november 11 master numberPinWelcome to your Number 2 month with a bang! In terms of Numerology, November is of course a number 2 energy, (seen when we add our current global year 9, to the 11 month=2). However, some respect needs to be given to the fact that 11 is a master number and so this dynamic surge is due to show up in the global vibrations now.

Deeper Meaning Behind the 11

Did Guy Fawkes know about the meanings behind the number 11? Maybe he did, because it’s a little odd that he chose this time of year to attempt to blow up the houses of parliament. The double 1’s herald spiritual awakening and demand that the truth be laid bare. They represent the two pillars of light, and when the seeker stands between them, they will be given the gift of insight.

This number has been associated with truth seeking, and has allegedly been connected, or used by powerful groups such as the illuminati and free masons. The fireworks we send up into the sky represent this light and can open us up to the wonder and joy that is associated with lofty awareness and a soaring spirit. The 11 number is the most bubbly and outgoing number, and certainly doesn’t want to be kept in a dark, quiet corner. Ironically, this creates a numerological paradox, because the number 2, which is important during the next few weeks, is just your regular wallflower. How on earth can a number 2 and a number 11 find balance? Easy, through sensitivity.

Even though the double energy is outward and has a desire to take charge and the single digit wants peace and connection with others, they both agree on peace. So, there may be some ups and downs, some highs or lows, and even some boom and busts this month, as you negotiate the different type of energies arriving and falling. Harmony is what matters most over the next four weeks.

How Can the Month of November Benefit You?

november 2016 numerology master numberPinWhen things turn dark, (especially as we have witnessed with the change in clocks in the UK), you need to amp up the inner light. This is like stoking up your fire when it gets cold, or boosting your self-esteem when it gets low. It’s an opportunity for you to make deeper connections, inside yourself, and with others.

Whether you prepare to get your dazzling party shoes on, or order takeout and snuggle with the ones you love, you can still inhabit the type of inner peace and acceptance that these numbers want you to get in touch with. Ultimately, this phase is a time for people.

You may want to consider your relationships now and spend time nurturing them or even igniting them. Equally you may get a chance to offer support, advice or wisdom to people who seek you out. You may even find some interesting new avenues of inspiration or insight during your networking pursuits this month. Motivation can be a key theme to these numbers, so get yourself into the swing of something that feels good.

Here are some tips for making the most of the next few weeks:

  • Get sparkling on the inside or outside
  • Try to consider the people around you
  • Allow your natural diplomat to arise
  • Consider what makes you peaceful
  • Be patient
  • Be open to the mystical or mysterious
  • Remember vulnerability is authenticity
  • Don’t be afraid to see beneath the surface
  • Look for the middle road

When you set the skies on fire in that urgent, dramatic and buoyant 11 energy, please use a dollop of the number 2, careful, kind, and attentive behaviour. Have fun, but be cautious with your kids, animals and perhaps even more importantly, those inner children!

Enjoy your month of November! Feel free to leave any comments below.