We all need time for self-care. But in our busy lives, who has the time?! Well, sometimes, the Universe herself makes sure the skies are clear and the only thing you need to focus on is you…

Today is one of those days…

Sometimes when we begin a new spiritual practice, there’s a tendency to get lost in the beauty of it and we find ourselves a little “spacey” or talking too much about our practice and even sharing details better left kept private. We must remember our ethical responsibility not to share the life experiences of those with whom we work, not only because privacy is their right, but because we tend to “dilute” the healing process and, as we have studied, conservation of energy is paramount to any healing process.

There are times that stress plays a role in our spiritual education. There may be times where sensations in the body feel curious to us, as various energies begin to mature in their vibration. It is exceptionally important for us to anchor this energy so it can continue to support us rather than disperse in “idle chatter” or unclear thinking patterns, etc. We all get unfocused at times, so grounding is important in a general sense, but it is especially necessary for us to get to know how to handle the healing energies that pass from the angelic realm through us to others. For maximal transmission, we need a solid base to redirect the potent healing energy, so that means connecting to the Earth.

If you feel yourself in an unfamiliar environment or you simply find it difficult to concentrate, try these helpful grounding techniques to anchor your experience in love.

1. Breathing

Pretty much every spiritual practice lesson starts with a solid deep breath. It’s reasonable then that we could extend that breath into several rounds of breathing, thereby more fully relaxing the body and mind to prepare for the coming spiritual activity. From child birth to shamanism or just a walk in the park, breathing is the perfect accompaniment.

Deep breathing (diaphragmatic breathing) contracts the diaphragm, a muscle located horizontally between the thoracic and abdominal cavities. Also known scientifically as eupnea, all mammals experience this natural and relaxed breathing form. Eupnea occurs in mammals whenever they are in a state of relaxation, that is, when there is no clear and present danger in their environment. And that’s what we’re going for, utmost chill!

There are sundry breathing styles to choose from and for this article the focus remains on a noted grounding technique for the mind and body before yoga, in fact, it is part of the Truhl Khor yogic practice. Tibetan Buddhist “nine breathings of purification” or the “Ninefold Expulsion of Stale Vital Energy” is a form of alternate nostril breathing.

Simply explained, the practitioner breathes in light three times and breathes out the toxins three times. The traditional practices are image specific, though a generalized “in with the pure; out with the impure” will do.

Sit in a comfortable posture though make the effort to open the heart by slowly moving the shoulder backward. If the legs are slightly lower than the torso, this will have a naturally spine-straightening effect on the body. Adjust to find the balance and fully relax the diaphragm.

Three reps of three breaths: in with the pure light of love and out with the impure toxins. This simple grounding technique is especially effective and can be done anywhere, anytime! Except maybe during a free dive in Dahab. Common sense, people ;)

2. Yoga

One of the oldest spiritual practices for body and mind, yoga offers very specific postures that connect us to the Earth element; we suggest the following few to best ground kinetic energy:

When your thoughts or behaviours prevent you from feeling secure in your day, simply take-five and sit down. Commonly known as the Butterfly Pose, Baddha Konasana offers us a great hip-opening position that corrects our posture, therefore relaxing the lower back and shoulders simultaneously, connecting our higher mind with our physical base.

We recommend thinking about the Earth, or a large boulder, connect with it on a deep level. You’ll immediately feel the benefits of slowing the mind and grounding your energy to Mother Earth.

Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

Bring your arms up and strike a simple lunge pose. You can at once feel the energetic antenna running through your fingertips into the Earth with a solid anchor, ready for anything.

This pose opens the thoracic (chest) region, perfect for taking a few deep breaths and letting all the heightened sensations move naturally downwards. Keep the earthly elements in mind, rooting your inner core into the ground as a tree would—feel the immediate stability of your mind.

Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

The familiar Shavasana or Corpse Pose is by far the quickest route to grounding the body to the Earth. The point is to let go of labelling energy as one definitive thing, and allow the magnetism of the Earth open to your natural connection to it. See the Earth supporting you rather than you lying on it, this shift in perception will create an immediate grounding effect.


Writing down the sensations you experience can also act as a grounding technique. The act of writing focuses the mind in a different way than visualisation. Thoughts are also energy, and grounding them from ink (or pencil!) to paper by writing them down gives an interesting perspective that we may find we have yet to explore. The simple action of writing takes us out of our habitual levels of energy, directing them down and out. Who knows? Maybe a short story or novel will develop ☺

Keep writing until you begin to notice a difference in your energy level, relaxation is the common result of this practice.

Crystal Healing

It is natural to have an affinity for stones and crystals, and every age has honoured them in their own way; certainly royalty is no stranger to the beautiful precious stones the Earth provides.

In healing circles, minerals and stones have particularly effective vibrations and, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, can augment any healing practice one chooses to explore. A few techniques include “charging” the crystals (magnifying their healing properties) under glass and copper pyramid shapes, the full moon, burrows in special places on the Earth, etc. Afterwards the stones are used to align energy centres in the body, more commonly known as chakras.

In keeping with our grounding Techniques them, focusing on the first two chakras will have a grounding effect on the entire energetic system.

First or Root Chakra

To strengthen your root chakra automatically grounds the human form.

Grounding techniques for this chakra include:

  • using red and black crystals such as hematite, red garnet, red jasper, smoky quartz, or black onyx;
  • putting the attention of the mind on the area centripetally to a physical radius up to 1.5 meters around the base of the spine, including its center;
  • picturing your healing sigil in the root chakra’s core position, with the goal to cultivate and connect to the quality most associated with the root chakra: TRUST.

Second or Sacral Chakra

Grounding sacral chakra energy provides motivation. To ground this energy center try:

  • using carnelian, orange calcite, sunstone, or tiger’s eye;
  • putting the attention of the mind on the area centripetally to a physical radius up to 1.5 meters around the navel, including its center;
  • picturing your healing sigil in the sacral chakra’s core position, with the goal to cultivate and connect to the quality most associated with the sacral chakra: SEXUALITY & CREATIVITY.

What grounding techniques do you use to help your spiritual practice? Please share yours below!