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Hand behind colorful numbersYour name and birth date hold an amazing array of information about you.

In Numerology, there are many calculations that are broken down by consonants and vowels.  Each letter of your name holds significance and where the letter is located offers additional information about you.

We’re going to analyze the first vowel in your name and what it might indicate about you.

The first vowel in your name offers you – and others – a window into the inner you and often indicates that first response or reaction you have to events or experiences in your life.

Yet this is mostly an “internal” thing – meaning, it’s something only you really know and is not something others can blatantly observe about you.

The first vowel in your name can give you an over-arching idea about how you view and respond to the world around you.

In this application, vowels are:  A, E, I, O, U – not Y or W.

Some Numerologist’s assert that the significance of the W is that it tends to add a restlessness and/or difficulty or complexity to a person, while the Y brings a mystical energy to a persons over-all personality.  The Y is indicative of being at a crossroads and so the person with a Y in their name periodically finds themselves facing intense situations throughout their life.

Yet let’s say your name is Suzanne.

U is the first vowel.

Let’s say your name is Simon.

I is the first vowel.

Remember, each letter corresponds with a number in Numerology – and we’re using Pythagorean Numerology in this example.

1 = A, J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L, U
4 = D, M, V
5 = E, N, W
6 = F, O, X
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9 = I, R

If A is your first vowel:

The A reflects the energy of the number 1.  When you have the A as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world in a rather impulsive yet creative way.  You see yourself as hardworking, action oriented, and in need of acknowledgement and positive feedback.  You want the world to know you’re here!  You have a drive to be independent, original, and number one at all you do.  You’re a seeker of truth and wisdom and yet there is a negative tape that has a tendency to grind you down – particularly when you have a misstep, feel you’ve made a mistake or that you’ve failed.  While you want feedback, you’re more than sensitive to criticism.  You want accolades and can have a fear of critical feedback, even if (or especially if) it’s true.

If E is your first vowel:

The E reflects the energy of the number 5.  When you have the E as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with excitement, energy, and with an ultimate desire for freedom.  Above all, you’re instinctive and highly intuitive.  You see yourself as emotions-based and curious.  You have a quick mind and a highly magical energy about you.  You have a drive to experience it all – with disparate interests, diverse talents, and sexual verve. Even though you love people and participate in the carnival of life – since you’re so intuitive and emotional – you can easily become emotionally drained by other people.

If I is your first vowel:

The I reflects the energy of the number 9.  When you have the I as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with intensity, wisdom, and charisma.  You gravitate toward research and approach things with responsibility and compassion.  You can display the patience of a saint – and often will do things over and over again until you reach a level of mastery that suits your standards.  You often experience challenges with your family insofar as you either feel overly responsible for one or more of your family members – or on a deep level you can feel that you’re unloved.  You can be led by your impulsive or even reckless ideas about romance, which at times don’t have a practical basis in reality.

If O is your first vowel:

The O reflects the energy of the number 6.  When you have the O as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with contradiction.  You can appear humble yet strong-willed, independent yet helpless, wise yet self-righteous.  You’re innately magnetic, protective of friends and family, service-oriented, and nurturing – especially in the home and family realm.  You have challenges modulating your overweening sense of responsibility and can become agitated when others make demands on you and yet don’t take your advice.  You benefit when you allow time to step back and find creative solutions to problems rather than immediately reacting. Your highest and best use is when you’re leading others in a position of authority.

If U is your first vowel:

The U reflects the energy of the number 3.  When you have the U as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with humor and joyful communication.  You are a seeker of spiritual enlightenment and respond to life with energy and spontaneity.  You’re often a lively storyteller and can excel in entertainment – no matter what you’re doing.  You’re led by your emotions – yet you often don’t know how to manage your emotions immediately and can experience “explosions” or “implosions” of emotional energy.  Prone to exaggerate, you can slip into superficiality and scatter your energies when you aren’t focused on the task at hand.

What Happens If Your First Name Begins With A Vowel?

Numerologist Jean Simpson makes another interesting observation about the placement of the vowel in your name.  She contends that when a vowel is the first letter of your name (for instance:  Alyssa, Elizabeth, Ian, Owen, Yvonne), you often have challenges making decisions.  When a vowel begins your name, chances are you aren’t the best at making split decisions – it often takes more processing time to come to a decision or provide an answer.

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