gratitude and abundancePinOn November 27 here in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving, a beautiful holiday of love and gratitude. But this year, Thanksgiving holds a much deeper meaning, far beyond stuffing and turkey.

This Thanksgiving also unveils a beautiful Triple 9 numerology code.

• November is a 9 Universal Month.
• 27.2014 = 18 which reduces to 9.
• The 27th also adds up to 9.

9 is the “King of Numbers” symbolizing unconditional love, the humanitarian leader and wisdom.

This is perfect since Thanksgiving is a celebration of love, when families and close friends join together to share in a celebration of the senses. The bounty of the harvest is a glorious bouquet for the eyes with magical fragrances and delicious flavors.

But Most Importantly, Thanksgiving Invokes Gratitude

Being grateful and feeling blessed creates an internal vibrational shift within you.

“Thank you!” is another way of saying “I love you”.

Gratitude floods your heart with love and a thankful heart creates an opening for abundance to flow back to you.

Put simply, gratitude is an energy exchange of Abundance!

A Deeper Look At Gratitude Through Numerology

Numerology allows us to look at the word GRATITUDE more closely. It houses beautiful secrets. First, in creating words from the letters in GRATITUDE, also called anagrams, here’s what we discover:

GRATITUDE contains the words TRADE, DUET and DEAR.

• You create a vibrational TRADE with anyone you’re grateful for – you’re energetically trading love and joy!
• So Gratitude is a beautiful DUET between you and the universe.
• Those who receive your gratitude are DEAR to your heart.

If you take out the first two letters in gratitude, a magical word appears: ATITUDE. Yes, it’s missing one “T”, but the essence of the word “ATTITUDE” is represented. An attitude realignment always accompanies being deeply grateful.

How beautiful that ‘gratitude’ also contains the words “TREAT” and “GREAT”.

It is a treat to give, and it sure feels great!

Gratitude also acts as a GUARD – a protection against egocentric behavior. The animal symbol of gratitude is a TIGER. When you are grateful and give back, you are like a tiger guarding what inspires and uplifts you.

An enchanting phrase, or “lexigram”, is: GRATITUDE is the TRUE GUIDE to the divine. When you are grateful you are instantly guided to express from your soul.

The Secret Numbers Behind Gratitude

Most astounding are the two secret numerical values represented in gratitude:

Within GRATITUDE are embedded two words representing the numbers 3 and 4. The anagrams are TRIAD and TETRA:

• TRIAD represents the number 3.
• TETRA, from Greek, means 4.
• 3 symbolizes the Triad of Perfect Creation – mother, father, child.
• 4 symbolizes the Manifestation of the Divine into Matter.

On Earth we have a visual representation of the numbers 3 and 4: the pyramid.

The Pyramid As A Physical Representation Of Gratitude

thanksgiving pyramid numerologyPinIf we look closer at the pyramid, we can see that 3 and 4 are the sacred building blocks of a pyramid.

View a pyramid from the top, and you see a square – representing the number 4. Look at the same pyramid from the side, and it is a triad – a representation of number 3!

It’s no wonder that pyramids exist worldwide in nearly every culture because this monument signifies the relationship of humans to God.

So Numbers 3 and 4, represented in the word GRATITUDE as TRIAD and TETRA, form the pyramid. Thus the effect of gratitude creates an exquisitely subtle but powerful experience.

The Pyramid Numerology Code

great pyramid numerologyPinTranslated, the pyramid numerology code means:

Gratitude is the manifestation of divine perfection into physical reality!

Finally, in the Western or Pythagorean numerology system “Gratitude” adds up to the numerical value 42. 42 is a very sacred number in the Ancient Egyptian Star Wisdom numerology code, which has a total of 42 Gateways to the Soul.

The final and 42nd gateway carries the following message: “Love is the only Reality.”

Number 42 reduces to a “root number” of 6 (4+2 = 6) – the number of Love, Family and Abundance.

Gratitude and love are one and the same.

Try loving without feeling grateful – or feeling gratitude without love! It’s impossible!

Make it a daily habit to thank the universe for every experience and every person who has walked across your path. ALL have contributed to your growth. ALL where created for you to expand your life.

Welcome gratitude and you welcome abundance.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Gratitude and Love,

Tania Gabrielle