subtle world… rather than letting it be a burden, it is being venerated as a gift. We can see this in the rise of alternative medicine, the creative arts, and the apparent need to trust our intuition.

As a child there were many words being thrown around ADHAD, indigo child, etc. All of which were an attempt to describe what I was, and what a million other children in the early 90s were going through. Though it didn’t begin then… we are the children of an older generation of senstiives, who never had the chance to fully grow in all their spiritual light. But we are coming out of the dark.

This conversation about empaths, and empathy has grown into a mainstream topic. Much of the anxiety, depression, addiction and anguish we are experiencing as a society, is actually the product of unaware emapths. It is the result of being psychically open, without ever knowing, or having the chance to know the truth. But I think we have had enough… we are calling it like we see it!

Hello world, I am an empath. Say it loud and proud.

What Is An Empath

Empaths are highly attuned, very sensitive people. These are the people who are creative, artistic, intuitive, and very feeling. Often times we are labeled as too sensitive, overly emotional, or out of balance. But empaths are vibrationally attuned to what is happening around them. They are open to the unseen world.

You can call this what you want… psychic, spiritual, artistic, and intuitive. It is all the same thing. All of these experiences are a manifestation of the same gift. As everything is energy, and vibration, the empath is like a fine-tuned radio… picking up, processing and experiencing everything that is floating through the atmosphere. Which is what make this gift, turn quickly into a burden.

Finding Your Element

The mermaid is the archetype of the empath. The mermaid is a beautiful creature, unique to her element, and in that element she grows, thrives, and is revered… take her out of the sacred space of the waters and she will flounder, even die. Many empaths have felt that pain… ripped from the fluid nature of home, placed into the harsh conditions of the “real world”.

Emapths are sensitive. That sensitivity will manifest in different ways. You may find as an empath you are ridiculed for being too sensitive, overly emotional, too feeling. You are sensitive to people, places, and situations. One negative mood will throw you into pure chaos because it disrupts the delicate nature of your being.

This is why most empaths are labeled as depressed. They battle with addiction, social anxiety, and weight gain. All of which are an attempt to numb the pain of feeling, though that never really works because in the pursuit for relief you are destroying yourself.

How To Create An Environment For Your Spirit To Thrive In

thriving as an empathCreating a suitable environment for your empathic nature is essential for survival. As an empath you are working on a different level, constantly being inundated by thoughts, feelings and energy. The violent nature of the world, and all that is cycling through it will completely drain your lifeline, and warp you into something less than vital.

In order to process these high energies we need to retreat. Empaths are introverts. They gain their composure, recharge their batteries, and find clarity in solitude. Creating sacred space is essential for those of us who are extremely sensitive. Retreating into the healing atmosphere of sacred space allows you to ground, center, and disentangle from everything that is being thrown at you.

Creating sacred space is a priority as an empath. Finding a place, and time to reclaim your energy and build healthy boundaries will allow you to function, and thrive in your daily life. Cutting yourself off from reality is not an option, but learning to build your world, within the big world will allow you to find your center.

Sacred space can come in any form that feels right to you. This can be a physical space, or a mental space…or both. You are the center of sacred space. Tap into your creative, and imaginative nature, here you will find unlimited possibilities for connecting with your center.

Creating Your Sacred Space

Carve out a corner in your home where you can create your space for mediation, silent reflection, and prayer. Place an altar in this corner, or a warm blanket. Read here, write here, talk to Spirit, and connect with the Universe. Let your inner turmoil unwind. Ideally your whole home is your sacred space.

I feel sacred when I sit on my antique sofa, curled up with a good cup of sage tea, and my journal. Or when I play the piano, and sing for hours. Sometimes I will create a very intentional sacred space. An old rosewood table, adorned with a white candle, a picture of the goddess, and a sage smudge. For hours I will sit with myself, falling under the spell of the candle light, going through the levels of feeling, purging and affirming. I will burn sage, letting the smoke lift all the pain, and impurities from my energy bodies.

Find what works for you!

Set Boundaries And Stick To Them

Be honest with yourself about what you can, and cannot handle. Empathic people have adverse affects to stimulants. This comes in the form of alcohol, drugs, overly energetic crowds, and high energy. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need to toughen up… yes, try to function in the world. Don’t disconnect from reality, but honor yourself.

Set parameters for what works and doesn’t work. Maybe you have to be at a social occasion, have an escape route. Drive yourself. Have someone waiting to pick you up. Set a curfew for yourself. 2-3 hours of social interaction are enough, leave when you are spent, go home and sleep it off.

Stay grounded in daily life. Most people have to work in a high-energy job, form retail, to office work. You are constantly interacting with people, people who have different emotions, and perspectives. Throw an empath into that mix, and you have extreme ups and downs. You can function in this environment with a few extra precautions.

Take breaks when you can! Go for a walk outside, take in some fresh air. Retreat to the bathroom for a few minutes. Wear your headphones and listen to uplifting music. Eat lunch alone a few days a week. This will allow you to reclaim your energy in a work environment.

Eat grounding foods throughout the day. Empaths have a tendency to overeat because they want to numb themselves, but on a deeper level they are working to ground and protect their energy. Root vegetables, nuts and bread are good grounding foods. I like to keep almonds with me as a snack. Drinking fresh juice is also very helpful.

Set an intention for the day. Affirm to yourself what type of experience you will have. In setting an intention you have a clear boundary, you know what you will, and will not do. Learning to say “no” is one of the most important ways to set and intention, and one of the hardest things for the empath to do.

Saying no is a way of controlling your energy. If you are prone to say yes based on guilt, and feeling like a person really needs you…then stop for a moment and evaluate how this will feed into your wellbeing. Is this a good choice for you? Is it feeding your spirit? Is it depleting your spirit?

Maybe suggest that you need time to think about it. Often as an empath we become overwhelmed by being put on the spot, so we blurt out anything that will get us out of the situation quickly. Which results in a negative commitment. Saying no is not a bad thing, and you are not being mean… or selfish!

We Are All Empathic


On some level we are all empathic. It is our truest nature to be spiritually attuned. Some of us tend to be more empathic than others, which is what we are addressing here. Often these are the people who are more right-brained, introverted. Some people are natural empaths who have suppressed their true nature through circumstance, mostly as a means of survival.

Never fear this gift! Being empathic can be a blessing. It is a rewarding to learn to use your empathic abilities as it enhances your connection to the people and situations around you. You may find you are already in a field that allows you to use your empathic abilities: creatives, artists, caretakers, teachers, and spiritual workers. But this gift can be used in any circumstance.

I have only touched on what can be said about being empathic. I hope this gives you validation that you are not alone, and you do not have to be in pain. Try these techniques, follow your spirit, and reach out to those that can help you!

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:



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