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What are the signs to tell the difference between twin flame relationships, soul mates and karmic relationships?

How do you know if your souls were meant to meet? If your hearts have been seeking each other through lifetimes of separation? If you and your partner were born of the same, cosmic soul family?

There’s SO much conflicting information around at the moment, that if you’re in a relationship it can be near impossible to figure out how to define your love … if you even need to!

Love’s love, right?

Well not quite. Because the more deeply you journey into the spiritual realms of love, the more varieties of romantic pairings emerge. And this IS important because different relationships serve different purposes. All relationships are mirrors, and all teach us powerful life lessons. Some reveal hidden pieces of ourselves, bringing up shadow and trauma for healing. Some work to uncover negative traits which can be worked on and transmuted. Some teach us about passion, sex and sensuality. Some relationships take us deep into the past, and into the realms of karmic energy and healing. Some teach us about trust and our spiritual strength, and some lift us up into connection with the divine!

So how do you know what kind of love you’ve got? What are the signs to look out for? (There must be a quiz for that, right!?) The tricky thing is, that so many of the deepest soul connections feel very similar: twin flame relationships can look and feel almost the same as finding a soulmate, but at times a karmic relationship can feel exactly like you’re in the midst of a twin flame affair! How can you tell these soul connections apart!?

Before you take the twin flame relationship test below, let’s have a quick look at what the 4 most common spiritual relationship types actually are…


Twin Flames

Twin flames relationships are intense partnerships with members of your soul family. Twin flames resonate on an equal frequency with you and because of this, you are instantly attracted. But it’s more than this. Your traits, personality, and energetic imprint are tied so tightly to one another’s that your souls feel like twins, you are almost like mirrors of each other. But this means that you show up each other’s flaws, highlighting the shadow and negative feelings that are otherwise, normally kept under wraps. So relationships between twin flames are intense, full of strong emotion and can be very testing. Because of this, sometimes one “twin” is described as the “chaser” if they are ready and willing to embark on the twin flame journey, but the other “twin” is not. Read more about Twin Flames HERE.


Soulmate relationships are also connections between two members of one soul family. These often feel like the “true love” that we see in the movies and begin with magnetic attraction and infatuation. But it’s deeper than that – these people know each other on a soul level. Their energy bodies align and dovetail so perfectly that they can even seem to read each other’s thoughts. The love between soul mates is blissful and feels like an expression of wholeness.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are something quite different. Also, members of the same soul family, these people are two halves of an intense karmic love story. This means they are each here to teach the other person valuable lessons. These often involve deep, ingrained karmic patterns and are the result of many generations of ancestral work, and because of this, the dynamics expressed through karmic relationships will often span lifetimes. These pairings can be challenging, as working with karmic bonds requires a lot of effort, which is the main reason we keep incarnating into lives involving the same karmic partners: it’s hard, and we don’t always succeed and learn our lessons the first time around.


Stuck Relationships

In truth, no relationships are non-spiritual. All love has meaning. But some partnerships get stuck and stop teaching us what we need to learn. Some don’t allow us to grow. Some incubate feelings which can be harmful and discourage our best expressions. But as humans, we can’t or won’t always move on when we should, OR we avoid doing the work inside of current relationships which have the potential to become something divine! Because yes! Even twin flame, soul mate and karmic relationships can sometimes get stuck. In which case, it’s your job to un-stick it.

So which of these spiritual relationship types are you currently in? To find out, scroll down and take our Twin Flame Test! And then, be sure to leave a comment below sharing what you’ve discovered about your romantic relationship…

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