Ghosts, goblins, mummies… oh my!

Halloween is a tradition that goes back to the traditional Celtic holiday of Samhain. And although the traditional Samhain celebrations looked a lot different than the way we celebrate today… most of our modern-day Halloween practices are rooted in tradition. 

Traditionally, it’s believed that on October 31st the veil separating the world of the living, from the world of the dead, is at it’s thinnest. Meaning ghosts and spirits are free to cross the barrier and wander amongst us… 

And on this day of blurred worlds,  you’re bound to notice your strange, dark, and spooky side coming out to play. 

Your life path number reveals who you truly are, right down to the core. It can help you understand your traits, characteristics, your destiny, and… your Halloween Archetype?

Get ready, because things are about to get weird. 


Okay, okay, before we can get to the fun part, you first need to figure out your life path number! It’s calculated by reducing the sum of your birth date to a signal number. And it’s done in 4 steps:

#1 – Reduce the day to a single-digit

#2 – Reduce the month to a single-digit

#3 – Reduce the year to a single-digit

#4 – Add those numbers together, and reduce that to a single-digit!


Here’s an example for you…

DECEMBER 19, 1948

December is the 12th month: 1 + 2 = 3


The day of birth is 19: 1 + 9 = 10

Which is reduced down to a one-digit number:  1 + 0 = 1


The year of birth is 1948. Add all four numbers together: 1 + 9 + 4 + 8 = 22

Continue adding until you get a one-digit number:  2 + 2 = 4


We now add the resulting single digits.

Month = 3          Day = 1              Year = 4

3 + 1 + 4 = 8


The Life Path number is 8.


Got it your number? Great! Now let’s have some fun…

Life Path Number 1

Your Halloween Archetype is the Grim Reaper, and no you don’t walk around killing everybody. You are a natural-born leader… fueled with individualistic motives, impressive creativity, and you thrive off independence. Where you lead, people will follow (they don’t exactly have a choice though, do they?)


Life Path Number 2

Your Halloween Archetype is the Ghost, but we see you! You have a special talent for listening, being diplomatic, and extremely persuasive! Because of this, people often look to you for advice or mediation of an argument. Family is everything to you… so much so that you just might stick around in the afterlife… Boo!


Life Path Number 3

Your Halloween Archetype is the Clown… You’re straight-up fun to be around!  A natural-born entertainer, you thrive off performing, spreading joy, and throwing great parties. But you can’t always hide behind that million-dollar smile, deep down we all know that you’re highly emotional and deeply sensitive in nature. 


Life Path Number 4

Your Halloween Archetype is the Werewolf, you’re the leader of your family’s pack. You’re solid, reliable, slightly stubborn, and maybe a little blunt at times. But hey, without you, the pack wouldn’t be as strong. And lucky you, there’s a Blue Moon this Halloween… ahhhh-oooo


Life Path Number 5

Your Halloween Archetype is the Devil, you’re not here to play by anyone’s rules! You love a good adventure, a dirty joke, and the freedom that constant change provides. Sure, you might be a bit mischievous at times… but really you’re just living your life to the fullest. And let’s be honest, we all envy that from time to time!


Life Path Number 6

Your Halloween Archetype is the Goblin, and we love that you love your family so much. Caring for your family gives you an overwhelming sense of purpose and joy in life, and you’re extremely nurturing in nature. But it’s not always rainbows and sunshine with you… If you’re not happy, then no one is, and your fairy nature can turn dark in a hurry. 


Life Path Number 7

Your Halloween Archetype is the Witch (or warlock!) You’re highly intuitive and analytical in nature, but also strongly connected to the spiritual. You’re charming and witty, and a very good judge of character. You prefer a life away from the hustle and bustle (dare we say a hut in the woods would perfect?), where you can be alone with your thoughts and contemplate on the “big picture”…  You might be able to find some answers in that spellbook or bubbling cauldron…


Life Path Number 8

Your Halloween Archetype is the Vampire, and you mean business. Power and manipulation come easy to you, and appearances are everything. You know what you want, how to get it, and you’re very good at executing the plan. A master of money, power, control, and authority… you’re here to make your mark on the world (literally.) 


Life Path Number 9

Your Halloween Archetype is the Mummy. You were the walking dead (before it was cool) and you’re all wrapped up in love. Generous, selfless, trustworthy, and honorable… you’re quite the humanitarian. You’re deeply philosophical in nature, and see the world through a sensitive and emotional lens. You care little for material objects, and instead, you focus all your energy on making the world a better place. We need more mummies in the world. 

Life Path Number 11

Your Halloween Archetype is The Psychic. As the most intuitive of numbers, your natural ability to sense what’s going on behind the scenes, your spooky side comes from the uneasy feeling you give to people when you stare right into their souls! Your brooding, mysterious nature is something you should embrace this All Hallow’s Eve!

Life Path Number 22

Your Halloween Archetype is The Frankenstein Monster! As a little bit of each number, you’re made up of a number of different traits and energies… just like Frankenstein’s Monster. But unlike that poor soul, the mishmash of things that make up ‘you’ is actually a blessing rather than a curse!

What’s your Halloween Archetype? Comment below!

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