5 Simple, Beautiful Ways To Spiritually Cleanse Yourself & Your Home

spiritual cleansingSpiritual cleansing is a subject that I have always found absolutely fascinating. As we are all energy, vibrating at different rates and frequencies, being able to understand and use this energy to our advantage is a powerful tool. Because you are made of energy, and constantly interacting with energy… you begin to take on different energetic attachments and influences that can be negative, or positive.

This is often why people report suddenly being in a bad mood, or feeling lethargic or drained out of nowhere. You may also feel as if something is following you or simply uneasy around an old object, or in an unfamiliar setting. There is stray energy wandering around, interacting with you, attaching itself to you, and trying to integrate into your energy field.

What Is Negative Or Stray Energy?

This can be as simple as a stray thought form that has outstayed its welcome. Or a bigger issue, such as an entity that is trying to attach itself to you! Now, before you get too freaked out that you are being watched and followed… let me assure you that most things that are floating around in the ether are not spirits trying to get you!

Most of the time the “dark cloud”, “curse”, “streak of bad luck”, or “demon” hanging on a person is really the unruly energies of thoughts, emotions and ideas that are worn-out and need to be cleared away! These things accumulate like dust in your energy field, and if you don’t shake them off, and rejuvenate yourself from time to time you will feel the very real strain of having too much energetic trash!

Just like cleaning your house of dust and dirt, or your body… you must also focus on the spiritual levels of your wellbeing! To put it simply, you need to spiritually cleanse yourself so that you are vibrant, shining, and refreshed! Spiritual cleansing is basically banishing, casting off, and clearing away any unnecessary, unintentional, and unwelcome energy that may have accumulated around you, in your energy field, and in your home.


When Should You Spiritually Cleanse?

It is best to spiritually cleanse at least once a month, preferably once a week! Or even a few times a week. You should use spiritual cleansing in heavy situations, such as:

⬡ After a break-up
⬡ After the loss of someone
⬡ After a major fight
⬡ After and during an illness
⬡ When you you’ve had a heated and emotional argument
⬡ When you are feeling “off”, anxious or depressed
⬡ When you’re not sleeping well or having nightmares.

And if If you bring something foreign into your home you should always cleanse it! Other times you may want to do a personal cleansing is when you are feeling drained by others, or if you’ve spent time in major public places. Think about all the astral sludge that exist in train stations and on public transport!

There are many, many beautiful techniques to spiritual cleanse yourself, or your space. I have listed 5 practical ways that will give you results, and can fit into many different situations, and lifestyles!

5 Practical Ways To Spiritually Cleanse Yourself In Any Situation

wreath1Sage Smudging

Fumigation is one of the simplest and most effective forms of spiritual cleansing. This lifts the negative or stray energetic debris creating a fresh and balanced aura.

Light your smudge and begin wafting the smoke around whatever object you are cleansing or yourself if you are performing a self-cleansing. Allow the smoke to encompass the object.

You can also perform this simple ritual in your home by wafting smoke into corners, closets, doorways and windows. Make sure you allow smoke to creep into the dark places. Remember, if it collects dust, then it collects stray energy!

I recommend doing this weekly or when you are feeling under the weather or need to clear the air! This should also be performed anytime you bring a new object into your life or if you move into a new space.

I have learned over the years that doing a simple smudging session when I am feeling under the weather actually speeds up my healing process.

When I smudge myself I will often take a sheet, or large tapestry and create a tent, leaving room for myself to breathe, and I will actually allow the smoke to waft into the tent, filling it, and cleansing my aura.

wreath2Rose Water

Sometimes you just need a gentle lift in the atmosphere. Authentic rose water in an atomizer can bring about so many wonderful changes in the energy and texture of a persons aura, or the environment… not to mention it smells amazing!

Rose water is soothing. It envelops the energy in the area, and transmutes it into a lovely, delicate vibration that is conducive to peace and positive thinking. I like to mist my space before a reading. I also mist myself in the morning before my day begins to “lift my spirit” and at key times throughout the day. I keep a bottle in my bag at all times because it works that well for me!

Rose water creates a magnetic aura that attracts loving vibrations, positive energy, and healing. When you mist yourself you raise your vibration and surround yourself in a beautiful glowing light that pulls positive people toward you. It also helps you to communicate effectively by helping to increase your empathy and allowing you to remain protected.

Authentic rose water is the hydrosol by-product from distilled rose petals in the process of creating rose essential oil. It has such a lovely smell and it is great for your skin. It can be added to foods and drinks to infuse a delicious floral flavor!

Rose water has become such an essential part of my spiritual practice. I use it to bless objects, such as crystals, candles or things that from thrift stores. This is a great way to clear the object, and to give it a nice spark of magic! Simply spray the objects, or wash them in the rosewater.

Another beautiful exercise you can do with Rose Water is to mist your pillow before going to sleep to help you drift off peacefully, but also to clear your dreaming space for only good, uplifting things to come through. The rose hydrosol works in a way that transmutes the energy, and makes, what I like to call, sacred space!

wreath3Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is what I call a psychic vacuum. It absorbs negative energy, sucking it up and holding it.

You will need at least one amethyst crystal per room or space you are working in. If there is an area that tends to feel especially “off” or tense then you may wish to add more than one amethyst crystal or one crystal for yourself if this is a personal cleansing, not a space cleansing.

You will need to run the amethyst crystals under cold water for a few seconds. This washes away built up energy within the crystal.

Then, hold the crystals in your hands to activate them. All you need to do is cup your hands around the crystals and with eyes closed, envision them acting like a vacuum, sucking all negative energy out of the atmosphere and allowing only positive, light energy to remain!

Now place a crystal in a secure place within each room you are cleansing. You could put them in corners, inside vases, in the fruit bowl on the counter, on shelves or on display. Once placed, the crystals filter the energies that hang in the atmosphere of the room, allowing only positive energy to remain. This is very affective!

Remember you must always empty the vacuum! Every few weeks gather the crystals and repeat the first three steps again. It’s important to clear away any energy that they’ve “vacuumed” up! You may want to do this more frequently if the energy is feeling especially chaotic or after a dramatic event in the space.

For a personal cleansing you can follow the first few steps (cleansing and activating the crystal). Then with the amethyst held in-hand, rub it along your body as if you were washing off with a bar of soap. This will allow the crystal to absorb any negative or stagnant energy lingering within your aura.

Do this as often as you like! After you’ve “vacuumed off”, run the crystal under cold water and store it in a safe place until your next session.

This is also wonderful to use on children, and pets if you are working on them energetically. I find that the amethyst is really calming. The crystal works in a very gentle way, but yielding big results!

wreath4Sea Salt Bath

Sea salt is one of the oldest tools of spiritual cleansing, and using it in a bath is very common! A spiritual bath is a wonderful way to lighten your aura, and release negativity because bathes are a powerful way to rinse off psychic debris, especially when combined with other ingredients. .

Run a bath of hot water and add to it a cup of sea salt. I like to use pink sea salt. Salt draws out negative energy. You can add a cup of vinegar or lemon juice to help dissolve negative/stray energy.

Now you can enter the bath. Close your eyes take deep cleansing breaths. Let your mind be lulled into a state of peace. The steam of the water will work through your system loosening and dissipating heavy energies. The salt water will absorb and neutralize attachments in your aura.

At this time visualize the process of your energy going from dull and dirty, to luminous. See yourself beginning to glow like the Moon emerging from the clouds. You are being renewed. You are being reborn.

The more powerful your intention, the more powerful the effect.

While you are soaking sing, pray, sip tea, light candles, and meditate. See yourself bathing in liquid light. Enjoy the process.

Make sure to submerge your entire body, including your head. (Do not use soap or any other body product… this is strictly a spiritual bath).

wreath5White Light

Spiritual protection is a form of “sealing” the aura so that good energies stay in, and unwanted energies stay out. This will disentangle your energy from that of other people, and stop you from taking on the mood of others and keeping you from being drained.

Basic visualization is all you need for this exercise. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and allow yourself to get to a place of ease. Begin by seeing a waterfall of pure, white light flowing from the Universe and encompassing whatever you are spiritually protecting.

The white light will create a spiritual force field around the object of your visualization. I recommend doing this as often as possible. You should begin each day by spiritually protecting yourself.

Put up your white light before meetings, if you are meeting with someone particularly cantankerous, or when you are on edge.

Running white light through yourself, or an object will actually cleanse the aura, and offer a layer of protection.


Use these techniques one by one, or in combination. They are all very useful, and some will work better for you than others. Their practicality makes them a wonderful tool to have that you can use daily. Remember that you are always telling an energetic story, and that energetic story dictates the direction of your life. When you spiritual cleanse yourself, you release attachments that tend to alter and redirect your life path without you realizing it. This is a great step toward consciously manifesting the life you want!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with spiritual cleansing. Drop me a comment below and share your tips and stories!

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at: ShaheenMiroInsights.com.

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