innner artistePinDo you think you’re a creative person?

Or are you one of those people who think you “can’t draw a straight line without a ruler?”

When you hear the word ‘creativity’ what comes to mind?  Do you think of a famous writer or actress or perhaps an image of Van Gogh floods your inner vision, missing ear and all?

I’ll bet very few of you think of looking in the mirror to find that creative person.

Yet, that’s exactly the right place to begin the search!

You are born into this world as a creative being; each one of you is unique, original and non-repeatable.  For some of you that originality might get stamped into conformity by well-meaning parents and teachers. If so, you can grow up with images of self that reflect others’ hopes and dreams instead of your own.

No matter what your history or your age, it is always possible to embrace a new definition of self, one that includes your true creative nature.

Creativity is to the spirit what a spark is to a flame. It is essential if you want to live with your fullest expression – if you want to have work that is meaningful and satisfying; and if you want the ability to step into different expressions of self at work and at home as you grow in life.

But how do you strike that spark and let your light shine for all to see?

Creativity is not something granted to a precious few but rather an inherent gift given to all.  In your very originality lies your path to a truly happy and fulfilling life.

So how can you recapture that easy originality; that sense of self that keeps your dreams alive and changing?

You have to connect with your inner artiste and here are three simple tips to do just that!

3 Simple Ways To Let Your Creativity Shine

  1. Next time you stand in front of your mirror, take a really good look and welcome in your creative soul. Look deeply into your own eyes and say, ‘I am an infinitely creative person.’  You are, you know.  All you need do is claim it.
  1. As a daily ritual, sit down with a blank piece of paper in front of you and take a pencil or pen and sketch. It doesn’t matter what you choose to sketch or whether you sketch from memory or from your sight-line.  Focus clearly on a scene or an object and just sketch.  Forget any thoughts you may have about whether you can do it or not.  Just do it.  And do it every day.
  1. Keep an idea journal. You most likely are flooded with creative impulses throughout the day yet you might tend to just let those thoughts drift through your consciousness and move on.  Set aside a special book in which to jot down those little gems and watch your creativity grow and flourish.

It’s that easy!

Let your imagination and inspiration flow and you’ll be amazed how your ideas about yourself and what you are capable of will change.

You are that true original so begin to claim your uniquely creative place upon the world stage, and, in the process, bestow the great blessing of your creative gifts on those around you.