This week’s theme is Freedom & Action.

Welcome to our Weekly Numerology Message.

Which number are you drawn to this week?

95 or 106?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel into each number. Which one holds a special message for you today?

Post the number you picked in the comments below.

Messages for #95 Freedom


Are you feeling trapped or stuck?

If you’ve been seeing #95 everywhere it’s definitely a sign that it’s time to be adventurous and plan a trip or getaway, maybe buy that new car you’ve always wanted or deepen a relationship or connection you have with someone.

Whatever it is #95 is inviting you to stop being so rigid and stuck in routine and step outside of the box and try something new and different. Let that inner child out to play with wild abandon maybe it’s simply time to reconnect with yourself.

All work and no play makes Jane (and Jim) dull.

As you step into the energy of freedom it opens up a beautiful portal of your life of expansion allowing opportunities for exciting adventures cross your path.

This is your year of YES!

Stop making excuses and allow yourself to experience the freedom you deserve in your life.

9 – Lightworker / Service
5 – Change / Adventure
9+5=14; 1+4=5 Change / Adventure DOUBLED!

95 – Let freedom ring! No more denying your truth or trying to make others happy. Now is your time to be free to be who you are!!!

Love & Relationships

In terms of love, this is about universal love and humanity so that means you are thinking BEYOND yourself. Now is the time to be compassionate toward all living things. Everything has energy and everything that is crossing your path is bringing you opportunities to dive deeper into love. Whether it’s the squirrel outside running willy nilly here and there, the birds singing as you go for a walk or your fur baby wanting some attention.

Stop and notice what’s happening around you. Drink it in. Feel connected to all that is. If you pause long enough you’ll be able to feel and even hear the heartbeat of humanity… the heartbeat of mother earth and the heartbeat of the Oneness of it all.

A deep connection with this forcefield is the birth of love. When you are in the field of oneness there is nothing but love. You are that. Share that with others and and serve the greater good.


I am free to think and believe as I choose.

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Messages for #106 Action


Is it time to take action?

If #106 has danced into your life today it’s important to ask for help when you need it. You may feel lost and confused maybe not sure what direction to turn or feeling indecisive, you just can’t make up your mind. #106 is a message from the angels that they see you and hear your anguish.

Ask for help.

They are standing ready with creative ideas and inspiration as soon as you are ready, open your heart and receive.

As you take this spiritual guidance from your own personal angelic team you will know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to get it done.

You will know how to assert yourself lovingly and take the initiative to enact positive and permanent change. By playing small and being unsure you hold up everyone else around you as well… just spinning your wheels.

Throw caution to the wind and just take the action needed to move to the next step in your evolution. Again, dragging your feet impedes everyone else’s growth as well. Sometimes you need to act with tough love not only for others but with yourself as well.

You won’t regret this.

And 20 years from now you’ll look back and say – I am soooo glad I did that!

If we dial back the numbers we find…

1 – Make a Wish / Motivation
0 – Whole / Infinity / Magnifies the numbers next to it
6 – Harmony
1+0+6=7 – You are on the right path!

106 – It’s time to be bold and take the action you’ve been wanting to take for sooooo long.

Love & Relationships

If #106 rolled into your life regarding love it’s all about building and creating stability in your life. So whether you are committed to someone or looking for love your energy is best spent right now setting yourself up for success. When you take the necessary steps to do this your success in romance is assured and with success comes the peace and harmony in all of your relationships that you desire.


I take action without apology or guilt.

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Which number resonated with you this week?

Go ahead and drop it below. It’s always fun to hear what number you were drawn to and how the message fit.

Your Spiritual Team wants you to know they are with you cheering you on from the sidelines. Watch for the number you chose as you move about this week as confirmation that they really are speaking to you and wanting to guide you toward your highest good.

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I hope you enjoyed our Weekly Numerology Message. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

May you feel the freedom of life move through your soul and ignite the fire in your heart as you finally take action and do the one thing you’ve wanted to do for soooo long! This really is your time.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle