Let’s talk disappointment.

This Angel Message Reading will help you hone in on exactly what are you disappointed about. It will show you how you can personally heal disappointment in your life and, if you can’t pinpoint why you feel the way you do, it will help you discover where is that vibration coming from in the first place.

So, let’s take a look at the disappointment in your life… Focus on that vibration as you select a card. Place your hands over your heart, just like angel wings, and invite your angels to guide you to message 1, 2 or 3 … a message it comes from their heart to yours.

You can also move your cursor along to a place in the video where you intuitively feel it’s time to stop and right there is an extra special message for you from your angels.

For this reading, I’m using Aura Soma cards. I love to use these cards…  there’s 116 of them and while they’re not angel cards there is a vibration of the angelic crown within them.


Message #1

The Christ

aura soma angel cards the christPinThe Christ appears in the regular Tarot as Ten of Swords. With that card, there’s a feeling of an end of a cycle… you’re coming to the end of a cycle and that sword vibration is about your thoughts, your ideas and your beliefs.

With The Christ, you can see, on this card, all that light moving up through the center. The red symbolizes blood but also feminine energy and the white is the energy of the masculine vibration coming through. Both these energies represent love and they come together in this card to make pink, which is unconditional love.

Your message, if you picked this card, is essentially that… source of your disappointment comes from an energy of love. I feel your message is that you can be a little bit of a victim or you can feel like you’ve been a victim. It could also be that you haven’t received what you wanted to receive and so there’s a sense of ‘poor me’ that comes with this. You might not feel all of this, but there might be little pieces of it that resonate with you.

It could even be a family member that is taking on this energy and you’re pulling it in because you’re sensitive to it and you’re feeling that energy coming in as part of your life.

The Christ vibration is asking you to rise to a new level, to rise up to realize that you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for others. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for a particular idea. It’s time for you to see things from a different perspective and move on from whatever it is you’ve been holding on to… it could be a belief or a pattern that isn’t serving you anymore.

Jesus had The Christ energy, so you can call on the master Jesus or, with the Archangel vibrations  (pink to me is Archangel Chamuel and the love vibration), call on that Archangel to support you to help you to guide you at this moment.

There’s also a sense of letting go of the physical things and coming into the spiritual place of centering yourself in your spirituality and what is true for you. Know you don’t have to take on the energy of people around you. It may be time for you to start looking at what your true beliefs are, not something you’ve picked up from other people.


Message #2

The chariotaura soma angel cards the chariotPin

This one in Aura Soma would be yellow and green.

The chariot is ruled by Cancer and the Moon, so you would be affected by a luna vibration. The luna vibration could really move the emotions up and down, just like the oceans of the of the planet, ebbing and flowing.

It may be that with disappointment particularly, you feel fabulous and all of a sudden you feel totally down in the dumps or disappointed.

I feel there’s almost a sense of betrayal. You might feel sometimes like you’ve been betrayed or you haven’t gotten what you most wanted. You may say to the Divine, “What Happened? Why didn’t I get this? I prayed, I’ve done everything right. I’ve done the Law of Attraction. I’ve done this, I’ve done that and I’ve been a good person. Still, I haven’t received. Still, I haven’t gotten what my heart desires.”  Well, this card is saying that you need to stay strong, even if you feel you’ve been betrayed by Spirit or by somebody else around you.

Now it’s time for forgiveness. Of them and of yourself.

There should also be a realization that you are in charge now. When you look at this image, it’s black and white, and also yellow and green. The green and the yellow are about decision-making… yellow is the mind, green is the heart. Now it’s time to put those two together and make decisions, in a black and white, matter of fact manner. Think, what do you want most for your life?

This card is not just about moving forward, it’s not just about being balanced. This message is very much about recognizing that you were already successful. Recognizing that you already have achieved so much and even if you haven’t achieved everything that you want to, you have time.

And that is the main message here. Don’t give up! Keep on going. Have a plan. You’re going to be okay!


Message #3

7 of Pentaclesaura soma angel cards -7 of pentaclesPin

The colors blue and orange appear on this card and these are both expressive colors …blue is the throat chakra, orange is the Sacral Center.

The Sacral Center is about fun,  joy, play, sexuality and about eating things that you really bring you a lot of joy, like chocolate or other yummy treats. It’s a wonderful, sensual vibration.

Since the orange and the blue are very much about your expression, the appearance of the clown indicates that you may be making light of something. Are you disappointed about a particular event, experience or person, but you’re making light of it by making a joke or being sarcastic? There’s a sense that this is telling you, it’s time for you to come into your truth.

It’s important to feel your emotions, express your emotions, connect with them, acknowledge them. Because when we don’t, life tends to go around in circles which is all being led by this stuck emotion. So it’s important to move that energy out.

So ask yourself, where are you making light in your in your life, where are you making a joke or pushing away the emotion? It’s time to feel it. It’s time to connect to it. It’s time to express it!

I feel like the last message is,  it’s time to take the mask off! It’s time to give yourself forgiveness. Do you have any shame that you need to let go of? Letting go of that energy will let you move into a beautiful expression of the truth of who you are.

Please let me know in the comments below, did your message resonate with you? Tell me how you’re going to use your message to help disappointment in your life.