Interpreting The Cornerstone & Capstone Letters Of Your Name – The Meaning Of Special Letters in Your Name

By February 20, 2010Numerology

cornerstone and capstone numerologyDo you have trouble finishing what you start? Maybe that has something to do with the “special letters” in your name.

Then a numerologist refers to the “special letters” in your name they are usually referring to the “Cornerstone and Capstone” letters in your first name.

The Cornerstone letter is the very first letter of your name and the Capstone is the very last letter.

The first letter of your name reveals how and what you generate things in life. The last letter of your name reveals your capacity to “walk your talk” and become accomplished in life. For example in the name Anne the Cornerstone letter is A and the Capstone letter is E.

Here is a listing of all the letters in the alphabet to help you interpret how your Cornerstone and Capstone letters affect you.

Remember that this method is used in your first or last names only.


Cornerstone: You are ambitious, independent and are a natural leader. You know how to take charge.

Capstone: You know how to deliver on your promises. You have no problem striking out on your own to get things done if necessary.


Cornerstone: You are emotional, insensitive and a bit shy. You prefer that others take on leadership roles as for the most part you dislike being accountable if things go wrong.

Capstone: Your projects and goals often go awry because you cannot get past emotional hang ups enough to be effective. You take things too personally and the ensuing conflict prevents things from getting accomplished.


Cornerstone: You go on your gut feelings and often achieve your goals simply because you have an intrinsic way of understanding what people like and how things should be done. You are also not afraid of initiating a big goal that involves the cooperation of a lot of other people.

Capstone: You have a strong sense of humor and you learn from your failures. You accomplish most of your goals simply because you are so persistent and optimistic.


Cornerstone: You have no problem in initiating a goal but it has to be a practical one. You believe in doing a lot of research to see if something is viable before you plunge right in.

Capstone: You have the stamina, persistence and powers of concentration to steel you through any difficulties. You almost always succeed but when they don’t, it is usually because you were too rigid or stubborn somehow.


Cornerstone: You don’t like to start anything and often when you do it is on an impulse. You like to keep your options open at all times.

Capstone: You feel you must be in charge at all times or a project will not succeed. As you refuse to take advice from others, your projects often fail.


Cornerstone: You are kind and understanding but you often do not have the confidence to start anything on your own. You are most comfortable being a helpful follower.

Capstone: Your tendency to be self-sacrificing and put others first is often quite damaging to your own interests. Sometimes you sabotage yourself because others see you as a gossip or a meddler.


Cornerstone: You are a visionary, methodical and organized creature who is not afraid to take on a big project. You believe that anything is possible if the right team is put together.

Capstone: Most of your efforts result in success, fame or wealth. The G last letter is evidence of someone very competent and reliable.


Cornerstone: You do not fear taking risks in business or love because you are a big believer in God or “gut instincts. “You tend to be an entrepreneur and a loner that is not afraid to expect the best.

Capstone: You often sabotage yourself because you think that you can accommodate losses when you can’t. You are only successful half the time because you rely a lot on chance instead of the facts.


Cornerstone: You procrastinate a long time before embarking on any project as it is very important to you how it will receive. You are not a great leader because you are often too nervous to perform.

Capstone: You often fail to reach goals because you fail to express yourself appropriately. You are also a bit accident prone and forgetful which also prevents things from getting done.


Cornerstone: You have great ideas but have a hard time getting them started. You procrastinate for ages while considering every angle of how the project could fail.

Capstone: You are overwhelmed easily so you rarely follow through on what you start. Depression or loss of confidence can also be a problem – you need to constantly think of ways of motivating yourself to keep going to get past this.


Cornerstone: You have a strong drive to be successful but your people skills often make others less than willing to cooperate with you. However if you can create a supportive team you are often very successful.

Capstone: Your negative attitude and indecisiveness often leaves you with a mutiny on your hands. Often your goals are too idealistic to be practical enough to achieve – you fail to remember that humans are fallible.


Cornerstone: You tend to intellectualize rather than do things so it is hard for you to get things started. You rarely initiate things because you are so indecisive.

Capstone: Your projects rarely get off the ground because you are very emotional and prone to accidents. You avoid the responsibility that comes with accomplishment and do not mind giving in to the competition.


Cornerstone: You are the slow and steady wins the race type. You are energetic and hardworking to the point of being a workaholic.

Capstone: Almost all of your projects result in success and prosperity. Your projects also end up being key to the support of others as well.


Cornerstone: You are intuitive, creative and love to brainstorm. However you rarely find the money or resources to build something that is great in life.

Capstone: You sometimes sabotage your own success by being rigid or opinionated. Addicition or codependency can also be blocks to success.


Cornerstone: You have the willpower, creativity and charisma to get others to follow you and get things down. It also helps that you are so patient and thorough when preparing yourself to meet a goal.

Capstone: You are prone to paranoia which can make you mistrustful of your team. You are also a very jealous individual that sometimes is successful and not well liked simply because you cannot reign in your competitive side.


Cornerstone: You are intelligent, knowledgeable and seem confident but you have trouble getting things started. You can also be too impatient to do research or wait for the foundations of an idea to take root.

Capstone: You tend to distance yourself from the very people who can help you succeed. A sense of self-importance also makes others reluctant to support your endeavors.


Cornerstone: You have the ability to attract money but often squander it on the wrong things. You like to talk about getting a big idea going more than you like to see it succeed.

Capstone: You are not easily understood because you have compulsive behaviors that sometimes scare supportive types off. You also will not follow through on a project if the success of it will not be public somehow.


Cornerstone: You are intense, driven and can apply a lot of energy to launching a project. You are willing to sacrifice you time and energy to make things happen.

Capstone: You tend to exhaust yourself which results in mood swings and other problems. Emotional issues often sabotage half of all the things you start out trying to do.


Cornerstone: People are willing to work with you because you are so charming and often handsome or beautiful as well. However you have an impulsive nature and scattered nature that makes it hard for you to get anything off the ground.

Capstone: Your emotional ups and downs tend to sabotage your efforts every time. You are only successful if you reign in your feelings and take your time before reacting or making decisions.


Cornerstone: You are an expansive, enthusiastic personality that initiates things easily. You have the energy and abilities to launch projects quickly and efficiently.

Capstone: You can be too aggressive which causes others to be turned off your ideas or working with you. Many of your projects are not followed through on, despite strong optimistic outlooks, because an escalating personal drama almost always gets in the way.


Cornerstone: A shortage of money usually prevents you from setting goals for your life in the first place. The U Cornerstone person may also have problems with confidence and self-esteem.

Capstone: Despite disadvantages and setbacks, the U Capstone person almost always makes it in life. They are brilliant when it comes to being in the right place at the right time.


Cornerstone: You are insightful, intuitive but way too personal when it comes to doing business. Your lack of objectivity makes it hard for you to get cooperation from others so you can get things started.

Capstone: Your projects rarely get off the ground because you can be so hard to get along with. You are also much too impatient to see results and often expect too much from others.


Cornerstone: You have determination, intuition and a strong sense of purpose that allows you to launch projects quickly and efficiently. You have the charisma necessary to make people want to help you.

Capstone: Sometimes you don’t make your goals because you take too many shortcuts. However you almost always make your goals as long as you are not too cheap and reward others for their contributions.


Cornerstone: You have a temperamental artistic personality that easily buckles under pressure you rarely are able to get a project going. You often also have problems raising capital for projects.

Capstone: Your excesses and addictive personality often cost you great success. However you may actually become well known for being a bit of a failure.


Cornerstone: You only tend to start projects if you can do them all by yourself and be the boss of it all every step of the way. You are courage and stylish personality often helps you get projects launched.

Capstone: Overwork and arrogance often sabotages your best efforts. For you to succeed it is also very important not to be too snobbish about who you work with, or too extravagant in your expenses.


Cornerstone: You are optimistic, dynamic and have a great talent for organization. Your talent for understanding others helps you get things done.

Capstone: Your perception and quick reflexes make you more successful than most. If you do not succeed it is because you have been impatient.

As you can see, reading “special letters” is a great way to come up with a great variety of individual personality profiles. Perhaps it can explain to you why some people seem to be able to follow through on their projects while others can’t.

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