Live intentionallyPinIntuition is the pathway to your inner world; it allows you to make better decisions and live more authentically. Think about intuition as your built-in navigation system. Learning to connect with your intuitive self will empower you to tell your energetic story, which is what affects your success, happiness, and attraction.

But how do you do this? It needn’t be difficult or scary. It just takes some self-love and commitment. So for today, I want to share with you 7 things you can bring into your life to empower your energetic story and increase your intuition.

Lets begin with intention! Intention is the foundation for your energetic story: this shifts you from being asleep, to being conscious about the life you are manifesting. When you are clear about what you want, and what you need, your intuition can point you in the right direction.

Before going into any situation ask yourself this simple question:

living intentionallyPin1. Does this feed my spirit, or does this deplete my spirit?

Telling your energetic story is as simple as that! Be clear about what builds you up, and what tears you down. What empowers you, and what weakens you.

Begin to ask yourself:

Where am I losing power?

This is where your intuition can kick in! It fills in the blanks, connects the dots, and brings clarity. You have to give yourself a space to listen, or your intuition will never be able to speak to you. These questions create that dialogue.

Every situation you put yourself in should be rooted in the intention that you are going to feed your spirit. That is the first stone you should lay. From there you begin to build more, becoming clear, and more focused on what you want.

Here’s an example that I think most of you have faced:

You are feeling unhealthy. You are feeling lethargic, and disconnected from your body. This has trickled into the all the areas of your life, and now you feel unable to connect with people, to focus on work, and to propel yourself forward into new goals and ideas.

So stop for a second to ask yourself:

Is my current lifestyle feeding my spirit?

The answer is no. You are eating food that is harsh on your system, and not nourishing your needs. You are not spending any time moving your body, and learning to listen to her unique language. You are not treating yourself to rest and relaxation, especially when you are feeling under the weather.

We all know this feeling far too well! Every one of us at some time or another has pushed ourselves to do things knowing that they are not helping us feel better, feel ample and expansive!

So begin to shift your intention! As you go through the grocery store ask yourself:

Will this nourish my body, and also feed my spirit?

In that moment stop for just a moment and acknowledge what you are feeling.

⇾ What sensations are in your body?
⇾ What part of you smiled?
⇾ What part of you frowned?
⇾ What did your gut say?
⇾ What did your head say?
⇾ What did your heart say?

Listen to this. Don’t judge. Don’t filter. Don’t read into it. Just be with that information. Be in the moment. And listen.

This is when your intuition will rock your world, and tell you what you need!

You can do this with any situation. With work, with love, with friendships, when you are purchasing something, or when you have to make a major decision. Ask yourself questions, and listen to the answers. Feel the answers.

Create a practice for yourself to open up to your intuition, and get closer to telling a more authentic energetic story. This is the key to all the things you are wanting in your life… and it is so simple!

2. Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You

When you move your body you begin a relationship of trust! Every person’s body works in a different way. It has a different swagger, a different rhythm. This is one facet of your intuitive language.

You are made of many layers of energy called, the Aura. These energetic layers are the accumulation of your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world… this is basically your energetic story at work!

The things you give power and energy to manipulate the aura. As your energy begins to shift and change, things grow denser and denser until it manifest as physical conditions in the body. This is your higher self-talking to your “lower” self. Listen to your body. Listen to All the different aches and pains.

Have you recently had a cold?

Or some other aliment that came on out of nowhere?

I lost my voice after a long period of stress and hard work. I fought it for a bit, because I am a talker! But the moment I surrendered to my body everything changed for the better. I honored it as my body’s way of saying… be still and silent.

Honor your ailments and illnesses because they are giving you a message.

meditatePin3. Spend Some Time Moving

Do you exercise? Exercise can be a wonderful tool for bringing the body and mind into unison. Yoga is my number one way to connect my body, mind and spirit! Yoga is a built in physical exercise and meditation.

Try doing a 10-minute yoga session every morning.

To really become clear about your intention, and to allow your intuition to properly guide you, you must make time for stillness. Stillness is a way to purge mental, emotional and energetic clutter, and get to the true voice that is inside of you.

In stillness and silence your mind chatter can disentangle. You cannot hear your intuition if your head is filled with a bunch of loud and unimportant voices.

We find ourselves unable hear our intuition because we have more demanding voices running through our heads. Our intuition is often subtle. It is gentle, and it doesn’t want to fight. We want to befriend the true voice, and let go of the false, yet very loud voice!

If you’ve never done any yoga before, there are tons of wonderful videos online as well as beginners’ classes everywhere!

4. Aim For Stillness Through Meditation

Try some form of meditation 10 minutes a day for a week!

There is a misconception that meditation is clearing your mind. NO. Meditation is allowing your mind to unravel, and just being an observer. You can meditate while you walk. While you shower. While you do the dishes.

wake upPin5. Sleep

It’s important to also take time for rest, and relaxation… and more importantly SLEEP!! Yes, sleep will help you connect with your intuition. The more rested you are, the more sleep you allow yourself to have, the more you begin to problem solve and connect with your intuition.

Intuition has a hard time penetrating our psyche when we are overly fatigued and foggy. When you get your 8 hours you are helping yourself in the long run!

And remember… your intention is to feed your spirit!! Nothing builds me up like a nice day of rest!

6. Eat Healthy, Blessed Food

Something that is often neglected is our eating habits! What you put into your body penetrates all the layers of your being. Put good food into your body, and you will feel good on all levels. When you eat processed, junky food you are dulling your energetic receptors and creating stagnant energy.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a health snob. Actually it is more about learning to eat what is right for you body, and paying attention to the energy being put into the food.

Have you ever had a big hearty bowl of soup made by your grandma… and though it was probably fattening… it made you feel so healed and at peace. Well, it was made with love! Like actual, soul-level, love! And that good energy goes into your system, and integrates itself. It manifests as good feelings, and good health.

So eat healthy, and blessed food!

7. Keep Hydrated

Don’t forget to drink lots of water! Water is one of the best things you can ingest to connect with your intuition. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fresh, spring water. Get your 8 glasses… or whatever amount they say is healthy now!

Water is an energetic conductor; it helps energy travel through your body. Which allows all of the parts of you to communicate openly. This will allow you to sense and experience intuitive impressions.


As I follow each of these steps in my spiritual practice I see myself growing as a person, and a spiritual being. Everyday I get closer to the things that empower me, which allows me to make my life a sacred space…which is really the heart of everything.

Life is all about learning to dance, grow, experience, and DANCE! Take this information and find your way of using it. It will connect you to your intuition, and allow you to live more intentionally!