This week’s theme is Slow Down and Wealth.

Welcome to our Weekly Numerology Message.

Which number are you drawn to this week?

84 or 888?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel into each number. Which one holds a special message for you today?

Post the number you picked in the comments below.

Messages for #84 Slow Down


Is life rushing you by?

If you were drawn to #84 the Angels want you to know that it’s time to slow down and take a break. Plan a vacation or take a long week-end getaway. Whatever you do take some time out for yourself and what YOU want to do.

You aren’t a superhero. You have a limited supply of time and energy so you don’t need to be everything to everybody. It’s okay to hit pause and take some time for yourself “guilt-free” to recharge your battery.

Your passion is commendable and your dedication is admirable but not at the expense of your own health and well-being. If you are feeling run down and worn out it’s critical to hear the message from spirit on a whisper and not the shout, because the shout will wipe you out!

So tend to your body before your body breaks down. I have a feeling you know what I’m talking about. ;)

Taking a closer look at our numbers we find…

8 – Manifestation / Abundance
4 – Angels / Passion
8+4=12; 1+2=3 – Ascended Masters / Creativity

84 – Slow down and take your time. Be present and don’t let life pass you by.

Love & Relationships

In terms of love, this number is bringing you a much-needed infusion of energy to THRIVE. The weeds are growing tall in your garden of romance and the Angels want you to know that if you don’t tend to your garden the weeds are going to smother it. If there’s any anger or resentment get it out and clear it up so you can really jump in and nurture this relationship. It has much potential but you have to invest time to reap the benefits.

If you are single it’s time to declutter that baggage. Whether this is junk from past relationships or your parents relationships this #84 is a sign that if you don’t heal and clear this anger, resentment or dischord your life partner will have a very difficult time making a connection with you. Clean out and clear the way so the romance of a lifetime can enter in and you can have the beautiful life you deserve!


I give myself permission to slow down and be present in my life.

Messages for #888 Wealth


Are you living your best life?

If #888 has danced into your life today your angels are want you to know that your hard work has paid off and financial serenity is within reach. There’s a windfall of wealth coming your way whether it’s a hard-earned raise, a bonus or wealth from a different source it is certain to make a huge difference in your life.

Did you know that the number 8 turned sideways is the sign of infinity?

So this #888 has triple the energy of infinity which means there is an infinite, endless wellspring of abundance at your fingertips that comes from God, the Divine source energy. And best of all, we each have our own wellspring – we don’t share this with each other so I’m not taking away from you when I tap into mine and you’re not taking away from me.

Don’t ya love that?!?

Remember, the world is your oyster.

What are you attracting?

If there are things that you have in your experience that you don’t like, choose again. Keep that vibration high by continually focusing on what you want because what you put out comes back to you.

If we dial back the numbers we find…

8 – Manifestation / Abundance
8 – Manifestation / Abundance DOUBLED!
8 – Manifestation / Abundance TRIPLED!

8+8+8=24; 2+4=6 – Harmony / Balance

#888 – Wealth is coming to you now!

Love & Relationships

If #888 rolled into your life the Angels invite you to forgive and forget. It’s time to start fresh, clean slate. Dredging up things from the past how your partner has hurt or disappointed you is only keeping you stuck in a negative cycle of blame and shame. Kick the bucket to the curb and get back in the game. Positive change is coming as you clean up your thinkin’ stinkin’.

If you are single this is a time to create balance in your life. Too much time spend distracting yourself because you’re lonely is not allowing the time you need to create space for a partner. Befriend loneliness, pain, suffering. What you resist persists. Feel those feelings and don’t be afraid to face your pain. That’s where the healing begins.


I am worthy of wealth, prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life.


Which number resonated with you this week?

Go ahead and drop it below. It’s always fun to hear what number you were drawn to and how the message fit.

Your Spiritual Team wants you to know they are with you cheering you on from the sidelines. Watch for the number you chose as you move about this week as confirmation that they really are speaking to you and wanting to guide you toward your highest good.

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I hope you enjoyed our Numerology Message today. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses and as you slow down you will meet with an avalanche of wealth that creates financial serenity in your life.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle