On Monday, February 22 we’ll have a wonderful Full Moon in Virgo!

One big message of this Full Moon is to save your precious energy and only use it to manifest your dreams and goals, visions and plans when you feel totally inspired and juiced up from the inside out. 

The Full Moon takes place on a 22 Day in an 11 Universal Month.

Having both Master Numbers 11 and 22 activated at ONCE in Virgo (Moon) and Pisces (Sun) creates a major emphasis on healing, risking it all by listening to your inner voice – and taking the message of manifestation seriously on a daily basis.

With Sun & Neptune in Pisces and Moon & Jupiter in Virgo, the question is….

“What is my Abundance dream?”

And to help fire up your call to abundance, Mercury, ruler of Virgo. is conjunct Venus, planet of beauty, plenty, luxury, love and money! How exciting!

You’re thinking, exploring, feeling out how to manifest your abundance dreams!

Near the end I also share a beautiful meditation that I do every morning. It will help you to juice up your natural joy so you’re OPEN to welcome love, wealth and happiness – in an instant!

Here’s to a wonderful Virgo 11:22 Full Moon!

Love and Abundant Blessings,


P.S. This Full Moon also seeds the powerful message being triggered by March’s Total Solar Eclipse in two weeks. Prepare now, to reap the benefits in March!