Making Natural Christmas WreathPinHere at Numerologist, our main aim is to support you on your journey into alignment with your highest path. We know that not only will this bring you true joy, happiness, and fulfillment, but it’s what the world needs from you too!

What we also care about, a lot is doing this consciously. It’s becoming increasingly important, especially for us folks in the west, that our actions don’t hurt the Earth, but instead serve to heal her. A lot of harm has been done in the last thousand years, and it’s time to repair the damage.

So as the holiday season peaks and the big day draws ever closer, we wanted to share with you our top tips for an exceptionally green, environmentally-friendly and conscious, but still awesomely indulgent Christmas!

1. Smile!

Every exchange is an opportunity to spread some cheer, and boost someone’s day.

2. Be present

Resist rushing to make everything ‘look’ perfect, sit down and be fully present with the experience of the holiday, as it is, right now.

3. Choose a real tree

Consider how and where it’s been grown, and how it made it’s way to you. Try to get one from a sustainable grower, where trees have to be grown according to strict guidelines, covering everything from sustainably cultivated seeds to local wildlife protection. You could also choose a live tree with roots so that it can be replanted, or keep a ‘pet’ tree in a pot in your garden, bringing it in each Christmas, to join the festivities – the ultimate sustainable Christmas tree! (Our tree ‘Prickly” is in his 5th year of being part of our family!)

4. Spend locally

Support local producers, traders, and artisans when making festive purchases. It is often easier to simply buy what you need online or from the bigger stores, but it is SO much more enjoyable, interesting and rewarding for all involved (not to mention eco-friendly) to make the time and effort to spend your money locally. And when you’re done shopping, remember to…

5. Pack all your goods into re-usable shopping bags

… or re-use plastic bags you already own.

6. Ensure any electronics you buy or gift are energy-efficient

Need lights for the Christmas tree? Make sure they’re LED.

7. Buy hard-wearing and durable gifts

Avoid giving or requesting gifts that rely on disposable parts like batteries, or gifts which will lose their appeal or usefulness very quickly.

And if you must …

8. Consider the types of batteries that the gifts you give (and receive) will require

Batteries contain toxic chemicals, don’t biodegrade and are very difficult to recycle. As an alternative, use rechargeable batteries. You could even give rechargeable batteries and a charger as part of a gift. Or ask yourself, do you even have to buy gifts?

9. Consider giving an “experience”

Examples include cinema tickets, memberships or charity sponsorships like protecting an area of rainforest, or a species of endangered animal. WWF offers some fantastic ideas.

10 Give the gift of time

Create some vouchers of your own, and offer to babysit, give a massage, an hour of your time helping out with paperwork, laundry, or whatever else is needed. In out time-strapped society, these kinds of gestures could be the perfect gift!

11. Make (or buy) upcycled decorations

Raid the recycling bin and make your own eco-friendly decorations from old CDs, or the metallic inside of juice cartons (this can also be a fun and creative way to spend time together with your kids!) There are SO many inspiring blogs out there to look at for ideas on how to reuse waste materials and avoid bringing more plastic into your home. Or buy fairly traded and ethically sourced items (bonus points if locally made too!) Or alternatively…

12. Decorate your home with naturally sourced pieces

 Take a walk in the woods and see what you can find. Pine cones painted with (eco-friendly) glitter make a great alternative to plastic baubles. Holly, ivy and other evergreens can make perfect table centerpieces too.

13. Choose earth-friendly candles

 Candles made from beeswax, soy or natural vegetable-based wax are so much better for your health and for the planet than paraffin candles (made from a byproduct of the petrochemical industry). This is because they are more sustainable and biodegrade, as well as being smoke-free.

14. Buy your fruit and vegetables lose and say no to plastic packaging

The environmental impact of single-use-plastic has been huge in the media this year, so do your bit. Otherwise, ensure packaging is compostable.

15. Buy drinks in fewer bigger bottles rather than lots of small ones

One large bottle generates less waste than several smaller ones combined. Drink filtered tap water instead of from single-use water bottles. If you’re entertaining over the holiday, avoid serving people with paper or plastic plates, cups, and cutlery, most of which will go straight into landfill.

16. Compost the organic waste from your festive cooking

This reduces landfill and re-introduces valuable nutrients back into the ground – it’s the ultimate no-waste green activity.

17. Reduce waste by sending e-cards for Christmas…

and donate the money saved to a good cause. If every American sent just one card less, over 50,000 cubic yards of paper would be saved from landfill!

18. Be sure to separate and recycle…

all the cards, packaging, wrapping and decorating materials generated over the holiday season, and save and pack away anything of that could be re-used for next year!

19. Turn your phone off

Offer your real, undivided attention to the people around you.

20. Give gratitude for everything you have

There is always somebody who has less than you.


So what are you be doing this Christmas?
How are you ensuring that this is your most conscious Christmas ever?!
Share your top tips with the Numerologist community in the comments below.

Wishing you a blessed (and exceptionally eco-friendly) time!