letter m meaningPinToday I want to share profound secrets of the powerful 13th letter of the alphabet – the letter M – and how this letter symbolizes the Mother Principle and your natural ability to nurture abundance to life.

M – The Universal Mother

The most intimate connection to letter M is the universal word for Mother.

Mother in so many languages begins or contains a prominent letter ‘M’ – as in Mom, Mama, Mother, Madre, Mutter, Makuahine, Mere, Maman, and Mor. Even in Arabic, the word for mother, “Om” has the very distinct ‘M’ sound.

There are many reasons for this. M represents the element of Water.

What does an embryo and fetus live in while gestating in the mother’s womb?
What covers most of Mother Earth’s surface?
What makes up most of our physical body?

If you turn the letter M upside down, you get the letter W – for Water.

The word ‘Womb’ begins with W and has a strong ‘M’ sound. It sounds very similar to ‘OM’.

These are not coincidences.

The Mystical Meaning Of ‘M’

When letters were created by the ancients, each one carried a Mystical Meaning. (This is true for all languages.)

‘M’ was thought the most sacred letter of all, since Water is absolutely necessary for ALL life. Woman begins with W and has an M in the center. Man and Masculine begin with M. All men and women are born from their Mother’s Womb.

Visually, M stands firmly and in complete balance.

A prominent V defines the middle of M indicating that this letter is open to inspiration and new ideas. The combination of balance and inspiration gives the M the ability to Manage with authority – whether it be managing a household, people, an event or a business.

Money is magically attracted to those who Manage their energy and resources and are open to Mentorship.

The Numerology Of M – The 13th Letter

The_Blue_MarblePinAll of these qualities of the letter M also extend to the numeric position that the letter M has in the Western alphabet – as the 13th Letter.

13 symbolizes Transformational Power. It is the combined power of your acceptance of inevitable change and trust in your natural ability to shift your life at ANY moment in time. This transformational power is also what empowers divine transformation.

13 also represents the Divine Feminine which is intimately connected to nurturing and motherhood.

13 adds up to the ‘root’ number 4 (13 = 1+3 = 4).

4 represents the equal four-sides of a square – and symbolizes the physical manifestation of our ideas into physical reality and ultimate Wealth. Notice that Wealth and Money begin with W and M.

Wealth is achieved through work, order discipline, family, stability and patience – all keywords of the number 4.

On Earth we have 4 seasons – a divine physical representation of life, death and transformation.

The SOUND Of Letter M Reveals Even More Secrets

Say the letter “M” out loud. M is the ONLY letter pronounced with your mouth closed.

Since M symbolizes Water, a closed mouth represents the immense silence of the deepest parts of the ocean. From here all life emerges, and the waters are mute.

Silence is the beginning and end of all life.

Our most wonderful inspiration comes when our mind is quiet and still. A mind at rest is open to listen to the heart. In these quiet moments you renew and “hear” the voice of the divine. In silence is when your AHA moments lead to profound Abundance generation and the deepest fulfillment.

On the other hand, when you are surrounded by noise of any kind, your mind is disturbed.

We sleep in silence in order for our mind and body to renew every night. When we wake up, we change from rest to action – a change so vital to living a meaningful and healthy life.  This continual change from Movement to rest is symbolized by the Waves in the letter M.

How Does The Letter M Affect You Personally?

  • If your first or last name begins or ends with the letter M, you have all these great qualities within you.
  • If your name contains the letter M, you also benefit from its mystical powers.

M visually looks like a Mountain range and reaches for great heights, making a BIG impact.

Look at these powerful words that begin with the 13th letter of the alphabet:

▶ Mountain

letter m meaningPinMentor

When you express the “shadow side” of M, you create the OPPOSITE effect – Malevolent, Minimal, Minus, Micro, Martyr, Melancholy, Monster, Malignant, Malice and words beginning with “Mis’”– like Mis-take, Mis-interpretation, Mis-understanding, Mis-led.

‘M’ In Love

The flow of energy even extends to joining with another in partnership.

When two lovers join together in Matrimony, they are consummating their love through Marriage. A celebration of a marriage is called a Wedding. Matrimony derives from the latin word Mater, meaning Mother.

For all Mothers, the symbolic reference of the sacred letter M to water, transformation, the birth of life, mentoring, miracles, magic and mastery is deeply meaningful.

Here is to cherishing all Mothers this holiday season!

Love and Blessings,